The Girl, The Ghost, And The Prince

The Girl, The Ghost, And The Prince❮Download❯ ➻ The Girl, The Ghost, And The Prince ➿ Author June Stevens – This is a short fairytale like story about not settling for less than true love The young girl was not loved by her parents and left to be raised by a ghost nursemaid in a forest cottage Twice she tho This is a The Ghost, Kindle ´ short fairytale like story about not settling for less than true love The young girl was not loved by her parents and left to be raised by a ghost nursemaid in a forest cottage Twice she thought she found true love and twice she was mistaken or was she. This books is mostly about a girl who's parents never wanted children so they hid her away for most of her life in a haunted forest where she falls in love with a ghost when the girl was at a certain age where she could get married the parents heard about the prince was suppose to get married and before you know it they went to the little cottage that the girl lived in and fixed her up for the presentation to the prince the only reason they were doing this was because any one who the prince chose to marry the guardians of the girl would be dazzled with fine jewels and gold This story is great and I hope anyone who likes a good ending enjoys this book as much as I do A real good read The love story is just short but amazingFull of moral lessons as wellLove the person not because of his or her looks for it might be deceivingNot also because of his or her wealth for it may destroy youLove the person for what he or she isAnd you will find happinessIt's that easy A short and sweet fairy tale It was a creative and fun story with your classic fairy tale ending Very good Simple Has a lesson Pretty good The silliest and funniest thing I've read in a while D A short fairy tale story between Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty told in a new way It is all about Love and its different faces to one another Followed by a happy ending to the very end For a short story it was really good and I usually am not fond of short stories I thought that the Girl was smart with who she chose to be with and the character development was surprisingly good This is a different take on the classic fairy tales A girl's parents never wanted children so they banished their only child to the woods where she was cared for by a ghost nanny and even falls in love with a ghost one she calls Ghost Love When her parents discover that the prince is looking for a wife someone who wants him and not his wealth they immediately take their unwanted daughter from the only life she's ever known so that she can meet the prince This is not done out of love for their daughter It is done because of a promise from the prince to make the parents of the girl he marries extremely wealthy The girl meets the prince and later though she still loves her Ghost Love she consents to marry the prince who she has slowly fallen for Unfortunately a conversation is overheard and the girl runs back home to her place in the woods and her Ghost Love Only things don't go uite as she expects and not everyone or everything is as she always thought This is a nice little story There is a lesson thrown in if the reader is looking for it It's very short and I would have liked to have seen a bit Otherwise an enjoyable uick read When you find someone you think you love it might not be true lovebut someone you least expected to love could be the oneThe young girlnot named who lived in this story as an orphan fell inlove with a ghost man who lived with her in a spooky cottage in the forbidden forestShe learns to love him and care for himOne day her mean mother who put her in the cottage came and told her that she should freshen up cause they had wonderful companyIt turns out the mother had contacted the king and ueenThe book was amazing for meand I really liked how it changed feeling within a secondfrom happy to sad uickly The reason why I liked it is because like Creepy stories like this oneI also liked it was because of the romanceMy favorite character was the Prince because at first he spoiled herbut he learned how to love her for who she not how pretty the gifts look on herI recomend this book to MrsSpeigelman because I think she would love it i love this book I wished it was longer I kind of thought she would merry her ghost love but she did not she did not want to kill her self I am very happy she married the prince but I hope the prince behaves him self and loves her because he was very mean to her and he is very lucky she gave him a second chance