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Mistress and Mother❄ [KINDLE] ✽ Mistress and Mother By Lynne Graham ➝ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Italian tycoon ditches brand new brideOn their wedding day Molly Bannister and Sholto Cristaldi had separated The split made newspaper headlines though no one ever guessed why their marriage wasn't co Italian tycoon ditches brand new brideOn their wedding day Molly Bannister and Sholto Cristaldi had separated The split made newspaper headlines though no one ever guessed why their marriage wasn't consummatedMolly had vowed that no pressure or price would persuade her to share Sholto's bed but she knew her brother owed him a lot of money Sholto struck a deal he would settle the Mistress and PDF/EPUB ² debt if Molly moved in with him and he would get to enjoy his wedding night after allThen Molly found herself with a new dilemma she was Sholto's ex wife and mistress and soon she would be the mother of his child. Re Mistress and Mother Lynne Graham brings us a couple that manages to bicker their way to the HEA in this one While it has a TON of drama it can be a bit wearing on those HP Voyagers who aren't inspired by bitter shouted emotional exchanges every chapterSo be warned before reading this this couple fights and argues and freuently try to verbally one up each other While the h is no slouch in the angry Italian shouting drama the H is a very typical arrogant LG H and usually manages to twist the h's very valid feelings into shame for daring to be so above herself as to think she is an eual in the relationshipThis one starts with the h travelling to the H's now deceased uncle's former home She has decided to ask the H if he will help her idiot brother and his eually idiot wife sort out their very messy financial situationIt seems the h's brother knows gardening and got the H to loan him money for a garden center four years earlier At the time the h was 20 and was going to marry the 27 yr old H They met by accident when they literally ran into each other and the H was fascinated by the naive but voluptuous prim small town hThe H's courtship seriously irked his female cousin who is a brilliant evil OW in the best classic style There were months of catty remarks criticisms of the h's looks hair weight and the woman deliberately encouraged the rest of the H's social circle to participate in the h's bullyingThe h was desperately in love and desperately trying to fit in Her mother and her stepfather were the disapproving stern ministerial types and they also DID NOT APPROVE The H in his typical ramming the barriers down fashion threw away any attempts at diplomacy with them and pretty much arranged everything to his liking which may or may not have been in line with what the h wanted The H resolved every one of the h's valid concerns by either dismissing them or when she finally lost her temper and had a ranty moment taking off on a jungle adventure for three weeks as a way of manipulating her emotionally by telling her he thought maybe he should call off the weddingSo by the time the wedding day had actually arrived the h was a bundle of nerves and sporting a rather mismatched almost clownish look She was so fraught she appeared intoxicated and then her world came crashing down at the wedding receptionThe OW cousin manipulated things to where the h overheard a conversation that seemed to indicate the OW and the H were lovers and that he was only marrying the h for a broodmare for his children The blinders fell with a thud from the h's eyes and she was pretty irately hysterical on the wedding nightThe H had no patience for this behavior and took off only to be photographed leaving the OW's flat at dawn and when the h saw the tabloids she decided enough was enough a took off for a friend's house The H showed up at the h's stepfather's home and he phoned the police inciting of a tabloid frenzy The friend the h was staying with spilled all the beans about the slime swiller cousin OW and in a well deserved stroke of LG justice the OW cousin was vilified in the tabloid pressThe h never intended any of this regarding the OW to get out but she also wasn't too unhappy about it the OW cousin had done a really good job of wrecking the h's life Four years on the h needs the H's help and their first meeting winds up being another crashing moment as the H tackles the h in the dark of his late uncle's home There is a bitter exchange about the failed marriage that ended in annulment and the H proves he can hold a mean grudge when he details the horrible treatment his beloved OW cousin got in the pressThe H also threatens the h's brother and his family with fraud charges and homelessness The h probably wouldn't mind so much if it was just her brother or his pathetic limpet wife but they also have two small children and the h feels that the H giving them so much money without proper supervision was largely to blameThe H tries to deny his collusion in her brother's downfall but the h doesn't want to hear it and she is tired and it is cold and snowing so she goes to bed Only to find that there is only one bed in the house and the H expects her to share itThe h protests she is almost engaged to another priggish minister type but the H gets his way and of course the inevitable unicorn grooming license revocation ensues The next morning the H claims her chastity removal was his revenge and the h is once again done with this unrepentant toad of an HBut this is LG and her H's be cagey the H shows up at the h's work and it is clear that he still has a yen for the h He tries to proposition her but the h is having none of that and her verbal H smackdown made me want to run and hideSo the H has an overnight think about things and comes up with the plan that he will bail her brother and family out if the h will move in with him as his personal tart The h almost passes out from the shock of the H's implications but we can tell that this H is deeply hooked and doing everything to get the h back without losing the whip handThe thought of her niece's and nephew's sad little faces make the h agree to the H's proposition The H is pleased as punch and can't understand why the h keeps making tarty harlot references The h is also having bouts of nausea and a uick look at her day planner makes her think about emergency pregnancy testsThe H and h have another fight about what a bovine snot snarfer the H's beloved OW cousin is and the H loses his temper again so he has to turn things around and blame the h for being childish and vindictive Then the h makes the big surprise discovery not that she is preggers The H is delighted but the h calls him a toad and tells him she won't marry him The h still believes that the H wants a broodmare and while she may have to play his tart for hire she has no intention of being trapped into a marriage where she will be second best and patronized for lifeEnter the smarmy prig ex almost fiance He guilts the h into marrying the H by pounding it into her head that she is selfish to want to actually have a happy loving marriage and raise her child with two marginally compatible with each other parentsThe h decides that the baby should have his father and the ex almost fiancee fades away hopefully to be hit by a train on his way homeThe H and h marry after the pathetic worm of a sister in law expresses shock over the h's scarlet dress and insists that the H would have married the OW cousin if he really loved her after he and the h separated The h has been speculating and thinking about the various tidbits she has heard about the H's family in the privacy of her mind and she guesses it might be hard to legally marry a woman who is probably your biological half sister It appears the H's father liked to spread it around a bit and the OW's mother was said to be exceptionally seductive and lovelyBut the h keeps her thoughts to herself and then the pathetic worm of sister in law is booted off hopefully to a very low oxygen planet where she can just sit and vegetate The big wedding night surprise for the h is that the H has totally played her The H's uncle left her a vase that was worth half a million pounds and the h could have sold it to bail out her brother The H knew this and deliberately withheld the information until one of his friend's mentions it in front of the hThe H then decides that the best honeymoon ever will be to take the h to the secluded island house where his father took his lady buffet samples The h who was starting to have doubts about the H's complicity with his cousin OW is now reminded that this H was raised in an environment where mistresses were kept openly and she can only wonder if the H is keeping his cousin OW in New York to be his main dish while she resides on the broodmare side The h and H have another argument about the H's lack of seduction attempts during their first engagement The H unbends enough to explain that he had heard the h's stepfather berating her like she was some kind of fallen woman for coming home late from a date so he daren't take things any further as her stepfather would have abused her Then the H clues the h in that he never told her about the vase's value cause he wanted to get her into his clutches astoundingly he also confesses he acted like a sewer swilling rat the morning after their first purple passion moment and the h is so gobsmacked she falls easily in with his grand plan o'seductionThe H and h finally seem to work their differences out and the honeymoon goes pretty swimmingly Until they are going back to England and the h finds out that the cousin OW who was supposed to be marrying someone else has broken her engagement and the h decides to test the HThis leads to the big revelation that the h believes the H is in love with the OW but unable to do anything about it because the OW is his half sister This stunning lack of trust seems to anger the H just what kind of men does she think his family has anyway and he has a huge ranty moment and banishes the h to his country home after she tells him she loves himThe h is now fretting and moping and then the cousin OW shows up with the H The cousin OW explains that her father was abusive and shot himself after the H and his father intervened Then she sorta apologizes for messing things up with the h and H The OW knew the h was listening when she made her big play after the first wedding reception then she deliberately overdosed on their wedding night to pull the H awayThe OW claims she was not in love with the H he was just her only support I totally did not believe her sorry tarty hiney but supposedly she had therapy and the h is all about being understanding and kindThe H then makes his apologies and explanations to the h in a pretty good speech I really liked the part where he claims it was very hard to brave when the mother of his child called him an irresponsible toad who had wrecked her life and then looked suicidal about the whole situation But the H admits he was determined to persevere and prove that they could be happy together and he confesses he loves the h for the big HEA We get a little epilogue where the H and h have little boy Unfortunately the ex almost fiance wasn't hit by a train cause he does the baptism and the cousin OW is now the h's BFF and married and pregnant as we call in a day on another whacktasticly dramatic HPlandia outing with a very typical LG HEA A second chance story between a bitter resentful hero and a bitter resentful heroine What's good about the story is that they each had good reason to be bitter and resentful and the ledger is fairly balanced in bad behavior so that by the time they come to an understanding I believed their happy ending Not that I particularly liked either character The heroine was insecure jumped to conclusions and had a vile temper The hero was insecure in a different way he craved love but also found it stifling While the hero didn't jump to conclusions he expected a lot of understanding from an 18 year old girl when he married her the first time I call this Prince Charles syndrome whenever I see an older man judging a younger woman for her inexperience and neediness He's older he should know better That the hero has a vile temper goes without saying as wellA short plot recap on the day of her wedding the heroine thinks the hero is really in love with his cousin she actually thinks this until the last pages of the book On their wedding night when she tries to confront him about a conversation she overheard she loses her temper and is hysterical Hero doesn't want to deal with her histrionics and leaves when he gets a phone call from his cousin He stays with the cousin all night The heroine goes to her friend who sells the story to the tabloids The heroine's stepfather won't let the hero see the heroine She files for divorce and he makes sure the world knows it's an annulment This tit for tat dynamic continues when they meet again after 4 years apart The hero's uncle has left her a vase in his will Hero is in the house when she arrives in the middle of a snowstorm They share a bed Hero takes her virginity and all is well until the next morning when the hero claims he has now gotten his revengeHeroine is devastated knows she can't marry her pastor fiance and has further worry about her brother who can't pay back a loan from the hero Luckily the hero has been thinking of a way to get heroine back in bed he'll pay off the brother's debts if she'll be his mistress Then she finds she's pregnant and the cousin is going to marry a Brazilian businessman Then they marry and have a honeymoonOn the way home the heroine sees the cousin has broken off her engagementThe hero banishes her to their country manorThe cousin shows up to explain what's really going onFor each there was a huge argument and horrible things were said on each side Tit for Tat Each argument and incident moves them closer to understanding the other so it's productive communication Some readers might not like that much conflict but I didn't find it repetitious even though I wished the heroine would grow up a bit faster A bunch of stupid miscommunications I'm not fond of stories where the other woman causes problems and the hero blames the heroine for not being sympathetic when he goes off to spend his wedding night helping the other woman instead of sticking around and finding out why the heroine is so upset on their wedding day This book is Clusteruck 101Molly and Sholto are the main characters Molly occasionally shows a glimpse that she possibly has a backbone but she surrounds herself with people that encourage her to rip it out and bury it in the very center of the earthPreviously she'd been a rather weak girl but completely out of her depth with her fiance His friends and family treated her like crap and did a random emotional abuse to her that if she'd had a backbone in the first place it would have shown through but since she didn't she caved under constant pressure and sly little digs Molly didn't think she was beautiful she was a little overweight didn't follow fashion and had mouse brown hair Constant digs pretending to be helpful advice of diet ideas personal trainers stylists and the like had her turning into a completely different person by the time she was marriedBUT UNDERSTANDABLYon her wedding day she accidentally overhears her new husband and his cousin who was a complete witch to the heroine where the cousin is going off about her love for him and how they can't be together and he confesses he loves her too The heroine goes crazy when he tries to go to the bedroom that night but he gets a phone call and leaves his hysterical wife The next morning he's photographed leaving his cousin's hotel room after an all nighter with her Marriage annulmentHurrahSo a few years later they meet up again when a mutual person for them dies He has revenge sex with her because he wants the wedding night SHE denied him never mind the fact that he wouldn't have gotten said wedding night anyway because he rushed off to be with his cousin when she called The next morning he treated her like crap and weeks later they meet up again because of her dread weak it's a family trait brother who needs help and the hero is the only one that can do itHe agrees to help only if she agrees to be his mistress for a while and she doesHe's pissed if she's upset about her situation he treats her like crap but pretends to not she then thinks he's not treating her like crap and then he is And she winds up pregnant She does NOT want to marry him and tells him so before he can ask She goes and tells her family who tells her expastor or whatever he was He convinces her that she's selfish and horrible for wanting love for herself and what have you so the heroine tucks her tail between her legs and crawls back to the hero and tells him she will marry him And he makes her beg which she doesSo pretty much the entire book is the heroine being weak willed enough to not stand by her realistic problems and then taking the blame for the hero's problems alsoOne classic example the hero goes off on the heroine about making sure he has sex with her so there will be no annulment because he doesn't want that in the press again She goes off about what they posted about her he goes off about how much worse it was for him Then he tells her that it was all her fault and he was perfectly innocent oh and if she'd loved him she would have waiting for him to come home in the morning on their wedding night when he rushed off without explaining to another woman She swings back with maybe if he'd ever told her he felt even an ounce of love for her she would have He immediately comes back with but I don't know anything about love despite the fact that he LOVED his cousin and told her all the time And suddenly it's all the heroine's fault againThe book was one big giant contradiction At one point the hero tells her when they were getting married the first time he wanted to tell her they should put off getting married for a while but was too afraid she'd take it as rejection and leave him entirely because of the way she was acting BUT from the heroine's POV at one point right before their wedding the hero told her to shape up of the wedding was off just before he took off to go hike a mountain alone somewhere That's not someone who's too afraid the heroine will just leave him if he suggests waiting to get married He outright told her if she didn't shape up the way he wanted her to he was ditching her But of course we must go with the thought that the hero was this great and wonderful guy the whole time and the heroine was the one that was psycho and caused all the problemsThe book has some good points but it's so frustrating and plot confusing that it's really not that good 35 StarsI thought this one would be a lot worse than it was It was pretty much an angstfest with the H putting the hot better than the her OWcousin before h There was lots of chasing by the H gut wrenching slams after tender moments overheard conversation damning the H h's nose being rubbed into the HOW's relationship which took front seat to the the Hh'sall that heart wrenching stuff It was great ;D There was some stuff that just didn't work for me though that I'll put here in the little hidden spoiler drawer Don't peak It'll ruin the whole tone of the book ;D view spoilerThe OWcousin admits that she knew that the h was listening to their conversation but didn't tell the H All that crap she said that made it sound like she and th H were a romantic couple was just a set up She also admits that she hated the h and tried her best to make her miserable and ruin the Hh's relationshipmarriage which she did for FOUR years However during the big reveal she just gave off this Oh I was in a bad place then Sorry and the h just lapped it up like a thristy hound with a That's ok I totally understand You don't have to say any Feh What a load of crap I don't care what happened in her history The broad should've been branded the evil harpy she was and barred from any further contact from both of then That kind of nasty doesn't go away with few therapy sessions Instead everythings was forgiven and they all became beeeest frieeeeends I think not This was the epitome of the too sweet cookie cutter ending Griped the hell out of me hide spoiler Could have been better Okay read Not too memorable thoughItalian tycoon ditches brand new brideOn their wedding day Molly and Sholto had separated The split made newspaper headlines though no one ever guessed why their marriage wasn't consummatedMolly had vowed that no pressure or price would persuade her to share Sholto's bed but she knew her brother owed him a lot of money Sholto struck a deal he would settle the debt if Molly moved in with him—and he would get to enjoy his wedding night after allThen Molly found herself with a new dilemma she was Sholto's ex wife and mistressand soon she would be the mother of his child Annoying heroine idiot hero busybody friend cruel pompous stepfather and a total lack of communication is what this story is made of Molly's jealousy and immaturity drove Sholto awful many btw away from her on their wedding night His lack of communication about his relationship with his cousin Pandora made Molly walk out on their marriage on that same night Now years later they are thrown into each other's company for a night and given the opportunity to start all over again But the past keeps rearing its ugly head and Molly's insecurities about Sholto's relationships with Pandora may very well end it all over again An ok story but Molly is too damned annoying and Sholto is as clueless as a man could be about Pandora I almost feel that these two deserved the crap they created I just didn't like them very much From 1 to 10 87 My personal rating scale Another book to re read ññ This one started out really well and I thought I might end up giving it 5 stars It was a fairly typical Lynne Graham story and I almost always prefer reunion stories from her so that you have the history of loving each other to balance the crueltyinsults in the present and make the HEA believable The only part I didn't like was just prior to the end their last real fight I was pissed at the hero for that one view spoilerhe shouldn't have been so offended by Molly's reaction to overhearing that conversation between Pandora and him it's not like she misinterpreted what she overheard Regardless of whether Sholto ever had feelings for Pandora we find out later that it was true that Pandora then thought she had feelings for Sholto and declared them that night and also did ruin their wedding night on purpose to break them up Regardless of Pandora's past which Sholto claimed he couldn't share with Molly wout Pandora's permission it was perfectly understandable that Molly would have been upset by what she overheard and mad at what happened on her original wedding night And that should have been obvious to Sholto because Molly had no way of knowing Pandora's history and he knew that Pandora was after him hide spoiler So much bickering So many tantrums So many misunderstandings So much prideShe was immature and annoying He was an a older than her yet also immatureThis is one of those stories where the H gives higher priority to another woman than his fiancéewifeI can’t believe the OW didn’t even have to admit all her former sins in front of the H The h deserved to have the real truth come out between the three of them So stupidI’m sorry she didn’t grow up a bit and find someone else because he freuently treated her like crap

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