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Couples of the Bible❰Download❯ ➾ Couples of the Bible Author Robert Wolgemuth – In this scrapbook of your spiritual family tree you have the faithful patriarchs and matriarchs who make you proud and the scoundrels who you d rather not talk about But all of these ancestors Couples In this scrapbook of your spiritual family tree you have the faithful patriarchs and matriarchs who make you proud and the scoundrels who you d rather not talk about But all of these ancestors Couples of the Bible will give you a snapshot of your biblical heritage Some bring encouragement others offer a stern warningThrough this week devotional experience you will be reacuainted with the obstacles and outcomes of familiar couples like Abraham Sarah and meet some lesser known couples like Couples of PDF or Othniel Aksah Each week focuses on one couple of the Bible from Adam Eve to Christ His Bride You will read their story learn about their cultural setting and explore how their story can teach you important truths about your own marriage Each week you will be guided with uestions applying biblical truth to your relationship with your spouse And you ll finish the week with a time of reflection thanksgiving and prayerCouples of the Bible will teach you how God guided couples in the past and will encourage you to trust in his faithfulness for your marriage. I really liked the concept underpinning Couples of the Bible The devotional book is designed to help couples strengthen their marriage by studying the many examples of married couples in the Bible Each couple lived a flawed marriage and they had uniue challenges to overcome Some couples walked closely with the Lord for example Ruth and Boaz while others turned away from the Lord for example Ahab and JezebelThe following uote from the book sums up the essence of the devotions The Bible is a living book a love story It is the inspired story of the great King in heaven who woos His people and commits Himself to perfectly love them forever There are 5 devotions each week for 52 weeks Day 1 looks at the narrative Biblical story of the couple Day 2 provides the cultural background Day 3 asks the reader to put themselves in the couple’s shoes and imagine living their lives Day 4 explores the issues facing married couples by looking at application uestions relating to the couple Day 5 examines the couple’s legacy and includes a time of reflection and prayerThe devotions are informative and will help you learn about the Biblical characters in an easy to read format I’m a fan of the traditional devotional structure that includes all the above elements on the one day The five way split is great for couples who lead busy lives and can only snatch a short time together to read the book My preference time permitting would be to group the first three days together and explore the last two days either separately or together One reason being I like to know the cultural setting when I’m reading the narrative text of the Biblical story I recommend this devotional book to couples wanting to gain a greater understanding of how God reveals himself through the lives of couples in the BibleMany thanks to NetGalley and Zondervan for providing a review copy I was able to read Couples of the Bible a one year devotional by Robert and Boddie Wolgemuth through book sneeze This is a truly awesome study book and I learned so much about the different couples in the Bible What I loved about this book was that I could read a story about the couple written in such a way as it brought them to life for meEven though I'm single right now I am hoping to one day be in a Christian relationship so I thought I would read this oneI really loved it First there are stores in this book that I never really appreciated while just reading my Bible Robert and Boddie Wolgemuth have a great story telling ability that makes you want to read this book all the timeThe chapters are divided up with first a re telling of a biblical couples story than it has a just image chapter that has you really thinking about what you read than it goes on to bring what you learned home with thoughts on how you can apply the lessons learned to your relationshipThis is a must read for any couple and would make for a really great wedding giftI learned so much and was so fascinated in these stories that even thought each chapter is designed so you can read a section every day for a week I was reading a chapter everydayThis book is one of the very best Christian learning books that I have read in a long time I will be reading it again because its so filled with interesting stories and practical teaching that I really want to read them all over againIf you are looking for a really great study book with sound biblical teaching about how couples in the Bible lived their lives than this is a great choice This is a very in depth study and you will learn about the lives of these biblical couples that you may have not been able to grasp as well as you will in this book The list is very long of couples featured here and there are enough different couples to fill the year out in chaptersIts a long book and not only a great learning tool but an adventure too I am so happy that I was able to review it because I will have this one by my side as a devotional always its really that fantastic I sure hope you give it a try If you have any interest at all in biblical stories and how the lessons learned can apply to your life and marriage than you will love this book its everything and trust meAlso I think that it would make a really great gift for a newly married couple and they will be so blessed from receiving it Thanks for looking at my review of Couples of the bible a one year devotional by Robert and Boddie Wolgemuth Couples of the Bible is a uniue couples devotional written in a format that makes it easy to read in a year one day at a time The content is wonderful The book is set up so that each week you and your significant other can read about a couple from the Bible and learn together through that couple's example The book contains both negative and positive examples both from the Old and New Testament including some which are not well knownThe format of the book was great Each chapter covers a different Biblical couple and is divided into sections with the intention of allowing the readers to read one section per day so that in one week they can thoroughly study the couple Additionally each section is labeled with the day of the week to help keep the reader on track although you can read the entire chapter in one sitting if you so desire Each chapter tells the basic story of the couple and outlines their struggle within their relationship The next section gives background information on the time period in which the couple lived which helps the reader to better understand the situationcircumstances The sections then move on to look into the couple's struggle provide discussion uestions and finally outlines ways to pray based on the lessons learned by the couple I thought this book was a great resource for couples whether married or in datingcourting relationships and I would recommend it I received a free copy of this book from the publisher for this review These opinions are my own; I was not reuired to write a positive review nor was I compensated for this review A uniue one year devotional for couples all about couples found in the bible I enjoyed the fact that these were not just the most well known couples but a cross section of couples through out the bible Each week is focused on one couple of the bible each day a different subject regarding these couples On Monday is a section called Their Story this gives a little history of the couple the meaning of names their character their challenge their outcome and a key scripture This is a time to study their story and what it means for you On Tuesday is a section called Their Life and Times this brings into perspective what uniue challenges they were facing what was going on at that time in history On Wednesday is the section Can You Imagine this allows the reader to contemplate certain challenges or blessings that each couple faced On Thursday the section is Their Legacy in Scripture this breaks down what this couple has left behind for the following generationsI believe this to be a challenge to the present generation and those reading to aspire to leave a lasting legacy that shines Christ Some of the couples studied fell far from this and therefor should be used as a lesson of what not to do Friday is called a Legacy of PrayerThis is a wonderful opportunity for couples to further explore the word of God and the lasting impact that their marriage will have on the future generations It is often difficult to find interesting and fun devotionals for couples to study together this is one that fits the bill Thanks to Booksneeze for this review copy Couples of the Bible is a one year devotional which focuses on many different couples throughout the Bible This devotional can be used in so many different ways It can be used as a Bible study on couples throughout the Bible and what lessons they can teach us Both individuals and couples can use this devotional to grow and enrich their relationship with God and with each other I found this devotional to be especially inspiring for me in my own life to evaluate how I perform my position as God’s child and as a wife to my husbandEach day during the week focuses on a different area of looking deeper into the specific couple and ourselves Taking in each area day by day allows the teaching and reflection to soak within usI found Couples of the Bible to be interesting and helpful to my own life than I originally expected The way the book is written enables you to see each couple as real people not just some character in a book This devotional comes so packed full of tools it was definitely not expected to find such treasures within It has a story the history and culture of that time reflections on your own life praises to God thanks to God truths from God’s Word to you and prayerEvery couple should have and actively use this book I highly recommend itBookSneeze® has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book This devotional takes 52 couples from the Bible and discusses them for five days so reading couples spend a year together doing this study weekends offWhile the concept of learning from couples of the Bible was interesting it was a stretch at times for the authors to be able to make their desired point The authors do state they did get creative with some of the stories because the Bible was silent regarding that aspect I dislike having fantasy used to make a good point as that can get mixed up with the truth from the Bible If a point can't be made directly from what the Bible tells us then the point shouldn't have been made or a different source should have been usedSome stories didn't warrant five days spent on them and thus I combined the readings and finished the book sooner than the year intended I got this book from booksneezecom for a review This a bible study for couples although I did read this by my self This gives a reading schedule week by week for a year It goes by each couple of the bible the writer thought would best benefit a christian couple Then gives a reading for each day of that week Which I think is great and on Friday it gives a list of ways to reflect Which can be done maybe thru the weekend It talks about many issues the couples faced and had to over come with the Lords help And well let's be honest some of those issues we still face today I recommend this book to any couple no matter your religion As a wife I read this book alone so yes you could read this with out your spouse Although it is geared toward couples

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