Sure Signs of Crazy

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Dear Sarah NelsonI’m writing to tell you how much I enjoyed the story you share in your own words called Sure Signs of Crazy by Karen Harrington who helped you write it down It makes me so sad that your mom tried to drown you when you were only two years old How hard it must have been for you to grow up without your mom since she was confined to a mental health facility On top of that when your dad drinks too much and forgets to take you out for your twelfth birthday and the only best friend you have to confide in is a plant you’ve taken from one rental home to another as you and your dad try to stay one step ahead of the awful media that is always digging up your family’s past—well it sounds to me like you’re in a really depressing situationBut your buoyancy amazes and inspires me You find joy in the little things like collecting your favorite words writing letters to Atticus Finch the beloved father of Jem and Scout in your favorite book To Kill A Mockingbird and learning how to make King Ranch casserole It’s not easy to have fun when you’re stuck in a small Texas town during the long hot summer You manage splendidly though and you even meet your first big crush Of course you still think about your mom a lot You wonder if you’re like her at all You worry that maybe you’ll grow up to be crazy like her and you keep watching for signs When you receive a generic birthday card from her you confess “I ache to know about my mother while at the same time I wish she’d never send me any cards at all Feeling two things at once must be one of the first signs of going crazy”Sarah while I read your story you became as real to me as Atticus Finch is to you I wish I could give you a big hug and tell you that you are not going crazy You say “I am not strong like Scout” but you are much stronger than you realize You find the courage to trust yourself even when your feelings take you to uncomfortable places You find the courage to forgive And you find the courage to make new friends Thank you for sharing your story and reminding me that no matter what happened in the past the future is still wide openSincerelyA big fan 25 STARSI was really excited to read this because it had been on my shelf for a whole year and MG contemporaries involving Mental Health are books you rarely see But sadly this was one big borefest of a read and it's only 270 pages long This takes place during a summer and nothing really happens except for Sarah finally finding the courage to tell her alcoholic father how she really feels I was really rooting for this because it was super intense I mean the main character's own twin brother was drowned by their mother and she was the only one to make it out alive I found myself skimming the last 70 pages and found that this was pretty much a waste of good reading time On to the next one and I hope it's better than this was Richard phenomenaladjective1 highly extraordinary or prodigious; exceptional That is what I think of this wonderful book by Karen Harrington Sarah Nelson is a newly minted twelve year old who just happens to be a logophile She also has a pet plant that she confides in and her favorite novel is To Kill a MockingbirdHow could I not love a kid like that? Sarah just wants to have a great summer for once in her life Unfortunately she and her alcoholic dad are always trying to keep one step ahead of a devastating secret about her mother Sarah is always worried that she will turn out too much like her parents and this causes her to continually uestion herself and her actions This novel was well done and I would recommend it to ages 11 and up I would caution recommending this for the 9 to 10 year olds that are usually included in the middle grade reader group view spoiler An implied attempt at sexual assault on another character is the main reason for my hesitation I think the scene could have been left out altogether without compromising the message of the book Also the fact that Sarah's mother tried to kill her might be too much for a younger reader to handle hide spoiler It's an absolute pleasure to spend time in the head of Sarah Nelson For a twelve year old she is lugging around a heavy burden Her mother in a terrible fit of crazy drowned Sarah and her twin brother Simon when they were two Only Sarah recovered Mostly Sarah's mother is now in prison and her awful crime is public knowledge Sarah is that wonderful combination of smart observant and naive She tries to puzzle out life by gleaning wisdom from Atticus Finch the too old boy next door and her sad alcoholic father Sarah also collects favorite words Seriously you have to love a kid who says Sometimes you meet a new word and think where have you been all my life? p184 I totally thought this was going to be emotionally riveting A young girl is dealing with her life 10 years after her mother tried to drown her and her brother succeeding in killing her twin brother while she survived As Sarah approaches age 12 and is growing into a young woman she is faced with many challenges She lives with her dad who is very sad and drinks to cope she is curious about her mother who is institutionalized and is worried about doing a family tree in her upcoming 7th grade year in school Since her story was all over the news her father and her have moved several times once people find out who she is so Sarah lives in fear of people finding out She is coping who growing finding a crush have a college age girl be a sort of replacement mom and writes to Atticus Finch in her diary to sort out her feelings and she collects wordsOther than that nothing really happens in this story I found being in her head only slightly interesting but not the emotional punch I thought it would give me It's was just meh Children's books have ventured into ground once held only by the occasional teen read Poverty Alcoholic parents Dwarfism Issues that were once taboo for younger sensitive readersI was one of those sensitive readers I still am I've had to put away a lot of books that are too difficult to readAfter i read the blurb on the back I was very worried that I'd have to set aside this bookNo fears Yes it is a difficult subject the main character's mother drowned her son and tried to drown her daughter But it is perfectly explored with all the thoughts and uestions you might expect from a young girl I liked this story very much 35 starsI kind of liked this book and kind of hated it Good 89% Bad 11%Does Plant count as a character? Because she was my favorite Just standing there giving Sarah advice It's adorable actually It ridiculous but when Sarah put Plant in the ground I was like No No Sarah Don't leave your best friend to die No Almost in tears I tell you That Plant is like Old Yeller or something Sarah was a interesting character I also have a love of words but I can't say that I love writing letters constantly Sarah's father was stereotypical which was expected for his type of character Mrs Dupree and Sarah's grandmother got mixed up in my mind I couldn't keep them apart I know Sarah talked of Charlotte like a celebrity but I think she was a bad example and a jerk I liked Finn up until the end The FinnSarah plot was left hanging Yah yah that's a nice bowler hat But come on And Charlotte? What happened to her On page she's one of the main characters the next she's is the far backgroundI know this is probably unrealistic but I expected of an outcome with Sarah's mother She didn't even acknowledge Sarah Not a wave not a hi just a stare When Sarah lashed out on her father I think the author went a little too far She just kept rambling on about how her father is so in debt to her and how he is such a horrible person It seemed like she was bullying him sneering at him constantly to make him feel guilty Look Sarah I know you have all these feelings inside you just need to get out but could you just lay off?This book has bad parts and good parts The good parts are only kind of good and the bad parts are only kind of bad Overall my feelings on this is neutral But I'm giving it 4 stars because I think it was a little good than badAlternate rating B I was skeptical that a book dealing with catastrophic mental illness could be targeted to middle grade readers and deal with the subject in an authentic and significant way I was very wrong to be skeptical Karen Harrington's novel is moving and memorable and not even a little bit overly sentimental or superficial Protagonist Sarah Nelson is an inspiration and a role model for how to deal with life's difficulties From minor horrors like having to buy a box of girl supplies from a young male clerk to having her Dad humiliate her by interrogating her new friend the teen boy from across the street to unimaginable burdens like making sure no one at school or in her new neighborhood learns her mother is in a mental hospital for trying to kill her when she was a baby Sarah struggles but survives with courage and resilience Using Atticus Finch as her guide and her diary as her therapist Sarah vents her anger owns her fears and plans out how to be happy anyway Sure Signs of Crazy is going to be a classic Sarah's voice was not believable as a 12 year old girl The I write reviews the I realize how much my biases come into play I like a story with a fast pace This story is not fast paced I like a story with lots of dialogue This story has interior monologue I like a story that is funny This story is dramatic and sad I like the fantasy genre the most and the horror genre the least You get the idea The difficulty of writing a book and then having a review based solely on biases must be irritating for authors I find it hard recognizing when my likes and dislikes are interfering with an analysis It reminds me of when I was learning to be a reporter at 19 The professor said that it is really impossible to be objective I was not a very good reporter I'm probably not a very good reviewer But at least I like writing book reviews better than being a reporter It's enough to drive a person crazy Crazy is a trouble word in the home of twelve year old Sarah Nelson Crazy is a mom that tries to drown her kids and succeeds with one but not the other Crazy is trying to learn to live with itThis book has uite the premise Sarah is worried about being crazy like her mom When Sarah's mom killed her brother and tried to kill her it was the only case of filicide in Texas and got so much publicity that Sarah and her dad move all the time to sustain some anonymity They are recognized and ostracized wherever they live Sarah's mom was found insane and put in a mental institution Sarah worries that something might be wrong with her like her mom While her dad deals with the tragedy by drinking too much Sarah for the first time gets to stay home with her dad for the summer rather than go to her grandparents home in another city Her babysitter has a boyfriend and passes the watching of Sarah onto her brother Finn Sarah develops a crush on Finn and learns he has his own painful past When another parent kills her children in the city the press start to pester Sarah's family Even after 10 years the family can't move on She also wonders about her mother and she wants to get to know her When the English teacher suggests keeping a journal and writing to a favorite fiction character Sarah writes letters to Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird She talks about problems with her dad and longing to know her mother The character's arc begins with Sarah worrying about her mother going crazy but changes later to wanting to get to know her mother The result is a fractured plot I preferred the beginning message of Sarah worrying that she'll have signs of mental illness I worry I will get alzheimer's like my mom Others worry about inherited diseases such as depression strokes heart attacks Fear can be so crippling in people's lives that it is a universal theme that speaks to the adult as well as the child The switch to wanting to meet her mother bored me in comparison I kept waiting for the doctor to give a scientific reason for the mom's psychosis or some statistics on mother's killing children When our family had a loved one die from suicide our family couldn't get enough information on what makes the brain go haywireThe romantic subplot is going to appeal to girls than boys Sarah trying to find a mother substitute in her babysitter to discuss her body changing is not going to interest boys either The other subplot of Sarah's dad as an alcoholic as a result of their mom was interesting After 10 years Sarah and her father seem to be in a perpetual groundhog's day where they must relive the event until they can transcend it He is depressed and unable to deal with the tragedy He also seems to still love his wife He was charged in the death of his children for neglect and I kept waiting for that issue to be addressed in depth with Sarah The neighbor whose husband dies and Finn's past water down Sarah's story It seemed that the author was trying to do too muchSarah loves words and writes the definitions of them throughout the story I remember the first time I came across this in a middle grade novel and thought it so clever While it is a good way to help readers toward fluency it has become almost cliche I have seen it in way too many realistic stories and it no longer enthralls meWhen readers come to a story with their own experiences and backgrounds they make uniue connections that help them deal with issues in their own life Sarah's letter writing shows this and was a highlight for me in this story Sarah is so lonely She's isolated at school because of her past She's teased so much she talks to a plant rather than people Sometimes I feel so isolated living overseas One thing multilingual students do is switch to another language when a monolingual adult is walking behind them in the hallway They will do it to other monolingual or new students too if they want to exclude them I feel the most isolated then I'm sure the students do too A foreigner on foreign soil that is illiterate Move over Sarah I'd like to talk to your plantThe story ends on hope with the family moving on but leaves too many loose ends