The Boston Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party❴EPUB❵ ✷ The Boston Tea Party Author Russell Freedman – Follow a crowd of disguised protestors through the uiet streets of colonial Boston as they defend their right to control their own destinies Russell Freedman's engaging narrative incorporating meticul Follow a crowd of disguised protestors through the uiet streets of colonial Boston as they defend their right to control their own destinies Russell Freedman's engaging narrative incorporating meticulous research and uotes from contemporary accounts follows the rising tensions between the citizens of Boston and representatives of the British Crown From the controversial unpopular taxes on tea through the defiant act of dumping hundreds of chests of British cargo into the harbor this exciting retelling puts readers in the middle of this historic eventDetailed watercolor illustrations The Boston PDF/EPUB or bring this story of early American protest to life artfully depicting the colonial era and the charged atmosphere of Boston in the weeks leading up to The Boston Tea Party Informational backmatter includes a bibliography index and historic map of BostonA perfect introduction to a pivotal moment in American history for young readers. Did you know that Herman Melville's grandfather was at the Boston Tea Party? I didn't; but now I do You'll learn other interesting things from this book as well It's told in story form and contains excerpts from eye witnesses who were there that nightAges 6 10Like my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book so you'll know just how clean it is or isn't I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar As he always does Russell Freedman has once again brought the Boston Tea Party arguably the event that started America's Revolutionary War to life How does he do that given that the act of dumping tea into the Boston harbor has been covered in just about every elementary social studies text ever published? He relies on research of course and tells the story of this act of protest that started small and gained momentum through the eyes of its participants their family members or onlookers including Joshua Wyeth 15 who recalls disguising himself to resemble Native Americans; Peter Slater who climbed from his window with the aid of a rope; and Samuel Sprague 19 who abandoned his date and joined the tea party Because these are perspectives that have not been shared with young readers in the past the event will seem fresh and exciting to them An Afterword Time Line and information on the colonists' tea addiction add even delight to the book The watercolor illustrations are painted in soft shades so that the men's actions occur during the cover of darkness Russell Freedman delivers another lively and informative account of American history Freedman once again tells a great story He not only keeps his readers interested but tells a factual and documented tale This is a great introduction to the Boston Tea Party In this historical fiction intended for Grades 3 and up children can be introduced to the Boston Tea Party its purpose and how it came about The author does a good job at telling the historic milestone of Americans I believe he does an exceptional job at telling the story while including uotes and opinions from some of the voices that were heard during that time The illustrations also are a good aid in getting the children to know and understand what took place back then The illustrations are depicted just as the story is told A great narrative account of events of the Tea Party The timeline is helpful at the back of the book The preface and afterward provide helpful information It contains nice illustrations Great story telling Great for an elementary school history section Highly recommended Children's book on what happened to start the American Revolution Taxation without representation I wonder if it really happened that way? Nice story and good time lines in the back What better way to introduce new readers to important events in American history than with a picture book and who better to perform the writing than Newbery Medalist Russell Freedman one of the most respected authors of nonfiction for kids in the history of the genre? Rather than simply laying out the bare facts and hoping some scrap of tinder amidst the information sparks an interest in the reader Russell Freedman patiently does the work of tracing the little tidbits of history back to big significant events many people will already know demonstrating how even the smallest piece of the puzzle affects everything else intersecting back on itself constantly Russell Freedman makes history stand up and walk relying on the personal accounts of individuals who were there to help put together a complete picture of the story being told and he does it with no less stringent standards of accuracy in The Boston Tea Party than in any of his nonfiction books for older kids The Boston Tea Party wasn't a completely impromptu event as one might assume This book takes us back a few months before that famous night of impassioned American rebellion to the frustrations that led up to the clandestine revolt as the budding United States was growing in power and independence and beginning to resent the demands of its mother country The US had in practice become mostly independent by 1773 stocked with its own resources and wealth yet the colonies were still reuired to pay heavy taxes to England's George III Of all the charges levied though it was the steep tariffs on imported tea that rankled Americans most Would it forever be mandated that they continue to pay usury to the crowned heads of a nation whose presence was growing progressively irrelevant to their lives? When rational discussion failed to make an impression on the overseas monarchs it was time for a few brave men to fight back in their own way declaring they would not pay the king's taxes no matter how loudly he roared The best way to do this they decided was to board the English ship at Boston Harbor in the middle of the night the vessel which carried the disputed shipment of tea and jettison its cargo into the harbor While the cover of darkness helped conceal their identities and guard against potential ambush the men who dressed in exaggerated Indian garb and stole down to the harbor had to be brave to even seriously consider attempting such an act Damaging goods sent in good faith by the English could be considered a form of treason to the crown and treason was a capital offense As the Indians tiptoed to the harbor and flung the chests of fine British tea overboard the vessel that had carried the imported wares across the Atlantic Ocean these bold Americans knew a statement was being made yet surely they couldn't have realized how deep or lasting the statement would be Good American soldiers would be dismembered andor slain in the coming years of the Revolutionary War; families would be left without fathers or brothers and often both and English as well as American citizens would suffer the agonies of a years long war Yet for freedom's sake Americans were willing to pay such a cost in young lives stolen away forever and the decision to stand firm for freedom above all else began that fateful night at the Boston Harbor when a few courageous gentlemen agreed to do whatever it took to send a message to the world that they would not go uietly into the night and neither would the generations of Americans to follow Writing a picture book about the Boston Tea Party was an interesting idea though I'm sure Russell Freedman could create a longer in depth treatment of the subject and if he did I'd be certain to read it The Boston Tea Party does well in taking a snapshot of a single scene in American history and then suggesting the fascinating story both leading up to the snapshot and continuing afterward effectively hooking readers to wonder what happened next and perhaps want to read about it This is a solid accurate book that presents history in a way that's easy to understand and isn't too complicated for the target age group and I commend both author and illustrator for the work they did on it I might consider two and a half stars for The Boston Tea Party 1 This is a well illustrated nonfiction children's book about the Boston Tea Party It tells the story of how the settlers were angry with the king and how they were not going to pay the taxes on the tea It tells about the rules of cargo and trading of the days It tells readers how the Sons of Liberty met several times to discuss what to do with the ships that carried the tea They tried civilly asking the ships' crew people to take it back and that they were not paying the taxes on it but the crew said they couldn't So the men in the Sons of Liberty devised a plan to throw the tea over into the harbor 2 This would be good for grades 2 5 3 You could incorporate this book into a lesson about the settlers and the Revolutionary War It would be especially good when talking about the Boston Tea Party in particular It provides great illustrations so that would help students really visualize what was happening at the time 4 Students who like history and nonfiction would like this book 5 You could use this in small groups You could have the students talk about if they thought what the men did was right or wrong 6 You could use this book as a read aloud to enhance a lesson about the Boston Tea Party 7 Related books are The Declaration of Independence The US Constitution and The Trail of Tears 8 This book doesn't come in other formats My fifth graders loved this book It got them full of anticipation before we did our annual simulation of the Boston Tea Party yesterday

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