The Wicked

The Wicked[PDF] ✅ The Wicked Author James Newman – AN ANCIENT EVIL RISESBURNSKILLSAfter a fire consumes the Heller Home for Children the residents of Morganville North Carolina thought they knew evilThey were wrongUnaware of the turmoil in their new h AN ANCIENT EVIL RISESBURNSKILLSAfter a fire consumes the Heller Home for Children the residents of Morganville North Carolina thought they knew evilThey were wrongUnaware of the turmoil in their new hometown the Littles David Kate and seven year old Becca are moving from New York City to Morganville in hopes of repairing their own lives which were recently shattered by an act of sexual violenceBefore long David realizes that his family's troubles are worse than he could ever have imaginedAn ancient demon lurks beneath the town of Morganville an unholy creature conjured into existence by the Heller Home tragedyIts name is MolochIt is hungry for the souls of the townspeopleBut most of all Moloch wants the children It will not rest until it has themAll of themRevised and Expandedoriginally published in in limited edition hardcover The Wicked has been revised by the author expanded with a new foreword by Mark Allan Gunnells a new afterword by the author and brilliant new artwork and illustrations by Jesse David Young with additional cover layout by Yannick Bouchard Also included is a brand new exclusive tie in short story written specifically for this release. Kate David and their daughter Becca move from the big city to Morganville NC Kate's brother lives there and Kate has a baby on the way They needed to get out of the city after something horrific happened to Kate Yet this little peaceful town isn't so peaceful and a nasty force is killing people and kids left and right Hold on to your seats peeps You don't want Molock to get you Mel ❤️ The Little family David Kate and their daughter Becca head off to start a new life in Morganville after Kate was sexually assaulted back in New York Unbeknownst to them the town has a dark history the Heller Home for children burned to the ground on August 12th 2002 with a high casualty rate And lurking beneath the town is a demon Moloch who is hungry for the souls of the townsfolk; especially those of the children Moloch' is one of those twisted demons that has a sick sense of humour Everytime he turned up practically he would be doing something to someone before killing them which is evident in what happened to Kate's brothers boyfriend I really didn't see that coming Anyway it's not long before Moloch' gets to the majority of the people in Morganville and all kinds of craziness ensuesThis was the first book I've read by the author and I was uite impressed I'll definitely be checking out his other novels The Wicked is a pitch perfect homage to 80s horror Not so much the bestsellers of King and Koontz and Straub but so the midlisters that filled the grocery store spinner racks with their gloriously garish covers Though don't go in thinking this is some sort of parody Newman plays the whole supernatural evil invades small town trope straight here and pulls it off much successfully than most of those 80s authorsThe Littles have just moved to the town of Morganville North Carolina where a horrible tragedy had recently taken place when a home for orphans and wayward children burned to the ground killing all inside But that was only a prelude to the horrors to come as an ancient demon is slowly manifesting and it's taking over the souls of everyone in Morganville and consuming those that don't fall under its influence David Little worried that his wife and young daughter are in danger enlists the help of his newly met neighbor an old timer ex Marine in order to try and get to the bottom of it all Pretty typical setup for a horror novel from the Reagan era but what sets this apart is its relentless pace There are no wasted words here unlike the bloated doorstops of the 80s After the initial setup Newman piles horror upon horror slowly increasing the tension and terror until the inevitable over the top fireworks factory style finale Even during the scenes of normal domestic life there's a thick sinister atmosphere pervading everything as the reader knows what lies in store for these people The characters felt real and I cared about their plight which is key for me when it comes to horror Too many novels of this stripe from the horror boom spent hundreds of pages detailing the characters lives but I wouldn't really give a wit who lived and who died in the end Sometimes I rooted for them to meet their demise and put an end to my misery Not so here unless it's a character you're meant to despise And some of their grisly ends are pretty twisted and hallucinatory like something out of your worst nightmare I can't end the review without talking about that cover I really dig the faux aged and beaten up look to it and I have to admit I was fooled into thinking I got a used copy especially when I saw the grocery store sticker on the back If it were mass market sized as opposed to trade it would fit right in with all the other well loved paperbacks in the horror section of your local used bookstore For those who don't care for 80s horror this probably won't win you over but for fans of this sort of thing The Wicked is essential 45 Stars A place possessed by an unholy being named MOLOCHAn ancient demon lurks beneath the town of Morganville an unholy creature conjured into existence by the tragedy at the Heller Home for Children And it wants the souls of the townspeopleWell this was a DAMN good time If you're a fan of 80s horror then this is a book you need to pick up The perfect homage to all the things we love about 80s horror but the only difference between this and uite a lot of 80s horror is that this is very well written shade thrownNewman is a fantastic writer he creates a family and characters that you really care about from the get go The stakes are high and you really do feel tense as Newman ramps up the pressure You know that NO character is safe and I really love that in a book I hate when you're reading and you just know a certain character will get out of a sticky situation because the author doesn't have the balls to kill his darlings Reading is so much enjoyable when anything could happen to ANY characterThere is gore and blood and a LOT of body fluids I was laughing out loud at some of the sex scenes in this one they're uite graphic and disgusting but fun? The copious amounts of sex and orgies really did give it that 80s horror vibe I just really enjoyed the rollercoaster ride that this book was it's a real page turner Short chapters really help you fly through it but you won't want to put it down anywaysDemonsdemonology are probably my favourite horror trope so this book ticked all my boxes I even got the pleasure of looking up Moloch in my Encyclopaedia of Demonology for extra tidbits yes I do own such a book Highly recommend this one if you want a horror book that is pretty scary and unsettling at times whilst also being lots of fun I will definitely be picking up from Newman45 stars The Wicked Oh how I love you I mean look at this cover This book is true horror the entire story teemed with the classic feel of 1980s horror I grew up loving all things horror Watching movies like The Gate The Lost Boys Fright Night and Halloween over and over again in addition to reading anything in the genre I could get my hands make up some of my best childhood memories In this one we have the classic tale of evil taking over and almost completely annihilating a small townThe pace is very fast moving and the imagery solid and disturbing; some of the death scenesdamn that Moloch is harsh In the beginning I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy the main characters as they are very different from myself but I did grow attached to them and ultimately was really rooting for them to survive the bloodbath My favorite character was this older gentleman George who was really just a smart ole' battleax He provides a bit of humor and a sense of comfort being older George seemed to know how to tackle any situation If you are looking for a true horror read I would definitely recommend you check out this book you will not be disappointed 45 starsNote I originally read this a few weeks back and had written a short review Since then I have been thinking a bit about this book and I decided that it deserved than thatThis story is an homage to the great horror boom of the 80's including the deliberately aged looking cover I still have paperbacks from that time period on my shelves and they look exactly like this one Now let's face it some of the 80's horror was flat out terrible At the same time one could also say that some of the best horror EVER came out during that decade If this story had come out back then I would have included it in the best ever categoryI'm not going to go into the plot much The Little family having some trouble coping after an horrific event which took place in New York city decide to leave the big city and set themselves up in a small town in North Carolina to be close to the wife's brother Then in typical 80's fashion people begin to dieEnter in a school for children which mysteriously burned to the ground killing many of the kids Enter in an ancient demon named Moloch Enter in mysterious persons walking around naked in the middle of the night Enter in churches that have always been open that are now locked Enter in mysterious flying stinging things with heads that look like?? The setting has been clearly drawn and the atmosphere is positively dripping with creepinessI know all of this sounds kind of cheesy and I admit it it is just a little bit cheesy But Mr Newman takes the cheesiness of the 80's wraps it up in a little bit of 2007 awesomeness sprinkles in some writing chops and cooks it up with some crazy imagination skills and voila You have the excellent result of The Wicked in your hands Don't let it get away Highly recommended There's not one single thing about this book that I didn't love From front to back cover and everything contained in between it was all bloody fabulous It is the perfect homage to 80s horror and had me sucked in from the moment I laid my eyes on the cover My favourite part of this book was the characters There was something about each of them that made me fall in love with them They were all so well fleshed out and developed you can't help but become attached to them My favourite though would have to be George Weatherly I just adored him Despite being thoroughly disturbed than once by them I loved the gore and the terror that was present throughout More than a couple times I found myself having to put the book down and compose myself because I was horrified And I loved every second of it I'd recommend this to any horror fan it truly is a masterpiece Beware though this book has a lot of triggers and is not for the easily disturbed or the faint of heart 40 StarsI completely underestimated this creepy little novel Originally I judged this book by it’s fantastic cover that was designed to resemble the mass market horror books of the 80s I looked forward to a fun horror read but I honestly didn’t expect a lot of substance Sure I thought I would like this novel but I didn’t know I would love it so muchAt the heart of this story is a family attempting to make a fresh start after tragedy The resulting narrative was filled with emotional depth The themes of love loss and family are classic and yet also so relatableBut don't let your guard down when reading this one This is still a horror novel While the primary horror element is the supernatural presence haunting the town there are also undertones of realistic horror woven into the story Parents will likely find this one most terrifying since so much of the danger involves potential harm to children I particularly loved the creepy scenes involving a mall santaNeedless to say I really enjoyed this one and would highly recommend it to fellow horror readersI reuested a digital review copy from the publisher This is officially my new favourite title from Apex Books A delicious 80's style horror romp that goes over the top and beyond and makes for a hell of a fun read in the processThis is the 4th book I've read from the talented James Newman and I am still in awe of his exceptional ability to effortlessly pull me into the world's he createsThis book reads like a love letter to the excessive horror novels of my teenage years A roller coaster thrill ride that relentlessly churns away to an explosive battle of good vs evil finaleExcellent read 35 rounded up to 4 and justifiably so because the bonus story The Boaracle was the perfect way to end it The ads in the back were a nice touch as well I enjoyed this well told tale uite a bit and did my best to read it in the spirit intended as a cheesy 80's horror paperback my favorite kind As such it delivered the goodsRecommended for those looking for a fun flowing old school horror read

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