Aerogrammes[PDF / Epub] ☁ Aerogrammes Author Tania James – From the acclaimed author of Atlas of Unknowns a bravura collection of short stories—set by turns in London Sierra Leone and the American Midwest—that captures the yearning and dislocation of youn From the acclaimed author of Atlas of Unknowns a bravura collection of short stories—set by turns in London Sierra Leone and the American Midwest—that captures the yearning and dislocation of young men and women around the worldIn “Light Luminous” a gifted instructor of Indian dance falls victim to the vanity and insecurities that have followed her into middle age In “ The Scriptological Review A Last Letter from the Editor” a damaged young man obsessively studies his father’s handwriting in hopes of making sense of his suicide And in “What to Do with Henry” a white woman from Ohio takes in the illegitimate child her husband left behind in Sierra Leone as well as an orphaned chimpanzee who comes to anchor this strange new family With Aerogrammes Tania James once again introduces us to a host of delicate complicated and beautifully realized characters who find themselves separated from their friends families and communities by race pride and grief. Tania James’ Aerogrammes is a series of short stories brief aerogrammes if you will about the emotional displacement experienced in physically displaced families ie immigrants Except for the first two stories the book paints brief portraits of lives of second generation Indian Americans Each one is uniue and each crafted meticulously to deliver a psychological punch in surprisingly few pagesIn my current uest to sample modern Indian fiction I came upon this book after reading five ‘popular fiction’ novels some of which that have sold in large numbers The stark contrast in language and writing skills was moving and a reminder of how good fiction should be written for language is the very basis of writingJames writes with great flair to produce smooth flowing language that is both poignant and humorous at the same time It is a serious succinct style that does not accommodate frills or frivolity It can be a little ponderous at times but it does not jar in a short story as it potentially could in a full length novelThe theme of the book is likely to appeal to Indian diaspora and their relatives they have left behind in India The situations the author writes about are all too familiar – fissures in immigrant families that are in transition some of which are caused by the clash of cultures and values in a new land And there is a feeling of living in two worlds simultaneously There is also loneliness that is reminiscent of being away from home a resignation of not having an extended family to fall back upon The stories reminded me of the long discussions my wife and I had before our deciding not to settle overseasThere is a thread of melancholy that runs through the book that makes reading a little tiring towards the endOverall a recommended read Do take breaks between stories to reflect upon themRating 35 5 First things first Tania James is just a terrific writer In a few short sentences she can capture a relationship make you care about a character or present a weighty ideaIn this set of short stories I would say the dominant theme is melancholy sweetness if there is such a thing Almost all the stories deal with issues of loss of status or memory or relationships or physical ability but that is not to say that these short stories leave you depressed or unhopefulFor making full use of the short story form I give the highest plaudits to The Scriptological Review in which a young man with some kind of emotional disorder is consumed by his self published handwriting analysis journal which in its final issue he wants to devote to the scraps of handwriting left behind by a father who died; Ethnic Ken in which a young girl struggles with acceptance by other students and shares a special relationship with her demented grandfather who believes she is the child version of his dead wife; and Girl Marries Ghost a brilliant piece that takes the ancient Asian practice of women marrying men who had already died and thus becoming part of the dead man's family and modernizes it with a woman who signs a contract to marry the ghost of one of the richest men in town This last story of the book shows off James' creative brilliance because the characters are so real and the lessons of loss and jealousy so poignant that the bizarre construct of the story seems perfectly naturalThere were also a couple of stories that deeply engaged me in the characters but left me frustrated when the endings dangled me in midair with no resolutionTania James is very talented but I have to confess I'm a novel lover so I'm happy to know that she intends to return to that form for her next book Just like the stars say I really liked this book I saw it sitting at the library's new items table I picked it up but saw that it was short stories and remembering my last run in with a volume of short stories put it down instantly But a few seconds later I decided that the cover art was charming enough for me to give it a tryHere's my story by story rating of the book5 stars Lion and Panther in London The Scriptological Review A Last Letter from the Editor Ethnic Ken4 stars What to Do with Henry Light Luminous Escape Key3 stars The Gulf Aerogrammes Girl Marries GhostThere's not really a bad story among them although Ethnic Ken was my faaavorite and I also loveloveloved the Scriptological ReviewA review on the back of the book said that these stories were by turns rib shakingly funny and poignant Well they're not exactly rib shakingly funny I don't think I laughed out loud once But there are definitely humorous bits and parts that made me smile and happy and chuckle on the insideIf I ever come across another short story by Ms James you can bet I will read it Even the ones I didn't adore were still evocative and gave me stuff to think about She's an excellent short story writer and I'd love to read her novel too I loved that there was always some sort of twist that I wasn't expecting in these stories Which I'm sure exemplifies the short story form but it always took me by surprise I'm going to read of Tania James' stories as I figure out the craft of short stories myself She's brilliant and I love that she writes about people of color just being themselves I did enjoy this; it took me forever because I kept reading memoirs for my own book after I started reading this one but I really did like this one This book has a good cover The first story in here is about two professional wrestlers Gama the Great and his brother Imam hanging out in London in 1910 I liked it a lot It made me want to train to be an Indian wrestler I've started eating lots of almonds and sometimes doing suats and push ups but feeling cooler about myself because I think of them as bethaks and dands So my pehlwani training has been very slightly rigorous than the time I briefly got excited about William Faulkner's Canadian Air Force regimen but then never attempted it even once Anyway the first story is good The second one is a little bit like RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES except I cried three times during that movie and this story didn't make me cry at all I just felt mildly despondent at the end The rest of the stories in here are inoffensive and mostly unmemorablehttptymelgrencombooksoctober2012bookreporthtml This is a really well written book The prose is crystal clear beautiful and compelling But it happens to fall into my least favorite genre really realistic detailed stories about people's emotional landcapes and inner lives that are almost uniformly depressing I'm sure there's a word for this Something about nihilism People who write this way probably call it some kind of realism the way pessimists always say they're being realistic I didn't finish it and I don't want to But you may enjoy it a great deal The best thing about Aerogrammes; a small collection of Tania James short stories is the large variety of main characters For the most part they all revolve around Indian families and the ways in which they attempt to hold onto their Eastern ways while still embracing the foreign American culture We hear about the struggle from all sorts of different voices Malefemale the old the young Even a chimpanzee and a ghost Now how do you top that ? 5 says it all Mostly the stories are about personal relationships about the joys and hardships of being different about kinship brotherhood especially marriage coming of age in short about life Tania James is so young but she already masters the most difficult of prose genres the short storyMy personal fav is Ethnic Ken but Light and Luminous is another 5 I read over 100 pages of this book and I was unimpressed The stories are very bland and left me scratching my head There does not seem to be any real meaning behind them and they are not in any cohesive pattern I recommend passing this one by I reviewed this book on the Huffington Post

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