HOLY❰Reading❯ ➿ HOLY Author Anthony Jon Beavers – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Because Life Doesn't Come With Instructions 'HOLY The Bible Companion' pulls no punches in brining the everlasting gospel to the get it and go generation of today The book explores Life and the Human Because Life Doesn't Come With Instructions 'HOLY The Bible Companion' pulls no punches in brining the everlasting gospel to the get it and go generation of today The book explores Life and the Human Condition using Scripture and sound reason to offer a path to a better future 'HOLY' begins with an adult examination of the creation story in 'The Knowledge Of Good And Evil'; and closes with a sobering account of end time prophecy in 'The Revelation' Other treatises include 'WISDOMS Book One' 'In The Garden Of Eden' 'The Circle Of Life' 'The Book Of Sin' 'WISDOMS Book Two' and 'Jesus The Christ' The body of work teaches timeless wisdom which comes from God unraveling the mystery of the gospel to take you on an up close and personal tour A tour that will leave you with a firm foundation in right thinking on which to build your success Written in plain language and easy to understand 'HOLY The Bible Companion' strikes the chord of truth with stark simplicity encouraging you toward a successful life Are You Ready For A Life Change. 'HOLY The Bible Companion' is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom in a surprisingly small package It provides a timely examination of moral character and timeless wisdom and the benefits of utilizing wisdom in simplified practical termsThe book is composed of four treatises including 'The Knowledge of Good and Evil' 'Wisdoms Book One' 'In the Garden of Eden' and 'The Circle of Life' Together these four works serve as a guide to inspire the reader to a successful life“My goal is to show people – and particularly young people how and why they should rely on wisdom and to provide them with that wisdom which is typically passed from generation to generation” says Mr Beavers “The Bible teaches us that wisdom is valuable than treasure I'm concerned that many people are gaining wisdom too late in life and are missing out on the benefits because they're learning life's lessons on their own”Through scripture common sense and reason “HOLY The Bible Companion” draws the reader into an internal dialog of critical thinking It encourages the reader to become the best person they were designed to be “The lessons in the book are short and memorable – I hope unforgettable” says the author before continuing “If a young person relies on them they won't have to say later 'If I knew then what I know now'”'The Knowledge of Good and Evil' takes a mature look at the story of creation we learned as children and reveals that the story has to offer than just a fantastic account of how the universe was created 'Wisdoms Book One' is a collection of wise sayings such as “The early bird gets the worm” and “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” Each saying is accompanied with a scripture reference in addition to brief thought provoking instruction and commentary 'In the Garden of Eden' examines our individual and collective dominion over God's great gift to man Earth And 'The Circle of Life' closes the book with an essay on life from the cradle to the grave My former English teacher once told me he gives books the 50 page test which means that if it is not interesting or productive or guiding in any way by then it's best to discard it becuase life is too short and their's way too many books to get throughThis book did not pass that test even though I doubled it and gave it the 100 page test just because it was Biblical in natureDon't get me wrong the Holy Bible is the best book ever written and it is impossible to surpase it but this book passes itself as a companion to it which is just wrong Basically the author sprinkles Biblical uotes about one per page in some areas and then pairs them with cliches uips outes or phrases from other literature or just common sayingsLots of times they don't even match up to the Biblical uote their supposed to be a companion to In other areas theirs just a whole lot of irrelevant preaching about vices of the world even down to low level pollution such as throwing trash out a car windowSkip this book get the Bible read that While I found this book honest and interresting I don't know if I would really call it a bible companion When I received my free copy via Goodreads first reads I was very surprised that it was so small I expected a lot information for it to be a Bible companion I agreed and found the words contained inside the book very helpful and true to the bibleVery inspiring and a good small guide to begin to teach a person to behave as they should in accordance with the Bible This was a very easy uick read I enjoyed the spirit and enlightenment I have nothing bad to say about the book and if you are looking for a short to the point book about how we should all treat one another and believe this is a handy little read the book discusses many truths from the bible and many modern day situations that need spoken of and the correct way to deal with the situation according to God's word This book is easy for any adult or young person to read and understand the importance of their actions and responsibilities to themselves others and their society Conseuences are also addressed as an important part of ones essential understanding to do right by others for everyone's sake Not a commentary not a devotional I guess I would describe this book as a lot of good advice plus Bible verses It is good

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