sSexy Tales of Strong Women

sSexy Tales of Strong Women[PDF] ✅ sSexy Tales of Strong Women Author Sage Vivant – s is an erotic freuently funny and potentially disturbing anthology of stories about larger than life women These tales are told by a wide variety of writers reflecting a range of viewpoints and story of Strong MOBI î s is an erotic freuently funny and potentially disturbing anthology of stories about larger than life women These tales are told by a wide variety of writers reflecting a range of viewpoints and story styles In sSexy Tales PDF or s writers such as Catherine Lundoff Chris Bridges Susan St Aubin Bryn Colvin and Jason Rubis play with the erotic theme of the expounding upon and deconstructing the image of strong women in a variety of wide Tales of Strong ePUB ¹ ranging stories These and many acclaimed authors of erotica explore the cliché of the powerful woman These are not simply stories of the classical myth though some play tribute to it These stories dismantle the legend and break the myth apart exploding it as it relates to gender power femininity vs masculinity and women's roles in history s includes worshipful tales of the legendary female warriors fantasies about modern s cruising city streets midgets with attitude cowgirls giants supermodels with attitude matriarchs mothers and grandmothers cops jocks soldiers bosses and many others These stories are funny and sarcastic horrific light and fantastic scary — but always incredibly erotic. Sexy Tales of Strong Women What's not to love about that subtitle? Editors M Christian and Sage Vivant chose well because this is not only good erotic writing but good writing period Not all of it is explicitly erotic by the way Some of it is gently suggestive For added fun each tale begins with a uote from an extraordinary real life woman from Bette Davis to Pamela Anderson to Barbara Streisand My favorite stories in this anthology wereBullbitch 80 by CB Potts Cowgirls are all s anyway right? But Lynette is a special breed of cowgirl she's a rodeo bull rider The Spear of Janice Kienan by Chris Bridges It shows just how deeply the modern woman can get in touch with her inner If only it were possible to combine Chris Bridges the erotica writer with Chris Ludacris Bridges the rapperactor because that combined guy would be a hell of an erotic songwriter by M Christian A sexy tale of Sapphic love among burlesue dancers one of whom has dwarfism and the twist of the story is that the shortest woman is the most ian of all Punk Syster Morris by Bryn Colvin This was my second favorite story of the book about an unsuspecting man who thinks he's only going to a rock show with his buddy and ends up finding so much The Hands of a Princess by Catherine Lundoff Viking warrior Commander Agnes The Bloody Helensdottir will go to any length to serve her king even it means pleasing his like minded daughter Sex With Ducks by Hannah Strom Martin Worry not Ducks is a man's name He's a uirky writer but our narrator learns how to exploit his hidden desires Best phrase When dealing with writers it breaks down like this a regular writer is your average everyday megalomaniac Like every artist there's a part of them that believes nay knows the world turns for them Most are harmless Some are obnoxious Some are Bret Easton EllisTechnically my editor inner ear tells me it should say A part of them believes nay knows the world turns for them as does a part of every artistHowever that does not flow as smoothly The Girl From Pellucidar by Jason Rubis Purporting to be about a woman who attempts to make peace with her ex boyfriend's unpredictable new girlfriend the story then takes an outrageous turn and ends up much much better than I could have predicted Thalea of the Mountain by Kristina Wright This has the mythic timeless uality of a really good fairy tale one that could have come from anywhere in the world It's beautiful written but then again I'd expect nothing different from Wright The Bearded Lady by Madeline de Chambrey My favorite of the anthology and it's one of the merely suggestive rather than explicitly erotic ones It's about the deep connection between a man who's in love with a woman who barely acknowledges him as he nurses her through breast cancer She survives the ending is triumphant and I think I actually pumped my fist as I read the last page Also a woman with a beard may not be considered traditionally beautiful by Western societies but de Chambrey manages to convey precisely how this unfeminine feature is part of our heroine's allure Blue Girl by Kathleen Bradean Dystopian erotica in a Puritanical society but one that's completely imaginable Damn fine writing in this oneSixteen Hands by Paula L Fleming The heroine of this tale is a jockey and she's an when she's on her horse Her unexpected lover fits the traditional ian profile This tale is full of passion and tenderness that really resonated with me Legend by Sage Vivant This one explores the gap between reality and perception and it's funny I bought this book with my own funds and was not obligated to review it in any way This anthology deals with forceful women women who take no prisoners women who for one reason or another have to claw out their niches in life—sometimes with their very bodies other times with whatever weapons come to hand That’s why I find it difficult to recommend it wholeheartedly Whatever passionate emotions are at play love compassion and friendship don’t feature into the mix very often Men especially are often given the shaft and not in a friendly way While getting revenge on dastardly males might seem very fulfilling it’s not really what feminism is about and too much revenge and not enough connection can make for sad readingTo be honest feminism isn’t what’s on offer here This is about women seizing what they want freuently in cruel ways sometimes with horrifying violence occasionally with cold indifference to their partners’s needs or wants There is sex aplenty all right but edged with danger violence and death in many cases If sexual congress salted with peril is your meat and drink sit down and eat your fill

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