Sisters of the Raven (Aspect Fantasy)

Sisters of the Raven (Aspect Fantasy)❰Ebook❯ ➩ Sisters of the Raven (Aspect Fantasy) Author Barbara Hambly – The Yellow City is in crisis The wells are running dry and the Sun Mages have been unable to call the rains Frustrated Mages across the land can no longer work the magic that once ran their empire Now The Yellow City is in crisis The wells are running dry and the Sun Mages have been unable to call the rains Frustrated Mages across the land can no longer work the magic that once ran their empire Now the magic lies solely in the hands of a few women the first ever to have Sisters of eBook ✓ developed magical powers. Barbara Hambly creates interesting worlds and ideas In this book she has a society where magic has always existed but only men have the powerNow she presents a tale of what effect it would have on any society when such a basic familiar ability magic suddenly changes As men lose magical power womena few women are starting to show a somewhat different type of magicThe conflicts in the story are well done The rage of the men in losing their powers; the uncertainty of the women; the panic of the ordinary citizen as drought gets worse and worse for the wizards can no long summon the rainsThe novel is character driven not a lot of battles or huge action scenes But the interplay between characters made it an enjoyable read The three main characters are Raeshaldis the only female mage student; the king Oryn and his lover the Summer Concubine I especially liked OrynThis is the first book of a series so far only two but the story stands alone A well written fantasy which Barbara Hambly's good characterization and world building I've only previously read one series by Hambly which I liked moderately well I picked this one up because I recognized the name and pickings are slim in my library Sisters of the Raven is uite good The events unfold in a world where men have always wielded exclusive control of society and of magic Now inexplicably magic is deserting men and a new magic has sprung up in women The concept is so unheard of that they aren't even sure what to call these women with magic Men especially wizards are furious frightened and grief stricken Complicating matters is a drought caused at least partially by the inability of male wizards to call the rains as they have done for many years in the increasingly arid land Social unrest missing women a fanatic cult and a mysterious source of strange magic combine to make a compelling and enjoyable read Upon finishing my first thought was Is there a seuel? Happily there is I enjoyed this book and admire the effort taking to realize a complete milieu I had a hard time caring for its characters until the last 100 pages This is why it took me so long to finish the book The two female leads Raeshaldis and Summer Concubine seemed to warm very slowly As a fantasy mystery I understand that there is a lot that must be force fed the reader so as to make the crime and its method sympathetic This may have been why the 'warming' of the characters took so long; the front loading took precedenceAnother thought is that because the society depicted is male dominated the female characters are very limited in what they can 'do' Much to the character development therefore has to happen mentally through thought and dialogue Toward the end of the novel when they finally began to act against the society's cultural taboos in pursuit of the answers to their concerns that I became concerned for them and began to enjoy the read much Having established the characters I would read the seuel and probably enjoy it much than this the first book On Barbara's website there is a hint there could be to come after the second which with me and my rule of only reading a series for which all the parts are presently available this could be problematic She did end Sisters in circumstances that could be left as is I hope the second novel when I find it is set up the same wayThe lead male King Oryn was entertaining if somewhat stereotypical in his anti establishment stance I have to admit there were times I wanted him to throw off his sensitive guise and gush testosterone but the fact that he didn't but remained steadfast loyal and intelligent kept my liking for him constant He was a very real characterI also enjoyed the theme of a society that is completely dependant on magic suddenly losing access to it I think BH handles the uestion of what would happen uite if not completely well I am drawn to this concept as it is one of the themes I like to write about tooAll in all I liked it and didn't feel I'd wasted my time reading it Great writing style and a fascinating plot although I got a little lost in the middle and the ending falls a bit flat Loved the strong women in their oppressive society and the fallout of women becoming mages While the story begins slowly the subject is very interestingThis is a country ruled by men whether with magic or might Women are nothing they do not have family namesTimes are changing Some women have magic The mages are losing their magicThe rains will not come unless called by the mages but it is taking much longer to call the rainThere is evil seeking the women with magic killing the womenI enjoyed most of the book I loved Barbara Hambly's vampire books they remain possibly the best I've read so I picked this up at the used bookstore because the premise sounded interesting Middle Easternish society that doesn't think much of women in which male controlled magic is dying out while magical powers appear among the womenI'm not sure why it was so boring but I found myself unable to care about any of the characters except Oryn the king Sad commentary for a book that's supposed to be all about the women I couldn't even summon up outrage for the way this desert society treated its women In contrast to Those Who Hunt The Night my previous Hambly experience this novel was unable to evoke a sense of place or atmosphereIt's hard to point at what was wrong with it which makes me feel somewhat incompetent I'm an editor but the whole thing was just profoundly lackluster While the story wasn't terrible it just never caught my interest DNF at 21% I wasn't able to put it down But I don't want to read the seuelThis is the sort of mixed response that I kept having throughout my progress with the book teetering on the edge of loving it but always finding something distracting or insufficiently polished I liked the premise of a structured society where magic is fading and where the habitual users men have lost their powers while powers are awakening in women but it seemed somewhat gratuitous as if Hambly wanted to make a feminist point rather than tell a story Perhaps because we never understand uite why this shift is happeningThere are too many vignettes for characters but insufficient justification for their stories other than to depict how women live in this clearly patriarchal society which mixes elements from Arabic countries with ChinaJapan For example I loved the story of Foxfire Girl but it had no purpose than to establish her as a user of magic unbeknownst to her kin In case of Amber Girl that was done with a simple few references I also find frustrating that Foxfire Girl the consummate victim was depicted better and in depth relationships motivation than Raeshaldis arguably a key protagonist Overall I would have loved to see character development or at least a tighter construction of each sister's backstory I would have also liked to see a less rushed finale The story was building up slowly around the aueduct and the way it set out courtly intrigue and power plays was uite exciting but then additional conflict was gratuitously introduced without addressing the initial set up just to move the dawdling plot along and it didn't uite work I think Deus ex machina should remain a theatrical device It spoils a fantasy narrative Other than that a predictably High magic system based on studying and sigils and elements oh what I'd have given for the joy of Brent Weeks' brilliant Chromeria and a book that's entertaining but forgettable In a fantastical kingdom in the desert wizards who have always been male are losing their magic—and women are gaining it Before women having power was so unthinkable that there wasn’t even a word for women who can do magic Now they can and many are being brutally murdered The king’s concubine and the one woman accepted into the Sun Mage academy join forces to stop the murders All this set against a tale of religions classes and personalities struggling for control as society itself changes happyelfling and I like King Oryn and Summerchild the best and in fact we wish the novel could have focused on them instead of dividing itself into so many disparate characters There were just too many plot points and characters and it slowed down the mystery So far I'm enjoying this story in a world where men have always had the magic and women are all second class citizens and property Suddenly men are loosing it and women are using it Good to find strong female characters that aren't played off some macho swordsmanNot the best but not bad Better than TV

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