美少女戦士セーラームーンショートストーリーズ 2 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Short Stories 2]

美少女戦士セーラームーンショートストーリーズ 2 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Short Stories 2][Reading] ➷ 美少女戦士セーラームーンショートストーリーズ 2 [Bishōjo Senshi Sailor Moon Short Stories 2] By Naoko Takeuchi – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Nach Abschluss der 12 bändigen Hauptserie Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon gibt es jetzt die beiden Zusatzbände Short Stories welche die perfekte Ergänzung zum Sailor Moon Universum sind Kleine Anekdote Nach Abschluss der bändigen Hauptserie [Bishōjo Senshi PDF ´ Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon gibt es jetzt die beiden Zusatzbände Short Stories welche die perfekte 美少女戦士セーラームーンショートストーリーズ 2 PDF or Ergänzung zum Sailor Moon Universum sind Kleine Anekdoten und witzige Zusatzgeschichten rund um Usagi Tsukino die kleine Chibiusa und natürlich auch Tuxedo 2 [Bishōjo Senshi PDF Å Mask Sailor Moon ist und bleibt die ungeschlagene Heldin der Manga Welt. Really I don't think my review could do justice to the breathtakingly beautiful 'Sailor Moon' story 'Princess Kaguya's Lover' But I'll tryWelcome to my fourteenth and last 'Sailor Moon' manga review 'Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Short Stories Vol 2'The first short story is the above mentioned 'Princess Kaguya's Lover' the longest of the three Basically it's about Luna falling in love with a human man centring on the classic Japanese folktale about the moon princess Kaguya already it had inspired the entire ‘Sailor Moon’ plot commonly known as 'Tale of the Bamboo Cutter' the animation company Studio Ghibli recently made a film version entitled 'The Tale of the Princess Kaguya' which I highly recommend But it's so much than that There are numerous great characters of old and new Especially Himeko Nayota an aspiring astronaut who achieves her dream on her own not limiting herself or putting anything aside for the man she loves She remains set in her ambitions and fights on never giving in to sexism women should pursue any career they choose regardless of what's expected of them or is normalised This is a fantastic message to send to young female readers to see a smart confident woman literally reach for the stars to live out her lifelong dream In fact she is dynamic and practical to the story than her male counterpart who despite being the main focus is sick and rendered bedridden for the most part A clever role reversal that doesn't bring attention to itself in the leastKakeru Ohzora the object of both Luna's and Himeko's affections is a wonderful man who supports his childhood friend Himeko and feels guilty when he finds he might be glad if she never becomes an astronaut because that is also his dream made impossible due to his own tragic individual circumstance Yet he never comes across as bitter overbearing or emasculated why does this word even exist? He's just lonely a main theme in the story With his love of candy and belief in stories about princesses on the moon Kakeru has a childlike charm to his character; extending the substance of his tragic tale I could buy Luna falling for him completely even though she is already with Artemis as destiny would have it Don't worry the defeated cat Art has his moments too in regards to Luna'Princess Kaguya's Lover' could be called a Christmas story since it's set around that time and winter plays an important part But like everything else this feature is underplayed thus subtly emphasizing the story's rich complexities It is a thing of beauty a crystal charm Other highlights include Luna innocently eating Konpeitō star shaped candy and asking Usagi about her relationship with Mamoru There's homesick Chibiusa talking about playing the lead role in receiving a most wanted gift in 30th century Christmas seemingly included for funzies at first but this becomes a plot point at the end The Inner and Outer Guardians minus the strangely absent Hotaru team up and fight the enemy alien Princess Snow Kaguya herself in space Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Chibi Moon even combine their powers into Pink Sugar Tuxedo Attack This is so funny and adorable and it shows how far they've come in their father and daughter bondOne other thing that makes 'Princess Kaguya's Lover' a stand out and dare I say revolutionary story in the 'Sailor Moon' ethos? Sailor Moon actually interacts and engages with a citizen I mean we see this in the anime with its fill of 200 episodes but never in the manga format Himeko a side character gets to not only meet Sailor Moon but talk to her and be entrusted with knowledge about the Soldiers' tactical plans of saving the world from an enemy invasion Himeko is an ordinary woman who on the verge of a larger than life dream of going into space and landing on the moon on top of supporting her sick friendlover Kakeru finds out that magic and aliens exist Even Luna talks to her The two are never perceived as rivals for a man's affections thank Serenity We see how she deals with all this and it's one of the many reasons why I think Himeko Nayota is the best normal character in 'Sailor Moon' Brave and determined she is a remarkable woman in her own way without Sailor Guardian powers she still goes into space and saves those she lovesTogether with Luna's truly selfless love she is unuestionably the main character and the ambiguous ending there isn't a standalone 'Sailor Moon' story which comes as close to perfection as 'Princess Kaguya's Lover'Yes for I know it isn't perfect The villain Snow Kaguya is given a great opportunity for character development and actually being sympathetic She was left alone in space for 45 billion years after being cast out of ruling the earth by it's speculated the Legendary Silver Crystal She feeds off of people's loneliness so it could be she wants to gain back memories of companionship and love and isn’t just power hungry as would be expected But Snow Kaguya is presented as a typical evil invader in almost all her too few appearances no less predictable than ueen Beryl or other alien monsters There is no clear indication that she might have gone insane with loneliness after billions of years in deep space Not helped by the Sailor Guardians including the paragon of love and justice Sailor Moon calling her ugly and primeval and a has been A weak antagonist is sadly the main downfallThere's also this line from Makoto Being alone on Christmas Eve is really lonely Redundancy is really redundant don't you think? Though maybe that's a translation flubBut flaws aside 'Princess Kaguya's Lover' stands the test of time It may be not only one of my favourite 'Sailor Moon' stories but one of my favourite stories period The ending comes with journal entries from Naoko Takeuchi herself on actually going to NASA for research during the development stage of 'Princess Kaguya's Lover' She also gives out details on her research into antiues inspiring her villain designs It gives an account of how passionate she was about this particular story how far she went into making it a fully fledged authentic tale Her passion and joy shows in the end result reciprocated by the spellbound readerIt is gorgeous taking an old folk yarn mixing it with a modern spin; with new advanced technology allowing humans to go into space and see the moon from on high Plus feminism Nuanced and a real tear jerker I love itNow onto the last two stories which are much shorter so they'll get bit reviews'Casa Blanca Memory' is not as good as 'Princess Kaguya's Lover' but it's lovely all the same Definitely recommended for Rei fans It's her story of how she first fell in love how it mostly made her melancholy and whether or not it was one sided and in her then naive imagination It’s about why she ultimately decided never to trust or associate herself with men Despite its creepy vibe of men following underaged girls that's in 'Sailor Moon' often than is comfortable 'Casa Blanca Memory' has an atmosphere overflowing with sad yet optimistic emotions implemented in aid of the message about moving forward steadily in life and to not dwell on the past or past love Flowers and budding are its core symbols It gets a little confusing in where its flashbacks are placed but this is no big deal overall It's beautiful mysterious and takes things slowly just like ReiSailor Mars If I were to ever fall in love I'd likely want to claim everything of that person and keep it completely to myself I might end up destroying that person That's why I'm not going to love The current me doesn't need love Because I have comrades who share the same goal as me Because I've got all of youShe is awesomeThen there's 'Parallel Sailor Moon' a non canon alternate universe story that somehow got into this serious short story volume and not the previous sillier one Even for charity it is just a load of messing around; sticking in parody bits here and there In an alternate reality set in a sunny Suburb every single character is a spoilt wretch with the bonus of also being either an arsehole or an idiot The Inner Senshi all have daughters who are named after them and they are horrible brats who bully and leave to die a second daughter of Usagi's Ko Usagi The only bizarre thing that happens that can be called entertaining is the ending where the earth is under attack by a giant herd of rabbits from outer space The Guardian children defeat it by merging a bunch of cats into a giant lynx to eat the rabbits in a meagre couple of pages It's so insane it's genuinely funny Doesn't save the rest from being mean spirited and kind of a waste of timeI'm giving the whole volume five Milky Way shooting stars for 'Princess Kaguya's lover' and 'Casa Blanca Memory' aloneWell that's it I hope people have enjoyed reading my 'Sailor Moon' reviews as much as I've enjoyed writing and reliving them Talking in detail about why you love the things you love is a triumphant experience and I know how it is to care for something warts and flaws and all I adore the girl power the characters the artwork the stories the mixing of different elements of mythology These are all special and give something a role big or small for everyoneNothing to add Except The End But not really because Sailor Moon a classic fictional guardian of love and peace still popular today will always live in my heartFinal Score 55 Re read 2020 A cute short story collection featuring various characters from the Sailor Moon universe I decided it was high time to re read these short stories volumes I was eager to get to reading and go back to the Sailor Moon universe I knew that I may not enjoy it fully as I remember read my old review that the books have a hefty dose of characters I wasn't a fan of And that is true The first one features a lot of Chibi Usa who is one of the most annoying frustrating and cringy character of the SM universe The second short story volume features Luna the second one on my list of annoying characters Don't get me wrong I loved the stories in the end but I was a bit frustrated that these two characters got so much attention while others get less I would have loved to see a Mamo story or some romantic dates between Mamo and Usagi But still I had fun reading these stories and see what the girls are up to See strange and mysterious things happening in the city they live Yep the big bosses and enemies may not be around but aliens still love to go to earth and have a bit of fun with the humans there or you know suck out their souls The girls still have to do all they can to save the world And that in between studying because in one of these volumes the girls are on their way to high school in Japan that means you have to study or not get anywhere which I still think is a tad silly meeting new friends as Chibi Usa goes to school for the first time and It was a delight and I definitely loved the story of Ami falling in love with someone yes she calls it being better than someone but we all know what is going on there It was kind of cute to see strict and studious Ami fall in loveI did think the story about the girls' children was a bit odd given how much ALIKE they were to their parents it was just so boring and I would rather have seen a bit mix up I loved the various enemies that popped up and which girls fought against them Sometimes it was just a duo sometimes all of them sometimes just Chibi Usa It made the fights even fun and interesting I still think it is funny everyone knows Sailor V but barely anyone knows Sailor Moon Poor Usagi The art is as always just so pretty I love how the girls are drawn and I love that as times goes on you do see the girls grow up I would definitely recommend this two volume short stories series Review first posted at last of the Sailor Moon manga sniffles I am really sad about it and I also had hoped for something better as the last volumeI don't like Luna never did found her obnoxious and highly annoying so the first story was not something I liked sadly it was also the biggest story taking then 50% of the book The ending of that story was ok I really liked seeing Luna like that but still not my favourite characterThe other 2 stories were very cute I especially loved the Parallel Sailor Moon story that was really fun to read Sad that it is over now though let's hope the new anime that is coming soon will be good and will take some of the sadness that I feel now that the manga is done Hm so apparently my review from my tablet didn't get throughAnyway This volume is basically volume 11 of the old release with an extra story called 'Parallel Sailor Moon' Coincidentally volume 11 was the very first manga volume I ever owned together with volume 9 so I knew it by heart at some point I do adore this cover but it's slightly awkward to read in public I still love the stories very much The first one Princess Kaguya is probably my favourite even though its space science makes little sense less sense than usual I mean but it's still obvious Naoko knows her space The story was so very nice and bittersweet Poor Luna I loved Casablanca Memory much this time maybe because now I finally appreciated the character development it's kind of hard to appreciate it when you're in the middle of a cliffhanger Rei is uickly becoming one of my favourites but then again they all kind of areFinally Parallel Sailor Moon is just crazy and I love it It's eighteen pages if I'm not mistaken everyone is their mother's carbon copy and Kousagi is just wow I kind of want this chapter in colour COTTON PINK KITTIES YES PLEASESo this is it then the final volume of the Sailor Moon manga for real definitely Yikes I loved Luna's story But the other 2 seemed silly and unimportant The first story was good The other two were not needed they didn't add anything that I feel is important to the manga series Weak and boring Can't find where this is going🙄✌🏻️ A really fun collection of storiesThe perfect way to end the series as a whole Again fine stories but nothing I would really suggest an average fan to read my thoughts on both one and two This is the second of two books of Sailor Moon short stories series is rated Teen so be aware of what you are offering if giving this book to a younger viewer especially since the cover is of Usagi and Mamoru in bed together with no shirts Talk about awkward when reading in public Like the last book in the series this book contains 3 parts though this book is simple containing just the chapters and not sub chapters The first of these three short stories we get to see is Princess Kaguya's Lover which is a story about Luna falling in love with a human who wants to go to the moon to look for Princess Kaguya but his body is not strong enough It is a touching tale as Luna does whatever she can to help the man she has fallen for while Artemis learns the tough lessons of taking her for granted Of course I guess it wouldn't be a Sailor Moon story without a monster of some sort so and there is a comet coming for Earth so the scouts must save the day before the big surprise unless you have already heard of this famous of the short stories before now In the second story Casa Blanca Memory is about Rei's Birthday and the hardships of having a father who is away on business all the time Receiving a bouuet of Casa Blanca Lilies she is reminded of the past and we get an insight into why Rei is the harsh person she is today Meanwhile her friends got her a popular music box for her birthday called the Rain Tree but something doesn't seem uite right and Rei looks into the strange circumstances Finally we get to the last of the short stories Parallel Sailor Moon which is probably one of my least favorite stories in the books is about a wold where Usagi and her friends are grown up and have kids of their own Usagi has a second child who is a lot like her than Chibi Usa It wasn't a bad story but it was rather silly and I don't understand why Usagi's daughter would be afraid of cats unless Luna Artemis and Diana never talked to her which might be a fact considering this is a parallel worldMy favorite part of the book like many others I am sure is when the Sailor Senshi were able to use their powers to make Luna a human if only for a moment It is a little sad but it is also nice that Luna is able to give the man she fell in love with a vision of the moon and the strength to carry on with his dreams to one day go there

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