Confessions of an Unbalanced Woman

Confessions of an Unbalanced Woman[Download] ➽ Confessions of an Unbalanced Woman Author Emily Watts – Tens of thousands of women in the US and Canada have laughed wept and learned together at Time Out for Women events Now you can share the spirit of those occasions with these Time Out mini books Each Tens of thousands of women in the an Unbalanced eBook ¸ US and Canada have laughed wept and learned together at Time Out for Women events Now you can share the Confessions of MOBI :¼ spirit of those occasions with these Time Out mini books Each contains a favorite presentation designed especially to uplift and teach Confessions of an Unbalanced Woman shows what of an Unbalanced PDF ✓ we can do to keep our perspective clear and our priorities straight when we just don t seem to have enough time or energy to get everything done Perfect for someone who needs a uick boost. I bought Confessions of an Unbalanced Woman for my wife instead of a Valentine’s Day card Long story shortI think cards have become so expensive and so superficial and commercialized that a little while ago I decided to get books instead of cards for my immediate family They’re only a little expensive and far meaningful and I can still write a note on the inside cover as if it were a card Anyway I saw this little volume which is based on a talk given by Emily Watts at a “Time Out For Women” seminar at Moon’s LDS bookstore and bought it for Mary Ann She seemed to like it and I thought it sounded interesting so I read it when she had finished it It is uplifting humorous insightful and comforting all at once My favorite part of the book was her inspiration that all we need to find is “the brick” The one thing that if we do it outweighs everything else that might seem to work against it We see various sorts of bricks mentioned in the scriptures such as charity which “overcometh a multitude of sins” tithing whoever is faithful to this commandment “will not be burned at His coming” and so forth Certainly these are important things to ponder but my thoughts went on a tangent It seems to me that each day each week each month our “bricks” might be different Depending on our stage of personal and spiritual development depending on our gospel calling or depending on a variety of other factors we probably need to seek spiritual guidance to determine what is the “brick” we should keep in mind For example I have become convinced that for most teachers the brick is not techniue or knowledge or classroom management it is deeply felt love for those whom you teach The brick may be other things at other timesgiving service working diligently enduring to the end seeking wisdom acuiring knowledge and understanding or a myriad other thingsIn any event I like that this small volume caused me to ponder deeply on some important things I recommend it I really liked this little book I read it in about 20 30 minutes It is a talk that must have been given at Time Out for Women I really liked a few points she made and I am excited to look up a few things and study further about a topic or twoI can totally relate to her opening chapter about a washer being out of balance She says I am a fourteen towel woman in a ten towel capacity life My other favorite line I have wondered how many times I have missed out on a blessing because I assumed the way was closed to me when if I had just kept going kept trying kept moving forward a path would have opened even miraculously so A short but inspiring book about how finding balance in your life is based on putting the most important things first and then letting the other things fall away Through her own personal experiences sometimes humorous experiences she shares inspiring and uplifting insights I really enjoyed this book which was originally a talk that Emily Watts gave at a Time Out for Women I had the opportunity to listen to Emily Watts two nights ago and in preparation for that event I started reading this book I love her messages of hope and love I highly recommend her writings The author shares a few things she's learned about making life happier despite being unable to perfect it Thank goodness This book was written with an LDS audience in mind but I think most moms will appreciate her insight and humor Here's a uote that I really enjoyed because I've actually done thisAfter describing her traditional Mother's Day breakfast made by her children that includes burnt toastBurnt toast is actually fairly symbolic of motherhood as far as I'm concerned If you're the one who burned it you scrape it off and eat it yourself so the kids won't have to If they burned it you eat it because they burned it specially for you However you look at it you're going to end up consuming a fair amount of burnt toast and loving itIt's a great pick me up and a fast read only 58 small pages uick 58 page Sunday afternoon kind of read Lots of funny little storiesgems of wisdom etc I especially like the advice to reverse your buts For example instead of saying I love you but you're driving me crazy say You're driving crazy but I love you I feel often like I have a fourteen towel life with a ten towel washing machine but I loved her advice Put God first and then everything else will fall into place And if it doesn't it wasn't that important anyway Another Emily Watts gem Loved it But I am biased She's my cousin First cousin once removed if you want to get technical This is a good uick reminder of what is important in our lives She gave me a lot to think about with the reminder that we don't have to be balanced I just really love this author's wit She gets at some very practical and difficult stuff and adds the right touch of humor Many good words to live by in this book Confessions of an Unbalanced Woman Spends a large portion of life matching up socks bought matching tube socks but then felt bad having all boys wear the really dirty socks that one boy was causing She turned the laundry over to her boys even though she felt it was her job as the mom They started the boys with towels but they crammed in 14 towels causing the machine to be off balance She is a 14 towel woman in a 10 towel capacity lifePlan A Time Management She began her search for balance with a time management class but when your child comes home with a science project due tomorrow then that all goes out the windowPlan B The Scriptures At RS they taught that all of our answers are in the scriptures The word balance is not even in the topical guide Story in Bible about Ramses and Moses talking about the people using a scale Moses puts a brick on the scale and all of Ramses small weights go flying off She wants to find the BRICK the one thing she can do right that will make a difference Scriptures say seek ye first the kingdome of God Love God with all your might Love of God is the brickFinding the Brick She let go of the idea that her husband's love is based on his ability to read her mind If I have to ask it doesn't count FALSE Christmas ideals her family choose a perfect gift for her and in his family they picked out their own presents To solve the difference in expectatons they each surprise each other with a 20 gift and choose their larger present themselves Story of her birthday present being two pairs silver dinosaur earrings stegasaurus and brontasaurus he was going to Elko and asked for guidance and she thought 'silver capital please get silver earrings' She was sure surprised when she opened them and they were dinosaurs In that moment she choose to see him as a great dad and husbandChanging your focus Reverse your buts I love you but you drive me crazy TO you drive me crazy but I love you I want to serve the Lord but this calling is overwhelming This calling is overwhelming but I want to serve the Lord It is all about our focus Recital story a girl messes up 3 times while playing the flute and doesn't finish At the end of the recital she goes back up and plays the piece well with the music and she is so proud of herself This is how the Savior loves us we fail and he asks us to try againA formula for feeling God's love Search the scriptures diligently Pray Always Story of pioneer girl told she could have a ride in the wagon but the driver sped up and she had to run for awhile before he lifted her in Later she realized that he was making sure she was warm enough so she wouldn't freeze to death when she laid down in the wagon Christ pushes us because he knows what we can bear and where he wants us to beBeauty for Ashes Ashes is what is left over after the worst destruction and then the Lord takes that and makes something beautiful out of it It is like the Atonment Story of being in BYU parking lot and not being able to find the exit she finally finds the exit and it is locked She drives toward it and it automatically opens This is how life is we struggle and then the point comes when things open up and become easier

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  • Hardcover
  • 58 pages
  • Confessions of an Unbalanced Woman
  • Emily Watts
  • English
  • 10 April 2016
  • 9781590385876