Fearlessly Feminine

Fearlessly Feminine[Ebook] ➠ Fearlessly Feminine Author Jani Ortlund – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Women today seek encouragement and affirmation as they confront their own uestions doubts and fears about womanhood In Fearlessly Feminine author Jani Ortlund supplies much needed answers calling Chri Women today seek encouragement and affirmation as they confront their own uestions doubts and fears about womanhood In Fearlessly Feminine author Jani Ortlund supplies much needed answers calling Christian women to be joyfully confident in who they are before God to welcome the privilege of womanhood and to show the world the beauty of Christian femininity for God's glory Tackling such sensitive subjects as submission and materialism feminism and beauty motherhood and marriage Ortlund leads women to a deeper understanding of scriptural teaching and helps them fearlessly embrace all that God would have them become. I have to be honest I didn't like this book very much when I started it I even put it off my list and out of sight for what I thought the author was trying to say After a few weeks of nudging I went back to it I'm glad I did After eating the crow that was waiting for me I found many good things in this book It's rich with scripture and good advice I've had many light bulb moments in my walk with God lately This book is one of them ☺ Encouraging read for women from all stages of life Would make a great women's bible study At the end of each chapter the book has bible study uestions I would love to go through this book with my daughter when she is older Really liked this book Her writing style is very blunt; which I know turns some readers off but I really appreciated the style A challenging book and one that is encouraging in many ways I love how the author focuses on the home and how we should have a heart for serving our families and others whether we're married or not The message of the book contradicts the world views but that's the pointwe're supposed to be following God's standards True femininity is becoming and foreign in today's world As Christian women we should be even aware of being the women God wants us to be I highly recommend this bookthe author uses NIV but I had my KJV Bible close by ; What do you think about Boldly Living God’s Plan for Womanhood? I think that sounds great And that is what Fearlessly Feminine is all about So the reuired reading for my recent SWI class worked out perfect for me I love learning about womanhoodJani Ortlund is a mother and pastor’s wife She challenges the readers of this book to embrace their role as a woman To take it to heart To live as women for the sake of God’s glory In her words pg9“I want to call Christian women to be joyfully confident in who we are before God I want us to fearlessly embrace the privilege of womanhood and show the world the beauty of Christian femininity for God’s glory”I think this is wonderful Honestly this is something I am trying to do every day Trying to live biblically as a woman is completely counter cultural Yet it is good and it is doableReading this book was very encouraging and got straight to the point“God through Christ is able to make us women who do not look for fulfillment in our homes or our careers or our bodies or the achievements of our children or our talents or our brains He is able to make us women who find ourselves in Him He wants to replace our fears with faith in Him His plan for us is good and pleasing and perfect” pg 28When we find our value in Him and search for His plans for our lives it is goodI found this book to be so inspirational and it really helped me to remember the point The point of me being a woman and embracing my roles is to live for God and put Him on display God made you a woman He delights in your womanhood Bask in the certainty that your femininity is beautiful to God That which makes you different from the men in this world is a God given gift precious in His sight Women have already proven that they can go wherever men go space politics war the boardroom Use your femininity to go where men cannot go Where is it that God is calling you to be fearlessly feminine? p203 This uestion is one that Jani forces you to answer throughout her bookShe is forthright and the truths she writes are absolutely convicting She tackles the issues we face in today's society and challenges women to take hold of the gift God has given us as women Jani argues that femininity is tested in our day to day living and as a result we must make a daily choice to trust God completely She encourages women to not let the evil of our popular culture dirty our souls with its filth or to fritter our time away on materialistic pursuits and silly entertainments or to give our husbands and children and homes a back row seat while we strive to maintain a center stage image and finally to never ever forget that heaven is real and our choices now have eternal conseuences All of those pieces are covered in her book and I am beyond thankful I read it and truly believe this book played a huge role in my growth as a follower of Christ a woman a wife a mother and a teacher It is a mistake to think that your chief duty in training your children is to love them and simply show them what they ought to do Your chief duty is to love them and make them do what they ought to doOur children are influenced to minimize pain by pursuing pleasure Earthly pleasure has become their ideal If it feels good do it No wonder our children are using drugs and sex to escape from their pain we have trained them for it We are becoming self indulgent and hungry for immediate gratificationWithout a clear sense of right and wrong enforced in the home a child becomes easily upset and falls victim to his own errant emotions If a child never learns to submit to a firm No in his early years he won't cope well with disappointments later on Without good discipline your child will become a moral cripple impeded and disadvantaged in how to embrace all of life Don't be afraid to discipline your child God isn't Love and discipline are the two most important things you can give your child Proverbs 1324 says He who spares the rod hates his son but he who loves him is careful to discipline himSomeone is going to be influencing your child during those formative preschool years Someone is going to be inculcating values and imprinting standards on the impressionable young soul Let it be youThis book is full of gems like these This book was okay Some of it was really useful about facing my own fears and using God to do it A lot of it came from a perspective that is tough to swallow for me I found it to be a challenge I AM a stay at home mom and wife who loves to serve my family but I felt challenged by her writing and conservative views It's not that my life differs from what she supports or that I view God differently than she but it challenged my feminist tendencies I did like the study uestions at the end of each chapter It would make for a very interesting and possibly heated discussion among women I really enjoyed this book It made sense during a time I was deciding which way I wanted to view womanhood and its implications It was peaceful practical and encouraging as a young woman seeking to follow the Lord I read this when I was single so there were a few chapters geared toward married women with children that I skimmed through Really good book about being a godly woman nowadays from all perspectives

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