Peace and Quiet (Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox #4)

Peace and Quiet (Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox #4)❴PDF / Epub❵ ☀ Peace and Quiet (Mr. Badger and Mrs. Fox #4) Author Brigitte Luciani – Can this family keep the peace when they're cooped up together underground The days are getting colder The badgers' bellies are getting rounder and the foxes' fur is growing longer That can only mean Can this family keep the peace when they're cooped up together underground The days are getting colder Peace and PDF/EPUB or The badgers' bellies are getting rounder and the foxes' fur is growing longer That can only mean one thing winter is coming Ginger wants to sing and play and hunt in the snow She wishes her badger brother Grub would join her but he is busy taking daylong naps She needs a perfect plan to make the whole family happy But what do you do with a badger who only wants peace and uiet. Story 3 starsArt 4 starsChildren's graphic novel about a blended fox and badger family In this fourth installment of the Mr Badger and Mrs Fox series the animals prepare for winter which highlights the different characteristics and habits of the two species Compromise is needed in order to help everyone through this transition The parents are terrific role models in all four of the books in this series Graphic Novel Book Entry #1Peace and uiet is a fantasy fiction graphic novel that is best suited for primary grade readers I chose this genre because the badgers and the fox are able to talk This is the fourth installment of Mr Badger and Mrs Fox and takes place during hibernation season Text to Self Peace and uiet is about a young badger who wants to sleep all day long However his Fox brother wants to hunt and play with him In order to make the whole family happy Ginger makes a door so that Grub will not be disturbed while he naps This story reminds me of my own home My brother sleeps in really late and I wake up early It can be frustrating when I am trying to start my day but I can't because I have to be very uiet I can really relate to Ginger's frustrationText to Text At the beginning of the book Grub was frustrated with his brothers for waking him up while he slept His siblings were busy playing and building a game because they were trying to keep themselves entertained This reminded me of the book Leave me Alone In this book the grandmother wanted to knit without being disturbed However there were so many children cramped up in a small space She decided to leave the house in search for peace and uiet Text to World Reading this book reminded me that no two people are the same We are all wired differently While the badger biologically needed rest the fox was made to be out in the snow It is important that we remember that in order for the world to get along we must be adaptable Countries who struggle to get along with each other may have difficulties respecting each other's differences Maybe if we learned to accept these differences we would all be able to co inhabit Earth just like the two different species of animals in the book I haven't read any other books in this series which may explain why I found this book confusing and boring Ultimately I couldn't even bring myself to finish the book Primary Peace and uiet Mr Badger and Mrs Fox #41 I also purchased this book for my personal collection because I loved the images and the two important concepts that are presented in this book differences and blended families I focus on both of these concepts with my students at the beginning of the school year and this would be a great read aloud book with my students 2 This would be a wonderful book to read during the transition from fall to winter seasons as the animals prepare to hibernate This book also really does a nice job of focusing on the differences between two types of animals as they prepare for the winter This promotes differences in a developmentally appropriate way for primary students and reinforces we march to our own beat This book also focuses on blended families and how even though they have their times of arguments This book would be best suited for students in grades pre k through 2nd grade during a unit on season changes or during a unit that focuses on different family dynamics Any type of reader would benefit from this book as the messages it provides are truly important for everyone 3 2013 January 1 School Library Journal 2 This charming series follows the life of Mr Badger and his three youngsters Bristle Berry and Grub as they start a new life with Mrs Fox and her daughter Ginger In this installment the animals are noticing and differences between them as they head into winter Ginger teases the young badgers about eating constantly not knowing that it's necessary for them to do so to survive the colder temperatures In turn Ginger herself is looking bigger because she as all foxes do is growing a thicker coat of fur Ginger doesn't understand that the badgers need a lot of sleep during the dreary months and constantly pesters her stepbrother Grub to play play play He is grouchy and just wants some peace and uiet Mrs Fox gently explains to her daughter that she can't force the badger kids to be just like her Everyone marches to his own beat she wisely advises In better spirits Ginger helps her mother prepare a fun surprise for when they wake up from their lengthy nap The expressive illustrations show the moments of frustration and suabbling among the stepsiblings as well as the joy of being together Background scenes reflect the changing seasons as rusts turn to winter white This graphic novel is perfect for all young readers but especially those who might be dealing with their own blended family situation Readers learn there will be hard times adjusting to the changes but that they can still be part of a loving family unit Carol Hirsche Provo City Library UT c Copyright 2013 Library Journals LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source Inc No redistribution permitted Peace and uiet 2010 Written by Brigitte Luciani and Illustrated by Eve Tharlet This graphic novel is about a family made up of Mr Badger Mrs Fox and their two badger children and fox child The winter is coming which means it is time for the badgers to stay underground and hibernate The only problem is the little fox doesn’t want to do this and doesn’t understand why his siblings won’t come out and play games in the snow and have fun In the den the children often argue leaving Mr Badger upset over “never having any peace and uiet” The brothers and sisters have different ideas over how the family should spend their time in the winter which leads to conflict • This story has many frames on each page Because there is so much going on it can be overwhelming Especially for me someone who doesn’t have any experience reading comic books Additionally the multiple speech bubbles in each of the frames sometimes from the whole family make it difficult to follow along with the story Even so the story is a good one Many of the arguments between the siblings and the personalities of the little badgers and fox are relatable to children• Further the pictures of the animals would grab children’s attentions The colors of the mother fox and little fox specifically are very appealing to the eye The orange stands out against the white snow Additionally I noticed that the facial expressions of the fox are innocent and child like The little badgers too boast facial expressions similar to that of people This helps children relate the fox and badger family to their own family making many connections to the story because of it • I think that this message from the mother fox to her fox son is extremely powerful “You can’t make them be just like you Everyone marches to his own beat” It is important for kids to hear from early on that it is okay to be different It is also important for kids to know that it is a good thing to accept their own differences and that of others It is awesome that a graphic novel though silly is able to successfully include a message as strong as this oneWhile graphic novels are not my favorite type of story I think that this one would be an enjoyable read for a lot of kids The plot characters and setting are appealing and engaging I would recommend this book to any kid who enjoys comic book reading In the graphic novel Mr Badger and Mrs Fox Peace and uiet by Brigitte Luciani and Eve Tharlet a family of badgers and a family of foxes become a blended family living in the same burrow for the winter While the other badger and fox children are rambunctious and always ready for a fun time one of the badger children Grub just wants some peace and uiet He loses interest uickly in helping get the burrow ready for winter playing games and running through the snow He just likes to nap Through the course of the book the children learn to accept each other for whom they are There is even a surprise for Grub at the end I would use this book in conjunction with a science lesson about habitats Not only does this story teach a vital lesson about respecting others but it also teaches students some important facts about foxes and badgers To introduce this lesson I would have half of the students each find three interesting facts on foxes and the other half find three interesting facts on badgers Each student would need to write his or her facts down on a piece of paper Throughout the book we can make text to world references depending on the information that the students found As the book progresses I would ask the students if they have any brothers and sisters that sometimes bother them text to self How do they handle those situations? In talking about animals’ habitats this book could easily be related to the Winnie the Pooh movies in comparison of the animals’ homes text to text At the end of this story I would have the students partner up so that each group had an individual that researched foxes and one that researched badgers Each group would need to create a 3D diagram of the animals’ habitat in our story I would supply some small boxes and clay but the students could add any other elements they wanted to from outside or home We would display the finished products out in the hallway along with the three facts on foxes and three facts on badgers This is an easy to read comic book with beautiful illustrations so it does have a lot going for it but a couple of things really annoyed me First of all I couldn't for my life keep track of the characters there are six different characters but the badgers between them all look the same and so do the foxes unless you see them side by side especially if you haven't read the first book in this series The Meeting and thus been formally introduced to them This made the dialogue very confusing to me Also I didn't realize until halfway through the book that this is really a story about a blended family so I would highly recommend to read these books in the correct order In fact I was having a hard time figuring out what the plot was This said my son who read it all by himself and adding a lot of theatrics to the back and forth dialogue seemed to enjoy the book uite a bit My other reservation with this book is the same that I also had with the easy reader comic series about Benny and Penny The whiny tone the bickering and the non exemplary language of the younger characters is if not harmful at least than a little annoying I could not help but ponder than once if this could not have been written differently Now I can't obviously tell if this was the tone of the original version in french or whether something was lost in translation which would be a shame because these are otherwise such charming books We will try to seek out the previous volumes in the series to catch up on the whole blended family thread At first glance I thought that this book was pretty standard I didn't expect too much out of it but I was surprised Peace and uiet has a very good story about how everyone's family is not the same and that we should be respectful of that I think it is very prevalent in today's society because from what I have noticed recently children seem to be becoming and judgmental of others When looking at the appearance of the book I thought that the cover was normal but the bottom right hand corner was pretty cool with a little sneak peak into how the book is going to be inside You open it up and turn straight to the title page There are really no end pages and only one page of epitext which is where it states the copyright website etc The pages are glossy and the illustrations include a variety of colors The text is all dialogue and sits in text bubbles The font along with the structure of the text is rather simple and makes it easier for younger kiddos to read All of the dialogue goes along with the pictures well and strengthens the story The pictures are in white borders and framing with no full bleeds to be seen The illustrations are pretty detailed and you can notice the time it took to draw each frame I don't often review comics or graphic art books but this one captured my heart so I may have to add some graphic novels to my reviewer's street cred for next year Just don't make me read Watchmen PLEASE This one is about a badger dad and a mother vixen who care for their little ones so we're talking the ultimate mixed family This is the fourth adventure so may be reviewed A little one fakes a cold to go out into the wide world himself and explore He finds himself aloneuntil his playful mixed family prove him otherwise A tender and wry portrayal of real families that still exist in our world in spite of all the odds Tell them Ed Cool sent you They won't hold it against youI hope Part of the Mr Badger and Mrs Fox series of educational graphic picture books Peace and uiet is all about the Badger and Fox families getting ready for winter Because badgers and foxes spend winter differently we get to see how each type of animal gets ready for and survives winter There is no narrative because it is a graphic picture book simply a lot of dialogue in illustrated frames The story and pictures are cute but the characters seem to argue a lot and even throw in a few insults I didn't feel I needed to use this in our preschool unit on winter there are better options out there

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