A Kings Cutter Nathaniel Drinkwater #2

A Kings Cutter Nathaniel Drinkwater #2[EPUB] ✺ A Kings Cutter Nathaniel Drinkwater #2 By Richard Woodman – Oaklandjobs.co.uk It is 1792 and Nathaniel Drinkwater is back in the Royal Navy this time appointed to the twelve gun cutter Kestrel commanded by the inscrutable Madoc Griffiths With the gathering menace of the French It is and Nathaniel Drinkwater Cutter Nathaniel MOBI ð is back in the Royal Navy this time appointed to the twelve gun cutter Kestrel commanded by the inscrutable Madoc Griffiths With the gathering menace of the French Revolution he is involved in secret and dangerous operations off the French Coast including the rescue of migrs and the landing of agents As Europe plunges deeper into war Kestrel takes part in the A Kings Epub / struggle for supremacy in the Channel and Drinkwater has some sinister encounters with Edouard Santhonax a man who is stirring up interest with British government agents Through Drinkwater's initiative I the network of intrigue is discovered but the Royal Navy is paralyzed by mutiny Will Kestrel have to stand alone between the Dutch Fleet and disaster Events come to a climax at Camperdown and in the aftermath of the Kings Cutter Nathaniel ePUB ☆ bloody battle Drinkwater and his opponent come face to face. I wasn't very enthusiastic about the first book in the series but it appears that the author's skill advanced uite a bit by the time he wrote this one the second There are fewer asides to the reader skillful use of dialogue and description to show us what is happening and over all a much polished book A good second book for the seriesI like the act that everything just doesnt happen for the hero that it is up and down just like normal lifeAnd yet he triest t keep his honor and does so Fun readA good read based on fact my favourite type of storyIt looks Joe I will have to follow the series Woodman knows his stuff I find his work both fascinating and convincing from a human perspective and from the point of view of a sailor Highly recommended After a tremendous experience with S Thomas Russell's Under Enemy Colours my appetite was whet for some fighting sail novels At my local library I stumbled across what appears to be the entire series of Woodman's Nathaniel Drinkwater novels and though I remembered the Eye of the Fleet as only being mildly engaging I eagerly searched out the second book in the series A King's Cutter and found it to be solid I was not uite as impressed as with the new hero on the uarterdeck from Russell but I was satisfiedI should note for those who do not devour this sub genre of historical fiction as I do that it is customary for protagonists to start out as midshipmen or lieutenants on a man o' war and be gradually promoted to Master Commander of a smaller vessel until reaching post rank and through much derring do usually consisting of the events of several books and passing through the period of French Republicanism leading through the Napoleonic Wars an exception would be the James Lester series told from an American protagonist's perspective to reach eventual flag rank Most of these protagonists whether Kent's Bolitho O'Brian's Aubrey Parkinson's Delancey Pope's Ramage or Lambdin's Lewrie have some kind of socio economic disadvantage working against their possibility of promotion and of course all of these are much competent as seamen and commanders than those who are in authority over them Drinkwater is no exceptionAs a result every time our hero makes a command decision which involves risk the ante is raised over a person with influence making that same decision And in some cases the careers of the officers seem so like Horatio Nelson's complete with hubris that you cannot help but both smile and groan at the parallels At least early on Drinkwater doesn't share this burden of emulating Nelson but he is remarkably fortunate in leading boarding parties and involved in spying on French shores through providing transport for a master spy and counterespionage unintentional thought it is on his home shoreSuffice it to say that this novel has engaging sailing scenes and character intrigue interspersed with its modest of necessity actions with the cutter that the reader will not be disappointed with its pacing The gap in years since the first Drinkwater story and the second threw me for a lurch It is refreshing to have a character who is not awarded instant fame promotion and professional success the absurdly infallible and successful Ramage and meteoric rise of Kydd come to mind; it does make me sad to follow a character whose professional achievement seems to have passed him by I like the fellow and wish the Navy had been kinder to him The nauticals were very interesting and this series has a realistic view of life on ship at that time the hard life that it was and the hard cases in the crew who are not instantly overcome with slathering hero worship the instant our protagonist steps abord The story is well crafted and also gives a good picture of the historical and political influences of the time and the battles are very gory but well done The second Drinkwater edition carries our hero twenty years after the affairs of the first volume Drinkwater is first lieutenant on a small cutter that tangles with a French provocateur and ends with the battle of Camperdown as viewed from the deck of a very small cutterAgain fabulous characterization gruesome action and dark nuance Disappointed This is the second in a series I certainly intend to pursue I am a fan of the Age of Fighting Sail genre and this author and his work are a welcome addition

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  • A Kings Cutter Nathaniel Drinkwater #2
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  • 20 June 2016
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