My Brothers Keeper The Dragons Back #2

My Brothers Keeper The Dragons Back #2❧ [KINDLE] ❀ My Brothers Keeper The Dragons Back #2 By Robert Dennis Wilson ➠ – “MY BROTHER’S KEEPER” continues the exciting Christian Fantasy “The Dragon’s Back” Trilogy begun in “THE POISON OF THORNS” Here are bards dragons swords and dark villains Living on a l “MY BROTHER’S KEEPER” continues the exciting Keeper The MOBI ó Christian Fantasy “The Dragon’s Back” Trilogy begun in “THE POISON OF THORNS” Here are bards My Brothers PDF \ dragons swords and dark villains Living on a land shaped like a monstrous Dragon floating on a bottomless Sea two brothers have Brothers Keeper The eBook ´ chosen dramatically different paths to deal with the pain caused by watching the murder of their parents Kaleb the eldest has taken Brothers Keeper The Dragons Back PDF/EPUB ² up thorns and sided with the black robed Dragonmen and their gigantic Captain Raven Overcome by bitterness he has vowed to exact vengeance and rescue his bother from the man he thinks is responsible for that crime Nathan the Master Bard Jason the younger sibling is an apprentice to that same bard and has chosen to forsake the dark poison of the thorns and follow the teachings of the Great Gryphon and His Swimmer Son Out of their love for each other both brothers seek with their entire beings to deliver their sibling from his chosen path A violent conflagration of armed conflict is inevitableWhat other Christian authors are saying about THE POISON OF THORNS The Dragon's Back TRACY KRAUSS bestselling author of Play It Again and The Beat Goes On says Book reads somewhat like a Lewis Tolkien or even a Rowling Full of heraldry Brothers Keeper The Dragons Back PDF/EPUB ² and lore in a make believe otherworld this novel is full of action and adventureAnyone who likes fantasy with an unapologetic Christian worldview should enjoy itASHLEY WINTTERS Ashley Dawn author of Shadows from the Past and Shadows of Suspicion says This was a superbly written book A good vs evil that isn't too preachy but definitely has a spiritual overtone The imagery the author used made you actually feel like you were a part of the book The characters were very well developed and very likeable I rate it a If you get the chance you should definitely read it and I'm ready for the second one. My Brother's Keeper The Dragon's Back Book 2 picks up where Book 1 The Poison of Thorns left off Through the frame story of Pop Pop telling Justin and his friend Jenny the adventure of the brothers Kaleb and Jason in their high adventure in Dragonsback The second book in a series usually presupposes the reader has all of the back story Robert Dennis Wilson aids the reader with a detailed set of appendices as he did with book 1The brothers have teamed up with opposing teams Dragonmen and Swimmers Against the detailed backdrop of a rich culture the drama plays out The story progresses with two brothers seeking a similar end but through wholly different meansWell written this story uses tension with richly developed characters to exemplify a lesson on forgiveness the Christian themes are undeniable Thus this book is recommended for anyone who enjoys Christian Fantasy high adventure they will not be disappointed Another interesting book about life on the Dragon's Back The only disappointing thing about this book is that the final of the trilogy hasn't been released yet Can't wait A great follow up of the first book 'The poison of thornsA fantastic read with Dragons Bards Swords and much I might have to say a lot of this book as well but won't for not to spoil itGet the book and find out Great second tale Justin and Jenny are up against good vs evil dragonmen Great mix of paranormal and christian values WaAR