God's Biggest Treasures

God's Biggest Treasures[PDF / Epub] ☄ God's Biggest Treasures By Melissa Alani – Oaklandjobs.co.uk When Katie receives a package in the mail from her grandpa it leads her to on a hunt for God's Biggest Treasures Come along as Katie experiences the glory of God's creation the wonder of His world and When Katie receives a package in the mail from her grandpa it leads her to on a hunt for God's Biggest Treasures Come along as Katie experiences the glory of God's creation the wonder of His world and the power of His love through the magic of a tiny magnifying glass. I loved this sweet little book for many reasons First off it opened with a word of Scripture John 316 which of course is always valuable If there is anything we need to be teaching our children above all else it is the Word of God Right away I felt good about what this story would bring As I continued through it I smiled through each page as I felt it could have been my own daughter as the character in this book The character is Katie an imaginitive little girl who receives a package in the mail from her grandpa a magnifying glass and proceeds to explore what is all around her outside in natureShe spies a nearby willow tree tromps through the grass and stops near the pond and at each place she notices something that reminds her of God and His love My daughter was so interested in the character and in each thing she discovered that she was hooked to each page as we read And what kid doesn't like the idea of exploring and discovering new things?I loved the setting of this story and the emphasis on discovering who God is through nature After all He has revealed himself in his Creation Along with that we try to do the same with our daughter to get outside explore and discover all the different things God has made I think parents and children alike will be inspired to take a nature walk for themselves The ending of this book was also sweet and satisfying where Katie chooses to share what she has discovered but I don't want to say too much You need to read it for yourselves Again it is a great lesson to relay to our children that God gives us his good gifts and He desires that we would in turn pass them on And so on that note I pass on to you this little gift of a book This was a wonderful feel good story but one with a purpose It's a book that you don't just read and put down but that parents can use to teach and talk about spiritual truths Gods Biggest Treasures is a heartfelt story which emphasizes on appreciating all of Gods creations no matter how small This story is about a little girl named Katie who receives a special package from her grandpa The package contains a magnifying glass for Katie to see even the smallest treasures that God has created As Katie searches she finds things that she normally would not notice or find at all fascinating She is intrigued by every find all the while learning lessons as she goes This is a wonderful story that will teach children to appreciate everything in life and to see there is a worth to even the smallest things that we tend to overlook every day The story is well written and sincere The illustrations are very sweet natured As a mother this story has a message that I hope my children will remember as they themselves grow I recommend this book for children ages 4 9 although it can definitely be enjoyed by all ages For full review please see CCBReviewblogspotcom What I Like Pretty much everything in this book is great I loved the bright images the fact Katie is playing outside when she discovers the package and her curiosity is wonderfulBut the most commendable piece I found is the fact she sat down to write a thank you note What a great way to teach manners to our kids by letting them observe a great character like Katie be grateful for her giftWhat I Dislike Not so much a dislike but just something I noticed In one image Katie is pictured writing to her grandpa with her left hand In the next she's writing on her rock with her right hand Who knows maybe she's ambidextrous A delightful children's book featuring a little girl a magnifier glassand God's world full of little treasures that she discovers are biggest treasures after allGrandpa sends a package with a small magnifying glass and Katie immediately begins to see the world of the tiny in a much larger and beautiful way Beautifully drawn illustrations capture Kaite's delight in discoveryThis little book also has available online by using a special code in the back of the book a free audio digital download of the book and activities connected with it A real plus for the book sweet story I won with my niece in mind I liked the story and I think she will too Her Grandmother has a thing for ladybugs and a ladybug is one of the 1st things the little girl in the story dicovers with her magnifying glass In progress

God's Biggest Treasures PDF/EPUB á God's Biggest
  • Paperback
  • 24 pages
  • God's Biggest Treasures
  • Melissa Alani
  • English
  • 04 August 2014
  • 9781613466773