An Eye of the Fleet

An Eye of the Fleet[BOOKS] ⚡ An Eye of the Fleet By Richard Woodman – Action in Admiral Rodney's dramatic Moonlight Battle of 1780 when Cyclops' capture of the Santa Teresa plays a decisive part is the start of Nathaniel Drinkwater's life at sea HMS Cyclops is involved Action in Admiral Rodney's dramatic Moonlight Battle of of the PDF É when Cyclops' capture of the Santa Teresa plays a decisive part is the start of Nathaniel Drinkwater's life at sea HMS Cyclops is involved in pursuing American privateers who are a danger to British trade and Drinkwater finds himself part of a prize crew when initiative and courage in a critical situation enable him to survive a dangerous encounter When the frigate is detached on special service to the swamps of South Carolina grim actions are fought at sea and by a An Eye MOBI :¼ detachment of the ship's company on land resulting in violent deaths before CYCLOPS arrives in New York in and is sent back to Spithead with the news of Lord Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown Through his experiences both in action and in the hard life on Cyclops Drinkwater matures and gains the ability to stand up against the tyranny of the midshipmen's mess and the sinister and evil influence of the senior midshipman Morris In overcoming his difficulties he is sustained by his growing love for Elizabeth and the contrast of home Eye of the PDF É life with the brutality of naval service. I was referred to Woodman by my Goodread’s friend David I am a big fan of stories of the Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars This book starts in the 1700sThe book is well written and researched The author obviously was a wealth of knowledge about sailing warships of the 18 and 19th century The book provides an excellent view of what life was like in a RN sailing ship in the 1700s I enjoyed the bits of history Woodman tossed into the story I am looking forward to reading of Woodman So far I must admit that Patrick O’Brian is my favorite author in this genreI read this as an e book downloaded from to my Kindle app for my iPad The book is 192 pages The book was originally published in 1981 The basic elements of the story were fine but I found the author's habit of occasionally speaking directly to the reading audience to be off putting and unnecessary For example at one point he has Drinkwater meet Wilfred Collingwood who coughs persistently OK so far He then tells us that Wilfred Collingwood will subseuently die of tuberculosis and is not to be confused with his brother Cuthbert who would gain renown with Nelson Thanks There are many other examples like thisThere is a sub plot involving a nasty character which was obviously written to introduce an element of conflict The author tells us that Drinkwater feels disgust; it would have been much better to show us insteadAs the first of a series the author has to introduce a number of characters who will be important later in the series He also has to introduce a few who will be important in this book but not survive One of these is referred to as the handsome sailor for about half of the book thus telegraphing to the reader that he was the 18th century euivalent of a Star Trek Redshirt someone who wouldn't make it out alive from an away party I will read a couple books in the series to see how they go since this one does have some promise but I am not committing to the whole series at this point I love the Hornblower series but I didn't care for this book It was very episodic jumping from one thing to the next There was very little character development Some of the character actions didn't make sense and seemed to occur mainly to further the drama the author desired in the plot In addition there was a significant focus on the sexual abuse of young midshipman by some of the older midshipman I understand that such things happened and don't mind some mention of it but there was an extended and explicit focus on itThe book never engaged me I kept hoping for it to get better It didn't I only discovered this author through the use of Goodreads I am a fan of books from the Age of Fighting Sail and this book is a delightful addition to that genre Interestingly it is a much grittier addition to the genre than usually found and deals with subjects generally only alluded to in other works I will attempt to find other volumes in this series to see if the uality endures Fans of nautical age of sail fiction will very much enjoy this series An excellent 1st book in the series looking forward to reading the follow up editionsRichard Woodman can capture his reader and hold his attention InterestingVery technical action villains heroes good descriptions of the hardships endured by the seamen and the effects of war on those who must fight them I enjoyed this uite a bit Been wanting to read a similar series after finishing O'Brian and this filled the need A fourteen book series by Richard Woodman and in this book we are introduced to his character Nathaniel Drinkwater It's October 1779 and Daniel is a young midshipman on HMS Cyclops a 36 gun frigate captained by Hope a veteran of the Seven Years WarNathaniel encounters typical midshipman events and deals with a bully of his group all the while attempting to learn his duty and do the right thing both as a gentleman that he aspires to be and as a human beinguite a lot happens in a short 185 pages as we even reach Yorktown by the end of this book so without looking ahead I am curious where the next 13 goThis will probably end up having me reread O'Brian or perhaps take a dip in Forester as I have never read the Hornblower series somehow Recommended by my English friend John Thompson the Nathaniel Drinkwater saga begins with Nathaniel in his first posting as Midshipman on the frigate Cyclops in 1780 This book is literateFinished this well before Christmas and it did not disappoint From England to the American Revolution An Eye of the Fleet is indeed literate with an introspective and bloody berserker for a main character Woodman's books seem slim but packed with nuance an adventure A decent age of sale adventure story Drinkwater is an eminently human character not possessed of extraordinary wealth strength intelligence or superhuman aspects with which the heros of such stories seem inevitably to be blessed and I like that combat affects him and is not just a guts and glory swashbuckler

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