Prince of Darkness

Prince of Darkness❮Download❯ ➵ Prince of Darkness Author Barbara Michaels – A stranger has come to Middleburg Maryland a visitor from abroad with a mysterious purpose But this uaint affluent community has dark secrets of its own And when the interloper Peter Stewart becomes i A stranger has come to Middleburg Maryland a visitor from abroad with a mysterious purpose But this uaint affluent community has dark secrets of its own And when the interloper Peter Stewart becomes involved with the bewitching seductive ward of noted local author Kate More the townfolk fear the chilling past they are hiding will no longer be safe For Middleburg Prince of PDF \ has a colonial history of malevolent sorceries and obscene sacrifice And when the terrible pot is stirred murder may be the least of the evils to emerge from the unholy brew. I'm rereading the Barbara Michaels novels I haven't read since I was a teenager This one has the same style of writing that always draws me into a Barbara MichaelsElizabeth Peters novel but the book itself wasn't nearly as strong as some of her others Enjoyable but if you're new to Barbara Michaels don't start here I don't think this is written as well as other Michaels' books The first part of it was from Peter's POV and it was the weaker part His actions and motivations towards Kate were not very well explained and left a big hole plotwise The book improved when it switched to Kate's POV halfway through although the pagan ritual seemed campy than creepy Like many of the reviews of “Prince of Darkness” I struggled reading the N word the couple of scenes with racist remarks by one particular character However I knew from reading the Amelia Peabody novels by the same author—though under her other pseudonym Elizabeth Peters—the first of which was only written a few years after this specific tome the author’s true personal feelings about racism racists Therefore I concluded the character whose racism was on display in the novel was clearly meant to be disliked an example of a certain type of person where their boasted ignorance was meant to shock the reader force people to confront the ugliness of such attitudes It was not until Chapter 12 though—almost the end of the book—that an unobtrusive little fragment of a sentence jumped out at me clarified what the author—uite skillfully—had done “it was a contagious mania a communicable madness like the dancing crazes of the Middle Ages or the bloodlust that moves a lynch mob” Everything clicked The theme of the novel is as is much of the author’s work centered on human behavior—particularly the things which drive humans to dark deeds The key element in this particular author’s writing which set her apart was never the literal thrusts of her novels a mystery or a scare; the jewel of each of her works was always the amazing studies of human behavior and character The book is not about an improbable Satanic cult not far from DC; the book was about the forces that drove humans to ritual throughout history and also the forces which drove humans to lust for power to embrace hate Far from a novel that “contains racist elements” this is a work of fiction which deals with the forces drives that pervert the human experience and lead to hate and racism It is not an accident that without the sole BIPOC character who saved the day at the end the ending would have undoubtedly been very different very gruesome So while I might have given this novel 3 stars halfway through I decided in the end it deserved a perfect 5 stars Well done Barbara Mertz and thank you for the surprises as usual 3 This is the second book I read in my mini Michaels marathon I got it from the library in a bound addition with Ammie Come Home and I have to admit Prince of Darkness was always a problematic read for me even when I read it as a teen Prince of Darkness was written in 1969 and as I noted with Ammie Come Home there are aspects of it that are definitely dated The worst problem is with the issue of race at least one character uses the n word and a few of them employ racist stereotypes which was frankly hard for me to read That the main characters don't share these views and that the unfortunately few black characters are played uite sympathetically leads me to believe that Michaels was merely trying to illustrate the prejudices of this fictional small town But it's still troublesomeThe other aspect of the Prince of Darkness that bothered me as a teen and now was the fact that we don't know as much either of the viewpoint characters there is a shift in perspective halfway through the book This is not to my personal taste not in this case an instance of flawed writing; and if the character has a secret or two it's not as big a deal In Prince of Darkness we start off following Peter Stewart an English con artist who moves to Middleburg Maryland and attempts to gaslight the bookish heiress Katherine More To begin with we don't really know why Peter is there or which components of his stated background are true; we do know he is sneaking around planting evidence of supernatural infestation in an attempt to convince Katherine her dead lover has returned About Katherine herself we know that her lover has died and that she has become obsessed with a convoluted pagan cult but throughout Peter's half of the book we read a lot about her beautiful relation Tiphaine Only at the midpoint when we switch to Katherine's perspective do we get a complete picture of why Peter was in town and learn about Katherine's background as wellIf you've read and enjoyed Michaels's other books I do recommend this one which has her characteristic erudite characters and a fine spooky atmosphere It's not the one I'd start with however; I can appreciate what Michaels is attempting with the shifting perspectives but for me it doesn't always work I avoid evil themes but collected most of Barbara's novels Prince Of Darkness gets three stars because the character is on constant rigorous adventures and I liked the outcome; if not weak dealing with residual evil doers There were lovely descriptions of forest sky northern weather cats horses and birds The sinister seeming prologue in which we meet the first protagonist is so cryptic I think readers are supposed to imagine a dark uest Not one whit of this novel is paranormal It is about cults though murderous and a thread of racial prejudiceThe principal downfall is that Barbara's vagueness deteriorated into an unexplained premise I come away still not understanding the mission That is major and I am a person who seizes upon details When Peter explains who he is; my reaction was inability to believe him Nothing explained why he attempted to scare Kate I can say no but the critiue has to be made when one finishes a book and is unable reconcile what the protagonist was doing I understood one expedition but it raises a different flaw it deflates the prologue The physical appearance of that uarry could be no surpriseThe aspect I liked best is that Kate becomes the protagonist at the end She very visibly shifts in our hearts from seeming peculiar and cold to being a highly warm and feeling person Kate’s whole identity transforms from the way her character had been presented to us after we properly know her This is a good approximation of real life Barbara however neglected to include the cat in their departure from the scene Kate would not overlook Pyewacket This story’s topic was not my cup of tea but I am capable of giving novels a chance and acknowledging various things I enjoyed about them Iv’e read a couple of Barbara Michaels’ books before and enjoyed them for the melodramatic pulp fiction that they are Unfortunately Prince of Darkness was a bit of a disappointment We’re never really informed of the mc’s reasons for traveling to Middleburg Maryland to look up a woman who has a doctorate in Sociology and a dead boyfriend whom the mc resembles until the mildly exciting conclusion There’s also some racism and ableism and rich white people being awful I would look elsewhere for a fun spooky pulpy read Good This one took me longer to get into than either Ammie Come Home or The Dark on the Other Side It moves a little slower Something about this one kind of bounced me out too like I couldn't get as invested in the story I think it might have been the scope but I don't want to risk spoiling it For all that I still give it four stars because it was engaging and had several twists I did not forsee Gothic romances were my favorite genre as a teen There were loads of them being published and republished I stumbled on Barbara Metz aka Barbara MichaelsElizabeth Peters and started devouring her stories Rereading this so many years later it hasn’t’t aged well The characters are stereotypes and the action is unbelievable Sigh I will read though This was pretty silly in many ways including the black mass witchcraft and a bunch of rich dilettantes with too much money and too much time to get up to evil deeds Very unfortunate racist references to African Americans in this novel Of course one turned out to be the hero So there I got confused with the story line but I was reading it before and after work Has elements of the occult and rich idiots Won't read it again

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