The Longest Winter

The Longest Winter➵ The Longest Winter Read ➼ Author Daphne Wright – Russia Christmas 1916 the eve of Revolution dark eyed beautiful Evelyn Markham has arrived from England to stay in Petrograd with her cousins the Suvarovs Outwardly aloof inwardly desperately vulnerab Russia Christmas the eve of Revolution dark eyed beautiful Evelyn Markham has arrived from England to stay in Petrograd with her cousins the Suvarovs Outwardly aloof inwardly desperately vulnerable Evelyn is tormented by Petrograd society's hedonistic disregard of the great war that is destroying Europe and by the memory of her fiance John missing in the trenches Aware of the tensions seething beneath the The Longest PDF/EPUB ² opulence of her new life Evelyn is disturbed by the political suabbles of her student cousins Piotr and Georgii and particularly fears the revolutionary activites she thinks are encouraged by their disagreeable friend Bob Adamson an American journalist Only their handsome cousing Segei Voroshilov on leave from the front seems to comprehend her painThen Revolution comes and life can never be the same again As chaos overwhelms Petrograd the Suvarovs are forced to flee to Shenkursk near Archangel in the frozen twilit north There in the bitter turmoil of civil war Evelyn is faced with the grim reality of suffering as she nurses the tropps; forced to shake off convention she begins to uestion her valuesand her judgement of the people around her. 3 12 StarsIN A NUTSHELL A young woman mourning the loss of her MIA fiancee travels to Russia to stay with her father's cousins in order to be closer to where the fighting is in hopes of getting word of John and to be close if he is found Meanwhile things are heating up in Russia between the White Russians and the Reds tearing families apart and blurring loyalties Petrograd; at one time a safe retreat for the well heeled has become a cauldron of terror as brother rises up against brother and the pampered are forced to flee This could have been a higher star rating if it wasn't so darn depressing Knowing the subject matter going in I knew it wasn't going to be Pollyanna but still I would have liked to see a bit happiness scattered about somewhere Evelyn the heroine started out pretty cookie cutter but over the course of the book grew to be a likeable character I really liked Nikolai Evelyn's uncle He was like a Russian bear kindly and discerning in his own uiet observant way by far my favorite character in the book; I loved himThere's also an interesting intertwining story of twins with opposing political viewpoints that revisits the family through the generations which I found both intriguing and comforting if you can somehow view the former as prophetic of the latterThere's a running theme in this book and it is Never judge on face value Things are never all they seem to be Live and learn And that's not as easy as it sounds As for the setting its cold and dark Did I say dark? Oh And cold too But I will say this I would love to be there in the Spring when the river ice breaks up CONTENTSEX Fade to black one instance and someone is propositioned by a group of drunk soldiersPROFANITY Brief strong language one F Otherwise mostly D's and B 'sVIOLENCE None firsthand but there are reports of war violence on the part of whites and redsMY RATING PG 13 Neither side in this struggle has a monopoly on cruelty or on justificationPetrograd 1916 The Great War continues on and revolution is in the air Grieving over the presumed deaths of both her fiancé and brother Evelyn Markham has come to stay with her uncle and cousins the Suvarovs I think everyone knows what happens next and as much as Evelyn would like to get back to England and safety there's no way out at the moment and stays with the Suvarovs when they head to the relative safety in the far north Safety being a relative term mind you because things are seething up there as well with the White movement in full swing and the Western allies set on helping themThe jacket blurb at Goodreads pretty much recaps it all nicely and I've just wasted an hour trying to say it differently so I give up trying I have better things to do today ;This was a good solid read and focused on a bit of Russian history we don't find often in historical novels While I wouldn't call Evelyn a self centered miss she did have a lot of growing up to do in this novel especially when she and the younger Suvarovs retreat to Archangel Arkhangelsk to wait out the winter in hopes of catching a ship to England I also liked watching the developing relationship between Evelyn and American reporter Bob Adamson who she loathed from the start he was somewhat supportive of the early revolutionaries Loved it when the blinders finally fell off and she realized what a treasure she hadAnd what did I end up taking away with me upon finishing? No matter what side of the party you are on War Is Hell

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  • 02 May 2016
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