Beauty Is a Beast Zombie Fairy Tales #5

Beauty Is a Beast Zombie Fairy Tales #5❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Beauty Is a Beast Zombie Fairy Tales #5 Author Kevin Richey – After a peasant father sells his only daughter to a noble estate she is thrown into a secret chamber of the castle as dinner for their undead son But when the Beast refuses to touch her the two form a After a peasant father sells his a Beast eBook ↠ only daughter to a noble estate she is thrown into a secret chamber of the castle as dinner Beauty Is PDF or for their undead son But when the Beast refuses to touch her the two form an unusual alliance that soon blossoms into something. I received a free copy of this book for reviewThis is a new twist on a tale as old as time Beauty and the Beast Beauty Is a Beast is the 5th installment in the Zombie Fairytale series and I think its one of my favorites so far Beauty is sold as food for the Beast but she soon realizes that he isn't completely the beast everyone believes him to be She tries to help them both escape and things don't go uite as planned But things turn out happily or as happy as a zombie can manageAs with the other books in this series there was blood and gore but it wasn't all that way If you enjoy horror especially zombie genra this is a good one for you Its definitely not a read for kids because its so gorey Overall I enjoyed it and am looking forward to the next installment A grisly retelling of Beauty and the Beast It's short with a dash of romance Enjoyed this uick tale This is a very good twist on the story and very romantic too in a bloody zombie way An enjoyable short storyAs someone who's not really into zombies I wasn't sure I would enjoy these stories but as a free boxset it was on offer when I bought it I thought it was worth a look as I do love fairytales and I wasn't disappointed They are both very different from and yet contain very clear nods to the originals All have zombie plague themes running through them and you need to read through them in the boxset order as there are references to the earlier stories in the later ones These are definitely not for children as they are very violent and often disturbing stories but if you like fairytale retellings andor zombies this is definitely a set of short stories for you Beauty is a Beast is a classic fairy tale with a creepy zombie twist It follows Belle as she is sold to the “Woman in Black” to cover her father’s various debts The servants bath and prepare Belle to meet the “Master” What Belle doesn’t know is that the “Master” is in a cell deep in the basement of the castleor that the “Master” is a zombie Once taken down to meet the “Master” the servants discover that the “Master” will not eat Belle and instead he seems to be very fond of her Once Belle learns to trust the beast they form a plan to escape not only the cage but the castle as well Working together the unlikely pair make a rope out of bones and pieces of clothes from the previous victims After they escape the dungeon Belle is killed by the “Woman in Black” and in an effort to save her life the beast cuts out his own heart and put it in Belles chest In the end Belle is turned into a zombie and realizes that she is in love with the “Master”Although this is a twist on a classic fairy tale it definitely is not the tale that most children watched There is no dancing furniture and no singing tableware This is a fairy tale that has basic elements of the classic tale Belles golden ball gown the red roses and the beasts blue coat interwoven with horror elementsAs someone who is not a huge fan of zombie books I loved the dark twist on a story that is normally a happy story I loved the fact that the beast had a personalityeven though he was unable to talk Kevin Richey spins a tail about an unlikely team determined to survive and regain their freedom I would recommend this story to anyone who liked dark fairy tales If you’re a fan of the classic story you will be able to appreciate the “happily ever after” twist that Beauty is a Beast has Personally I thought the ending was very romantic but tragic at the same time Was originally posted on Paranormal Sisters and the Beast is my absolute favorite fairy tale and with Kevin Richey's twisted retelling it made me fall in love with it all over again From the very beginning I was hooked immediately and I couldn't wait to see how Beauty is a Beast was going to go I loved how dark and twisted this was I also loved seeing favorite characters came into play Plus enjoying new characters within this story like the Madam ooh she was cruel I loved the zombie take on this one Truly gore worthy of any horror fan And for any fans of Beauty and the Beast it isn't hard to fall in love with Belle's and the Beast's relationship though strange it may seem It was the light in this very dark world they live inOverall I truly enjoyed Beauty is a Beast Though I wished for back story on why Belle doesn't like physical contact I get why you wouldn't like to be touched by a complete stranger but I also wonder why she didn't have any interest in men she's nineteen I get why she might not want to marry but still it makes you wonder Other than that it was one of my favorites so far out of this series Being my favorite fairy tale Kevin Richey did not let my high expectations down One I would gladly reread again Ever since childhood Beauty and the Beast has been one of my absolute favorite stories Mostly because I LOOOOVE the characters That being said that's probably why this has been my favorite of the series thus far It was imaginative and fun and most of all a REALLY good take on an already awesome storyBut mostly I loved how the Beast was portrayed in this story as well as his relationship with Belle And that ending I wasn't expecting any happy endings from any of these stories but to me that really did seem like a happy ending It was as happy as one could expect from any zombie storyHonestly this series just gets better and better I definitely can't wait to read the next installment I've been DYING to find out what happened with Cinderella at the ball and I'm so glad I'll finally be able to find out Have you ever read a book were the descriptions are so vivid and beautiful that you want to reach out to the roses and smell them? Well that's what this book will make you do BIAB fits into the world that has been created with ZFT in a different way to the other books It didn't have as much gore as Blood Red instead this one had a very dark and had a intense atmosphere throughout Belle and Beast's connection was so sweet who knew you could have a zombie love story And the last line of the book is just great it really made me smile BRILLIANT Story my thoughts This book didn't change my mind about how much I am falling in love with this series It is well written it shows that relationships can still be built that love can still exist even though there is no hope for what is left of civilization I thoroughly enjoy the graphic detail that is written It pulls me right into the story as if I am there actually committing the act or merely observing it from a distancereason for reading I was given a copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review They say father's no best but do they? Maurice Belle's father sales her to pay off his debts little does he know that no money will be exchanged only blood Belle is taken in handcuffs or less to be made up like a porcelain doll for the Beast Once again the Beast feel in love with Belle after not eating her like he does most of the girls he is given Belle saves him and herself then the Beast saves Belle proving zombie's do have feelings and they do love Upon traveling to the castle doors Beauty gets handed over to servants She meets the beast And kicks some servant ass to survive A happy Zombie ending for the beastly love couple Outta the five Zombie tales so far this takes the number 3 spot IMO