Little Girls Lost

Little Girls Lost[Epub] ➣ Little Girls Lost ➤ J.A. Kerley – Children are disappearing in Mobile Alabama the latest snatched from her own bedroom There are no clues and as yet no bodies Homicide Detective Carson Ryder is called in to investigate the abduction o Children are disappearing in Mobile Alabama the latest snatched from her own bedroom There are no clues and as yet no bodies Little Girls PDF/EPUB or Homicide Detective Carson Ryder is called in to investigate the abduction of little LaShelle Shearing only to find the case getting tangled up in murky departmental and civic politics And with his partner Harry Nautilus fighting for his life after being viciously attacked Carson is feeling increasingly isolated Public rage is now reaching dangerous levels and Ryder's bosses turn for help to ex Detective Conner Sandhill whose uncanny ability to spot connections and details missed by others is legendary but who left the department under a cloud Ryder and Sandhill form an uneasy alliance in the hunt for the missing children a hunt which becomes all the urgent for tragic personal reasons But at the root of these disappearances is something truly evil and its source is closer to home than either could have imagined. Picked this up from a charity shop without any knowledge of author and was not aware that it was part of series Not that that mattered The book stands alone and the characters are relevant to the storyThere is no specific main character no one person outdoing the others Each one works with the others and interlink with the events The story focuses on the abduction of pre puberty black girls but has a thread of another story relation to police corruption running through it I enjoyed the plot the development of the characters and the unfolding relationship of the Gumbo King with Jacey It was easy to read but a page turner I wanted to know where the story was heading and where it would end I can see how the characters would be included in the next book of the seriesThere was suspense and a wonderful humour particularly shown in Jacey's monologuethinking All in all a satisfying read Books like this make me sad And not because they're so badly written that it's upsetting they even got published but because they're so wonderful it's a shame they're not well known Little Girls Lost by JA Kerley is a tale of macabre dirty politics deceit unlikely partnerships and innocence It has all the points to make it worthy of credit that it undoubtedly deserves but the fact that it is underappreciated breaks my heartI switch between famous and not so famous books when reading to keep a balance of things This way I can truly understand what elements helped escalate one book while left the other uncherished But with this one I am astounded because I found none such thing that might make up my mind about its poor position in the literary circleThere were phrases and dialogues that went over my head at first glance for they were written in a dialect of Alabama perhaps I don't know But the point is that they were not impossible to understand and anyone with a little brain and a sense of reading will get it And hey no harm in learning some new phrases right? They were pretty badass too what with heated and witty conversations between detectives andor corrupt copsI specially liked the chemistry between the two main men of the book Carson Ryder and Conner Sandhill aka the Gumbo King They were off standish with each other at first naturally but the way their relationship grew was fun and satisfying to readI wish people would pick up books like this one Recommended to anyone who has a thing for mystery with a tinge of triggering and gross ideas which unfortunately portray the reality of our world Not recommended to people who are just starting with the genre this one goes a little over the top which reminds me anyone who is easily affected by spoiler paedophilia or child abuse stay away from this book please It's a great read but gets very dark indeed Mobile Alabama Young pre teen girls are being snatched off the streets Carson Ryder's partner Harry Nautilus is out of action following a mugging so he's out on his own following a trail that seems to go stone cold with every fresh kidnappingWhen the body of one of the missing girls is found in a burnt out house the apparent victim of an arson attack Conner Sandhill an ex cop who left the force in mysterious circumstances is brought in to help with the floundering investigationWhat unfurls is a sometimes uncomfortable delve into the underbelly of the sex trade bravely taken on by Mr Jack Kerley and he has my utmost respect in his handling ofa difficult subject Uncomfortable reading which however kept me hooked for two days Good job sir” This is part of a series usually featuring detectives Carson Ryder and Harry Nautilus However with Harry holed up in hospital after a vicious attack Ryder needs a new partner in crime EnterThe Gumbo King a brilliant character who I hope we'll see of Decent read for any fans of the genrePlease see my full review at This is my first Kerley mystery but it won't be my last Reading a book set in my home town was so much fun and I think I have a new hero; the Gumbo King I'm reading the Carson Ryder series in order and haven't been disappointed by any of them Little Girls Lost is no exception Kerley does it again an action packed page turning thriller that's not for the sueamish It wasn't the best nor the worst of the series I missed Harry and perhaps the Gumbo King was a suitable one time replacement Except he also seems to eclipse Ryder who I felt was delegated to a secondary role except toward the end Not a masterpiece but very good and worth your consideration A decent thriller with a good pace The main character Carson Rider is helped out by an ex cop when a series of young girls go missing The plot develops nicely although a couple of insights seem a little too convenient The Mobile police department is in turmoil with some interesting internal politics the backdrop to the case Rider has to find his way around his colleagues as he peruses the kidnappers And while the characters are all a little one dimensional it's a good read In the beginning I was dreading what this book was going to entail if it was going to give me nightmare's about stolen little girls going to be sold as sex slaves Thankfully that part was not too detailed or gory and I became a big fan of 'The Gumbo King' I thought he was such a great character and I found I couldn't stop reading and HAD to find out how the story would end I like to think I'm uite good at anticipating plot twists but this one got me Great book First time reader of JA Kelley and loving the main dude Ryder It's a completely dreadful subject The author acknowledges this and understands us the reader Another excellent work

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