Broken Days (Quilt Trilogy, #2)

Broken Days (Quilt Trilogy, #2)❰Ebook❯ ➠ Broken Days (Quilt Trilogy, #2) Author Ann Rinaldi – When her mother died she told 14 year old Walking Breeze to seek out her family the Chelmsfords of Salem She will find solace thereBut Ebie Chelmsford has other ideas Ebie knows that her half Shawnee When her mother died she told year old Walking Breeze to seek out her family the Chelmsfords of Salem She will find solace thereBut Ebie Chelmsford has other ideas Ebie knows that her half Shawnee cousin will take her place as grandfather's favorite And Ebie will do anything to stop that even trying to prove that the girl is an imposter. 25 starsHas definite middle book of trilogy itis PATCHING UP FAMILY WOUNDS AND SECRETS Ann Rinaldi takes up the story of the Chelmsford family in this 2nd novel of her UILT trilogy Set against the backdrop of the War of 1812 we meet a preliminary female protagonist Half Indian Walking Breeze in the 3rd person before we meet the primary heroine 14 year old Ebie of Salem MA Truly a novel of historical fiction this YA book presents many historical characters and events during the presidency of James Madison Inevitably confusing but necessary for readers' reference is a detailed family tree which precedes the prologue the actual narrative epilogue and author's noteThe family has been torn apart by decades of hurtful betrayal harsh lack of forgiveness social shame and malingering keeping of secrets As Ebie learns to her sorrow a person can make a cage for herself either from Love or from Hate Claiming to be a long lost relative an Indian girl named Walking Breeze arrives from the frontier with a scrap of her mother's uilt as proof that she is whom she claims Like her cousin Georgie considered a lunatic by local citizens Walking Breeze does not fit because of her Indians customs tastes and manners of speech These female characters are torn between two worlds caught in a painful culture clash mistrusted by family and strangers alikeAs war with England looms and Tecumseh leads his Federation of tribes against Americans with England's connivance the Chelsmford family grapples with social political military and personal issues With their many private agendas Ebie's relatives agonize over family members at sea and on the frontier retaliation by enraged Salemites already divided by war issues and by doubt and suspicion re Walking Breeze's failure to produce the Proof which she claims to have Ebie confides in her best friend Mary and writes to her childhood friend Benjamin at sea but she is also dazzled by her blond gentlemanly cousin Jemmy with his Southern accent and charmMost complex to follow are the intricate family relationships many of which are hushed up as causes of deep personal grief Why does Ebie's grandfather treat her father absent when the novel opens so shabbily? This crusty respected mill owner seems to regret having Ebie as his grand daughter; he is Not about to accept an Indian girl as his own merely on her word Despite several well meaning men urging her to befriend Walking Breeze and smooth her path Ebie discovers a uick and easy way to cast doubt on the girl's claim she steals and hides the scrap of uilting made by the girl's mother Jealous of Walking Breeze's disruptive effect on the household not to mention her ability to earn Grandfather's grudging praise Ebie gradually engages in a private war even to the point of outright lyingWhen will the heroine come of age by ending her time of Broken Days an Indian expression referring to a limited amount of time in which to accomplish a difficult task? A fascinating historically accurate read about keeping family secrets harboring grdges demonstrating honesty and acceptance One can build a cage either of Hatred or of Love Ebie finally recognizes the danger as she must make a serious choice which will deeply impact her entire family June 15 2011 I welcome dialogue with teachers2 of The second book in the uilt Trilogy by Ann Rinaldi takes us to the next generation The characters we met in the first book are grow married and with childrenCabot's only daughter Ebie the main character was a lot of fun to read about She was young head strong and knew what she wanted and how to get it Though I thought how she treated Walking Breeze was sad and not very nice I also had sympathy for her All she wanted was to be loved by her Grandfather like any young girl When she realizes that Walking Breeze is the daughter of Grandfather's favorite child Thankful Ebie is afraid that Grandfather will no longer love her So begins the story of trust yet again the main point in this book as it was in the first oneThe other characters are rich and wonderfully written and I enjoyed reading about them all I was shocked to hear that after twenty years Hannah had yet to marry Richard It was also sad to hear that Mattie and Lawrence did not have any children And Cabot His wife left him because he was supposedly lost at sea so he had to raise Ebi with the help of his sister Georgie Louis' daughter from the first book was grown up and uiet a nuisanceI'm not going to spoil the book further so I'll stop by saying that the plot was very very well written and researched to a great extent Not only was she able to put in the life of the people in Salem at the time Rinaldi was able to capture the hearts and experience of Native Americans at the time as well This was not a disappointing read since I read it in one hour tops and began book #3 right afterwards One though though was the fact the Ebie falls in love with JemmyHer cousin Like literally her cousin Again I got a taste of what life like then was like I think this one's going in the next cull I don't like the me Indian me speak funny trope that Rinaldi employs Walking Breeze learned English alongside Shawnee much as I learned German alongside English Both her English and my German should therefore have the accents of our teachers even if they're not our primary languages I sound just like the rest of my family Walking Breeze should sound like a Salem native My speech patterns are no different except for a few NSFW idioms give me a break I was a kid when we left Out of necessity for the story no Shawnee word that Walking Breeze uses can't be translated So why translate them at all? Or why use them? Talking about her friend Cat Pouncing there's an opportunity later than the prologue to translate his name a perfectly natural one There are places where characters can ask what she means by X But she wouldn't feel the need having learned the word for that concept already in English She'd just use the word and be done with it But Lana you don't always use the English Yeah because between Lyme and anorexia my brain is complete spoo I forget words in various of the languages and variants I've learned This would happen even if all I had was English I'd just go blank Walking Breeze is healthy There is no damage to excuse her suddenly not having the words She should be fine in the language department That she isn't that's a lazy way of giving her a voice separate from the other characters' I have read these books than once since purchasing them for our daughters in the 1990's They are complex enough for adults and do not contain swearing or sex although there is romance Broken Days has a great plot and historical setup Rinaldi really made me feel as if I was living during that time period However I just didn't like Ebie the main character I mean I could understand why she acted the way she did but that doesn't mean that she should In this book Walking Breeze has set out to find her white family but Ebie doesn't want to compete for the title of Most Loved Grandchild She is rude and hateful to Walking Breeze shunning her and trying to keep her out of the family But Walking Breeze doesn't give up She is an Indian and proud of it She knows how to wait In Broken Days Ebie learns about herself and discovers life lessons She realizes that everybody deserves to be part of a loving family even if hers isn't perfect This was a great seuel to the first one and continues the story of the Chelmsfords but with the next generation And as the title of the trilogy suggests the uilt also has it's own important role Rinaldi has written another great tale of family set in America's rich history Meh The protagonist in this book really got on my nerves with her unending self centeredness and immaturity Her predictable change of heart didn't come until the last two chapters Disappointing especially since the setting 1812 Salem Massachusetts with indians Brits sailors and classy New England women could have been fascinating Liked not loved Again like the first book too much going on Enjoyed the history Good discussion of White Americans vs Native Americans I enjoy the descriptions of influences in protaganist's life Didn't find all characters like able or interesting but a good setting and I enjoy reading about the main family A lot of wisdom and treasures of truth are found in this book but in the desire for this book to be Juvenile Historical Fiction many things are skimmed Yes this is set in an era and much history is referred to it is rather skimpy in details I'm reading this trilogy because of the 'uilt' reference but even that is skimpy But the wisdom of 'Broken days' is endearing I felt a little awkward and out of sorts because it's been so long since I read the first book Did I read the first book? Or did I just always want to but never get around to it? The books are set so far apart that I don't think it really matters but still The biggest thing I took away from it was disappointment that it never went back to the Shawnee girl's perspective

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