Valtieris Bride Valtieri #2

Valtieris Bride Valtieri #2[KINDLE] ❅ Valtieris Bride Valtieri #2 ❥ Caroline Anderson – Swapping chef's whites for ivory silk Lydia Fletcher's competing in a contest to see how far she can travel in a wedding dress She's determined to win her beloved sister her dream wedding but a chance Swapping chef's whites for ivory silk Lydia Fletcher's competing in a contest to see how far she can travel in a wedding dress She's determined to win her beloved sister her dream wedding but a chance meeting with the gorgeous but guarded widower Massimo Valtieri is Valtieris Bride Kindle - something the contest's small print failed to mentionWhen Lydia narrowly misses winning Massimo wants to help He offers her his grand palazzo for her sister's wedding in return for Lydia's help on his estate But with the heat between them rivaling the Tuscan sun her sister's wedding might not be the only one Lydia has to plan. This is the story of the eldest of the three Valtieri brothers Massimo They have three sisters as well though they don't seem to have their own stories And Massimo has three children aged eight five and three probably as we were introduced to in the first book by LucaThe story begins uite dramatically at London City Airport where Lydia Fletcher in all her bridal finery has caught the attention of none other than Massimo Valtieri He from the goodness of his heart of course offers her his plane and his company for the journey to Siena She's doing this for her injured sister Jennifer to win her a wedding at a hotel near SienaShe is a chef or not since everything has been taken from her She has no kitchen or restaurant and no money But in all this she has thoroughly captured the attention of Massimo who wants her like he never has wanted anyone before Many readers have pointed this out in innumerable stories Does it really have to be like this? The first book mentioned Massimo in love with his now dead for five years wife Angelina So why the need for Lydia now becomes than he loved Angelina? But it's also true that a person who's gone is gone and those missing them have to let go too at some pointFive years Does that mean the children are older now? Because the first book mentioned that she died of brain haemorrhage shortly after the birth of their third child And now they become ten Francesca seven Lavinia and five Anotnino so the book takes immediately after the first one then It means Luca got the ages all wrong apparentlyAh both Isabelle and Lydia are twenty eight But just as she thinks she's that close to winning she trips on the gangway falls flat on the tarmac and has a head injury All this reminds Massimo about Angelina He blames himself for his wife's death Because he didn't take her head injury seriously and he doesn't want to repeat the same with Lydia He keeps a hawk's eye on herThe Valtieri men do chase after their ladies After letting Lydia go back when she's all recovered he gets right back to her farm after two weeks Agricultural lifestyle is what connects them The only difference being he's a millionaire and she's poorlyOofreading a book with a chef in it is uite taxing Ohthe dishes and dessertsIn spite of the lust gripping him in the beginning and then the feelings of love he can't bring himself to give up on the guilt he feels towards Angelina's death Slow burn till the end it has a fitting end But the book dispels everything I said earlier especially the memories he has of his first wife and love This is a beautiful story Lydia Fletcher is trying to get to Siena Italy wearing a wedding gown She's in a competition to win a dream wedding for her sister Massimo Valtieri offers her a ride on his plane and she's so excited she might win Until she falls down the steps getting off the plane and ends up in the hospital While recuperating at his palazzo they both start to have feelings for each other but neither is ready for another relationship This was a uick and enjoyable read set in a romantic location Molto carino Un esempio di come un’autrice straniera possa descrivere Italia e italiani evitando i cliché La trama parte col botto mentre Lei cerca un passaggio dall’Inghilterra all’Italia con un vestito da sposa addosso per vincere una gara Lui la aiuta e Lei all’atterraggio cade procurandosi ualche guaio Costretta a restare più di una notte in Italia – alloggiata da Lui – subisce il fascino del posto e del suo proprietario La trama poi si fa meno leggera spiegando le motivazioni delle gesta dei personaggi Infine diventa anche piuttosto cupa e profonda ma senza esagerare L’a che fiorisce tra loro sembra un ostacolo e la testardaggine di Lui a voler evitare maggior coinvolgimento a tutti i costi intorbidisce le acue Va anche detto che sono entrambi disillusi dall’a e profondamente feriti Lui è vedovo con tre figli a carico tanto per dire Insomma niente di fantasmagorico ma un buon romanzo per trascorrere ore leggere

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  • Hardcover
  • Valtieris Bride Valtieri #2
  • Caroline Anderson
  • English
  • 02 December 2015
  • 9780263227215