Extreme Babymouse

Extreme Babymouse[Ebook] ➪ Extreme Babymouse ➩ Jennifer L. Holm – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Grab your board The powder's fresh and Babymouse is hitting the slopes in the 17th installment of the popular award winning graphic novel series by Matthew Holm and three time Newbery Honor winner Jen Grab your board The powder's fresh and Babymouse is hitting the slopes in the th installment of the popular award winning graphic novel series by Matthew Holm and three time Newbery Honor winner Jennifer L Holm Uh snowboarding Babymouse Is that really a good idea You don't exactly have a good history with er being outside Will Babymouse make it off the bunny slope Will this winter be extreme—or just extremely lame And does locker  really have a cousin  Find out in Extreme Babymouse Snowy Mountain will never be the same . I know these books are silly but I have to admit that Jennifer is a funny writer and I enjoy reading these funny stories There was babymouse flying tomato which was really funny I loved seeing the locker snowboarding I loved the gnomes coming out of the lockerThese are silly and fun and it's a fun read that I know I'm going to enjoy I think it's a good Babymouse outing As cute as ever This series is creative and still lots of fun I have been a fan of Babymouse from book one And here we are at 17 still going strong A series filled with sass smiles cuteness and cupcakes This episode finds our heroine trying to survive a day on the slopes snowboarding under extreme pressure to follow the cool crowd Can Babymouse find her own way?”It’s important to go at your own pace and always listen to your inner voice”My love for this series often surprises my friends and family because the color pink gives me full blown nightmares BUT under all this pink sarcastic cuteness is huge heart Babymouse’s individuality shines through every time With imagination humor and courage she always makes me proud From hot chocolate to heartfelt messages team Holm’s words and pictures will inspire readers to have fun being themselvesA uick extremely pink energetic read that will cause smiles and cupcake cravings galore PositivesCautions I was on the fence about this graphic novel right up until the last four pages Thankfully it assuaged my worst fear and proved itself to have a good deal of merit The art style is cute if not a little sloppy The humor is strong with a good use of non seuiturs that elementary schoolers will appreciate especially the ones whose parents let them watch Family Guy Though it is clearly designed for girls with pink being the only color freuently shown the material could appeal to boys as well if they can be convinced to read it Audience and Application For 2 3 grade girls this book is incredibly invaluable for one reason a lesson on peer pressure Young girls are freuently victims of peer pressure and this graphic novel shows the negative side to going with the group just to be popular as well as benefits to thinking for oneself In a guided unit about peer pressure this book could be paired with a male euivalent and they could be read simultaneously to help young students to understand why they don't always need to follow popular opinionReview 2013 October 07 Horn Book Guide Another fun installment of the Babymouse series Babymouse takes to the slopes and learns to snowboard At first she is most concerned with doing what all of her friends are doing and sticking with the crowd but eventually learns to listen to her inner voice Fans of other Babymouse books will love this great addition to the collection Epic book This was my first Babymouse novel and I loved it It was so cute and funny I think any child in middle school or elementary will enjoy this book immensely and even start reading other in the series Extreme Babymouse1The plot of the story is very easy to follow most panels have only one or two bubbles each The “narrator” boxes help explain and clarify what’s happening yet they are often funny and satirical too My favorite is when the snowboarding teacher tells the students to “go at your own pace and always listen to your inner voice” Babymouse then thinks “this helmet smells funny; I’m hungry; my fingers are cold; my socks are too tight; my whiskers are itchy The narrator adds “Your inner voice is certainly whiny Babymouse” 2Grade level I’m relying on the reviews I read to determine age and grade levels since this is a new genre for me and I don’t have any personal experience in this area Grades 2 5Audiences and Book Bundle topics Girls Humor Lovers Snowboarders Winter Sport LoversCurricular The story covers how a mouse wants to follow and be part of the popular group but eventually decides she needs to listen to her “inner voice” and saves herself from a bad fall which the “popular girl” experiences as we see her taken away on a stretcher as she moans in pain The last panels show Babymouse saying “I guess sometimes it’s good not to be like everybody else” and her inner voice replies “You said it”3 This is a great book to encourage girls to be themselves not always following the crowd I don’t think most boys would enjoy this book as much however it’s extremely pink Extreme Babymouse by Jennifer L Holm and Matthew Holm was a comic style book This book and series of books stars Babymouse an adventurous silly young mouse In this particular book Babymouse wants to go snowboarding Everyone in school is talking about and actually snowboarding during the winter months Babymouse wants to be part of all the fun and do extreme snowboarding Once she finally convinces her family to let her go she wants to impress and keep up with her school classmates by going down a really tough mountain Will she risk getting hurt or listen to her inner voice?The main color scheme included only pink black and white in the book’s illustrations which fits with the girly bubbly personality of the main character The illustrations themselves are simply done with line drawing and no real shading Most of the pictures are black and white with pink accents on certain objects Another cute feature is that all of the page numbers have pink hearts around them The story aspect involves a lot of daydreaming on the part of Babymouse It follows the thought process of a young girl very well Overall this book is cute well written in comic form and well thought out book Babymouse takes on extreme snowboarding in this outing of the series Everyone at school is doing it and she doesn’t want to be left out When her family takes an unexpected ski vacation one weekend she sees it as a chance to have bragging rights too However their cabin is decidedly less inviting than the “swanky hotel” they see on the way and the woods are a little creepy After a long day of training Babymouse feels confident she will be able conuer the Half Pipe on Snowy Mountain Thankfully she listens to her “inner voice” when a classmate issues a dare and fares much better with her cupcake and cocoa than the show off does Intermediate readers gravitate to Babymouse She is funny and the graphic story is to the point and relatable The many asides are funny and entertaining The familiar pink infused broad lined illustrations and snappy dialogue keep readers engaged Definitely add this to your graphic collection for fans of the series I love the reference to the Lunch Lady And yes this one was so much fun

Extreme Babymouse MOBI ¼ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 96 pages
  • Extreme Babymouse
  • Jennifer L. Holm
  • English
  • 21 May 2015
  • 9780375970962