Scarlet Night

Scarlet Night[Reading] ➷ Scarlet Night By Dorothy Salisbury Davis – In Grand Master of crime fiction Dorothy Salisbury Davis’s second Julie Hayes mystery the Manhattan fortune teller is plunged into a mystery that hinges on a stolen Da Vinci masterworkIt starts inno In Grand Master of crime fiction Dorothy Salisbury Davis’s second Julie Hayes mystery the Manhattan fortune teller is plunged into a mystery that hinges on a stolen Da Vinci masterworkIt starts innocently enough Julie Hayes and her husband have just returned to Manhattan from a month in Paris Julie looks forward to spending uality time with Jeff whose career as a journalist takes him away from home for months on end Now if they could just find the perfect work of art to hang over their mantelJulie’s uest takes her to a trendy SoHo gallery where she meets an itinerant artist named Ralph Abel Julie instantly falls in love with one of his paintings  Scarlet Nightandis stunned to discover that itcan be hers—for a mere one hundred dollars But then the artist disappears and it becomes apparent that somebody else wants the painting and will do whatever it takes to possess it Scarlet Night is the second novel in Dorothy Salisbury Davis’s Julie Hayes mystery series which also includes  A Death in The Life  Lullaby of Murder and  The  Habit of Fear as well as the stories “The Puppet” and “Justina” in the collection  In the Still of the Night. The title Scarlet Night evokes thoughts of the Christmas carol “Silent Night” but this caper novel resembles Ocean’s Eleven much than Bing Crosby’s Christmas classic Holiday InnJulie Hayes returns still scarred by the death of her friend Pete Mallory and the events of A Death in the Life the first in this four book mystery series Julie is fresh from a month in Paris with her famous husband Geoffrey Hayes a New York Times columnist who is 15 years her senior The pair decide to buy a painting to hang over the fireplace mantel in their New York City apartment Julie picks one up the eponymous Scarlet Night attracted because the painting is of Paris which she has just left She pays the naïve artist an untalented Iowa farm boy named Ralph Abel just 100 for Scarlet Night but this painting is about to cost Julie dearlyTwo of the characters from A Death in the Life return Mrs Ryan and the mobster Sweets Romano but you’ll get a very different picture of both And the book will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last chapter I enjoyed much than the first one which I liked well enough Highly recommendedNote Julie and Geoffrey Hayes remind me of my ex husband and me We also spent a lot of time living in separate cities and we too got along better when we were apart than when we were cheek by jowl The fact that Mike and I got divorced doesn’t give me much hope for the chances of the Hayes’ marriage Weird Weird weird weird I can't explain why I love this series so much The crimes aren't well developed The plots aren't tricky or impressive The books keep ending without me realizing they are about to end So it must be the style There is something so loose and free in the unrolling of the stories in this case the story of Julie Hayes accidentally winding up with a painting that lands her in the middle of an art smuggling caper The period details are fascinating I've noticed that in uite a few of the mysteries I've read lately from the 1970s the IRA plays a significant side role In this case part of the money from the heist will fund the IRA A mobster a shady art dealer a party girl art thief and some stray young Italian men who are able to perform circus tricks round out the cast each one wonderfully odd in ways that don't seem as if the writer is trying to make them odd Perhaps that's what appeals to me Davis's instinctive ability to capture the oddball aspects of human nature Whatever it is I've just bought the next two books in the series and am saving them for a day when I need a smart surprising read PROTAGONIST Julie HayesSETTING New York CitySERIES #2 of 4RATING 30WHY Julie Hayes goes to an art gallery and expresses interest in a painting by the artist who isn't a very good painter Another man plans to buy the painting but the artist ends up selling it to Julie who soon finds that there's a valuable drawing hidden on the back of it She's in over her head on an international art thievery ring until she meets with an art connoisseur who just happens to be a mob boss who concocts elaborate plans to return the drawing to the Italians The book started well but rapidly became implausible The mob boss acted like a friendly uncle and one of the key ring players jumps ship and joins them Highly improbable I got all the way through chapter 12 before I gave up on this one I realized I hadn't really been paying that good of attention to the audiobook at all nor did I care about what I had missed In fact I can't bring myself to care the slightest bit about the artist or the Scarlet Night painting everyone involved seemed to want for some reason JULIE HAYES IS MY NEW FAVE HEROIf you enjoy well written mysteries about cons you are sure to enjoy Dorothy Salisbury Davis' SCARLET NIGHT You will like getting to know her interesting uirky characters and you'll enjoy Davis' great plot The Writing style was fairly concise but still archaic enough that it sometimes lost my interest Through there were things where her descriptions were just boring because they were new then but I know them now A good seuel to a better first bookJulie is a great female lead There's so much good character development that it makes this series unlike other mystery novels

Scarlet Night Epub ¼ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 244 pages
  • Scarlet Night
  • Dorothy Salisbury Davis
  • 17 April 2014
  • 9780684164922