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Passionate Ink❮BOOKS❯ ✫ Passionate Ink Author Jan Springer – Tattoo artist Catalina Brown falls head over orgasms for the stranger who asks for a tentacle tattoo on hismost sensitive body part Normally mixing business with pleasure isn't her thing but he's a se Tattoo artist Catalina Brown falls head over orgasms for the stranger who asks for a tentacle tattoo on hismost sensitive body part Normally mixing business with pleasure isn't her thing but he's a sexual magnet she's instantly drawn to particularly after Cat experiences a wicked hot artistic high while tattooing his every succulent inch It all seems too good to be true Octoposeidon shape shifter Calder Croft catches the female's succulent scent when she passes his California marina and he can't ignore the way she fires his blood After meeting her he's stunned to discover Cat has no idea she's a shifter about to come into her Change It takes all his self control to keep from ravishing the sexy woman right on the spot Calder has to tell Cat the truth about her heritage She'll either accept her birthright as a shifter or succumb to madness forever losing their chance at love. Tentacle tattoo on his cock?? Octoposeidon shape shifter?? Oh I gotta get my hands on it this But how the f% do I classify an octoposeidon shape shifter on my shelves?? LOL OMG SERIOUSLY??? The guy WANTS a tentacle tattoo on his cck?? I'm so on this book baby LOL To be completely honest I was slightly disappointed with this book The cover and the blurb were so great I was highly anticipating reading it but I feel like it fell short The story was good but could have been better The heroine is a young woman who has been on her own for several years and has a traveling tattoo business which I found pretty cool and the hero is a super hot guy who wants his junk tattooed with a tentacle ouch There's an instant attraction on her part he already knows she's his mate from her scent The story line and interaction was fine it was some of the descriptive words that just irked me I guess The word 'gosh' was used way too much and maybe its just the mood I was in but I didn't like that It was a shorter read which normally I like but not worth the price in my opinion Lots of octopus all around Penis tattooOctoposeidon shapeshiftYou know I give this author credit for trying In time they might have some good stuffNot awful but expect In various ways I got just a bit excited at the thought of a octopus shifter book All those lovely tentacles to use in all kinds of dirty mcdirty ways I’ve read nearly every kind of shifter book and I love reading about new things The only type I’ve refused to read is snake shifters Just the thought gives me the willies When I got a reuest for Passionate Ink I knew I needed to read it After finishing it I felt slightly let down This booknovella just wasn’t what I had envisioned First off the shifters are called Octoposeidon because they are only half octopus and the other half descended from Poseidon This means that when they shift the arms and legs become tentacles but the upper body essentially stays the same WHAT? That’s just weird and creepy They only shift at night and then during the day are fully human So when do they sleep? Even shifters need to sleep Calder makes it a point to think several times throughout the book that while in weird half shifter half man form they eat swim and have kinky tentacle sex No sleepy timeTattoo artist Catalina has no idea she’s a Octoposeidon shifter World famous for her tattoo skills she travels all over in her mobile tattoo studio I was never sold on that aspect A mobile tattoo studio? I think if she’s that good a tattoo artist people would travel to her I wouldn’t get a tattoo out of the back of someones mobile unit Nope Nada Just no Catalina sets up an appointment with a man who wants a huge octopus tattoo that includes a tentacle on his penis Since she happens to have a huge tentacle fetish she jumps on the chance to take the job There is a lot of fondling and thinking how big he is before anything actually happens between themCalder knows Cat his is mate and he is aware she has no clue what she is His plan of telling her slowly is cut short when she starts shifting in what she thinks are dreams but are actually reality Cat is understandably concerned that she is losing blocks of time but not concerned enough to actually go to the doctor or even talk to someone in any way ualified to help her Calder seems concerned with her sanity since some shifters go crazy when they learn their true nature and then who would he have constant sex under the sea with? Maybe they go crazy from the lack of asleep instead I just didn’t like Cat I didn’t find her sexy I didn’t find her to be a strong character I didn’t find her likable at all Calder and Cat together was just “meh” I wasn’t invested in them in any wayI wanted to like this one It’s a incredibly uniue concept that could have been spectacular The execution left a lot to be desired and I just didn’t like itI give Passionate Ink by Jan Springer 250 stars Oh my God this is the lulz iest new word thing I have ever freakin' read I was feeling bummed out tonight so I wanted my literary Twinkie to take my mind off stuff Something that would be hot fluffy and easy to read and I went looking facepalm And the facepalm was for real y'all I literally physically did that a LOTI'm not even going to go into the plot read the blurb But the lulzoh yeah Catalina's most recurring thoughts during sex? Wow alternated with Oh wow or even gosh side eyes you The freaking book was filled with descriptions of the warm cream facepalm coming from her vagina I can't make this shit up guys Calder who in his human form sounds admittedly hot at one point thinks about how dangerous it would be for humans to discover his shifter race and how if captured he would take the death pill hidden under the skin of this thigh Hand to God every word of this is true facepalm But mission accomplished I feel so much better now D I'm giving it 3 stars just for that Talented sea creature tattoo artist Cat Brown is thrilled to use her skills to bring to adorn Calder Croft's body with an octopus and can't stop thinking how much she'd like to adorn her body with his Upon meeting he knows he has just met his Octoposeidon shape shifting mate I don't know why I expected of this short It's not bad it just misses the mark on a few levels With such a uniue shifter things could have been uite original intriguing but it was rather insular as it was about coupling and had a minimum character roster Many miss the opportunities that could unfold with a tattoo parlor as a focal point and this isn't really an exception The characters are fairly good and the writing as well After a set up for getting them together and a rush to the finish line the middle seemed to sag a bit except of the steamy intimate scenesIt's like a marshmallow If you read it you have a glimpse of something If not you've saved your reading time for something else Bizarre I thought this was a story about a female tattoo artist who falls in love It is However the man she falls in love with is an octoposeiden A what? Oh and she is too but her parents didn't tell her SoI can't recommend this one There are interesting elements but it does't come together and I really resent that the cover and blurb make it sound like this is a straight up erotic contemporary when it's a erotic paranormalUpdate it turns out that I only read half the blurb Or some sites only have half the blurb showing Le sigh Big difference I thought I would like this than I did It was such an interesting premise and the characters themselves were likable enough but something about the writing style just left me a bit cold

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