Perception❴Reading❵ ➹ Perception Author Mario Kai Lipinski – Available for free here on Goodreads and Smashwords Marcel Ritter is an excellent pupil at a German school has two loyal best friends and caring parentsStill his life is far from being perfect He is t Available for free here on Goodreads and Smashwords Marcel Ritter is an excellent pupil at a German school has two loyal best friends and caring parentsStill his life is far from being perfect He is the bullying victim of Tim ‘Dumb’ Eschner soccer hunk and the school’s official dimwitWhen the vice principal witnesses one of Tim’s assaults Marcel’s problems seem to be solved at last But his good nature and his fast tongue get him into trouble than he would preferForced to work together they both discover that there is to the other one than meets the eyeA feel good story about change forgiveness and loveThis romance novel contains graphic language and descriptions of sexual encounters mmWord count story only approx . Full disclosure I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI'd give this book 35 stars I liked this book in many many ways and sigh also disliked it and found it hard to finish First the good I loved the plot set in a German high school the story focuses on Dumb Tim and Marcel who enter into an unlikely tutoring situation after Tim bullies and punches Marcel Throughout the course of the school year their perceptions of each other change and they fall into strong like then love There is enough angst in the book caused by scheming classmates so it is refreshing that both sets of parents are so accepting of Tim and Marcel's love The honesty and respect between Marcel and Tim is also beautifully expressedHowever while the writing style is clean and concise it also creates an emotional distance between the reader and the characters We are told so many details rather than weaving a narrative where the MC's feeling s and emotions are fully expressed In many ways this is an excellent YA story but strictly as a Love Story IMHO it felt almost clinical Also Marcel's mother was for lack of a better word strange with her emotions and responses to their relationship And finally the Nicholas subplot seemed over the top Visit my blog Sinfully Good Gay Book Reviews 45 stars Written in English by a German Written in a Germanic matter of fact way A typical jock and nerd story yet it was different in a uniue way The jock is not dumb he just learns differently than most The nerd is not a total geek There are friends parents other students and teachers in this story All are there for a good reason Well done work Kept me very interested and I cared about the guysNiggles view spoilerParents were too accepting and even accepting and encouraging the guys to have sex in their houseFirst time penetrative anal sex with no lube? Totally unbelievable to meThe bad guy in the epilogue turns out OK Yes that's good but not all loose ends need to be tied up hide spoiler This fairly long MM romance reminds me irresitibly of a gay mystery I have read some time ago The Math Teacher is Dead by Robert Manners available here on Am as well for a reason I am going to explain soonSet in a small German town it depicts a simple but charming love story that develops between the nerdvictim and the jockbully of the school forced to get to know each other by chance they learn first to trust and then to love each other overcoming the everyday but oh so very real problems that stand in the way of their happinessIt is as simple as that but it is done with a sweet touch a nice sense of rhythm and a taste for storytelling that are far from common among self published authorsCharacterization is potentially its main flaw and the link with the MM mystery novel I uoted above Marcel is impossibly perfect here just like Danny was there He is young but he is not only clever and smart he is also sweet caring and most of all mature far beyond his years His way of reasoning appealing though it is is seldom to be found in people twice his age and I had to do a lot of suspension of disbelief to accept itAfter a couple of chapters it is not hard to do but it is relevant and has to be pointed out The same can be said for the other half of the couple Tim whose readiness to better himself to mend his ways are a bit over the topJust like the character of the mystery was the embodiment of gay physical and mental perfection it is as if this couple were designed to be ideal than lifelikeThat said it is also true that Marcel and Tim grow up as characters during the story fighting for and achieving a well deserved happily ever afterSide characters are nicely rounded with the possible exception of the villain Nicholas whose reasons are never entirely clearThe author is not a native speaker but his English skills are surprisingly good There are a few grammar mistakes that must have escaped proofreading but his writing is neat and fluid and there are no typos at all Only here and there he uses vocabulary that is not wrong in itself but struck me as different from what a native writer would have usedSex scenes are explicit but plot related I feel like recommending this heart warming MM romance to every reader 4 stars for never ending first loveWritten in a German school setting this book reminded me so much of myself as I found my true love during the same time and it was just as intense and all encompassing Marcel’s and Tim’s love made me all happy and reminiscent Marcel and Tim are in their last year of school against all odds they fall in love and develop a very strong bond that is unbreakable Nobody else is as important to them they are there for each other no matter what Just adorable I didn’t even care that they are sappy and maybe a bit too much emotional at timesThe author takes his time to develop a plausible friendship and love between Marcel and Tim Their relationship is tender and passionate and the sex scenes are an extension of it I enjoyed them a lot Since this story plays in a German setting sex is not a taboo here like in other YA books from some other countries It’s a natural part of their relationship and it also is no issue for their parents They are aware of it and don’t stand in the way At first I found it a bit off to read all the German names in an English book but I got used to it I didn’t notice it anyThe book is written from Marcel’s perspective in a first person POV This worked really well because the author managed to make Tim appear real and three dimensional too I really liked the book It wasn’t perfect but I enjoyed it so much because of my own personal experience during adolescenceOh I didn't mention that this is a free download That makes it even better ; 2 ½ to 3 stars Overly sweet love story between two high school boys Too wishful thinking perfect world for me STORY BRIEFCharacters are in the final year of high school Marcel is the top student openly but uietly gay Tim is the worst student and kids call him “Dumb” Nicholas tells Tim that Marcel is making fun of Tim As a result Tim punches Marcel The vice principal sees this and threatens to expel Tim if it happens again or if his grades don’t improve Because Marcel is willing the vice principal arranges for Marcel to tutor Tim for the next four weeksREVIEWER’S OPINIONIt’s told in first person from Marcel’s point of view It would have been better to occasionally be in Tim’s head and Nicholas’ head It also would have been better to be in third person First person is great for personal essays and memoirs but not for fiction with multiple characters It can be done but it’s rare for first person to be good in this kind of storyBecause we are never in Tim’s head I don’t know if Tim was gay in the beginning I don’t know if he changed I wanted to know a lot about himAnother problem was that Marcel had no flaws He was too perfect It’s hard to make perfect characters interesting But I did like the way Marcel figured out how to tutor Tim His teaching wasn’t working so Marcel attended one of Tim’s soccer games and studied the way Tim approached soccer Then Marcel invented a different way to teach Tim that worked It was thought provoking It stayed with meAnother weakness was lack of tension The story felt simple It had a wishful thinking uality The author created a perfect world where everything worked out too easily and too perfectly for the two lovers view spoiler I had trouble believing that the parents were so accepting When Tim announced to his parents that he was gay they were happy and proud of him and invited Marcel to sleep over as often as he wanted knowing they were having sex I was also surprised when Marcel’s parents encouraged the boys to have sleep overs knowing they were having sex And when Tim and Marcel announced their love in front of school board members the members congratulated them and were happy for them hide spoiler Reviewed by Stacey Jo This is your typical geek and jock love storyMarcel Ritter is a very smart student at a German school—the Geek Tim Eschnera soccer hunk and known around the school as “Dumb”—is the Jock Of course Tim beats up on Marcel and one of these times he does it in front of the Vice Principal Because of the incident the Vice Principal forces Marcel to tutor Tim who is on the verge of flunking out of school Neither one is thrilled about this and although Marcel tries hard they get nowhere because Tim justisn’t catching on Marcel ends up finding a clever way to connect with Tim and they turn his grades around They also turn their relationship around in the process Tim isn’t the evil jock that he puts himself out there to be There are other influences that caused Tim to go astray Tim has a very human side to him that is vulnerable and sweet and loving and Marcel is soon falling in love with him It’s not long before Tim realizes he has feelings to Marcel too It’s a coming of age coming out first timerealizing that first impressions aren’t always true kind of story There is sex but Tim is twenty and Marcel is eighteen so this isn’t young teens—they are adults or at least the age of consent I found their relationship to be very sweet but then I’m a sucker for the GeekJock love story as well as the enemies to lovers story line I liked the slow development of their relationship I didn’t want to put the story down because I was caught up in it I liked the characters and wanted to see their story unfold Did I see any faults in the story? Yes but they didn’t ruin the story by any means I thought their conversations were a bit flowery or over the top at times And there was almost no opposition anywhere to their relationship except with two characters one had her reasons that were resolved before the end and the other character wasn’t targeting them specifically for the gay issue at first But it just felt like everywhere they went there was a parade of people cheering them on I hope that one day sooner than later we could live in a world that accepting of the gay lifestyle but this was very unrealistic But this is fiction and I enjoyed the characters and the story itself so I was happy to set aside that aspect and just “go withit” My only other complaint is that the story is told from Marcel’s point of view and we never get Tim’s point of view not once It would have been nice to occasionally get Tim’s point of view just to get a larger perspective It ends with an epilogue eight years later so we can see how things turn out for them It’s a really sweet happily ever after and ties the story up nicely I also appreciated the fact that author puts a sort of appendix at the end too that explains the grading system used in the book as well as how German schools compare to British and American schools because as I was reading I was curious about the explanations in the story since they were unfamiliar to me and therefore didn’t mean anything to me That was really helpful so thanks for that Overall a good story even with any shortcomings it might haveBhttpmanohmanreviewsblogspotca20 I received a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewTo be honest one of the reasons I wanted to read this book was the fact that it was written in English but by a German author and set in Germany I'm Austrian which is next to Germany but should neeeever be mixed up with Germany So I was curious Would Marcel's and Tim's world actually feel German? Would I realize from how the people behaved? I found that the language a book is written in truly changes your perception pun intended of where it is set Although Lipinski is German and describes everything uite well I had a hard time not picturing an American High School a suburban neighbourhood or American parents Interesting experienceNow to the story We follow Marcel who is being bullied for annoying the most popular boy at school by getting better grades When Tim the bully gets caught in action he faces expulsion because of misbehavior and underachievement in school Marcel agrees to tutor Tim surprising himself and Tim From then on Tim's nicer ualities are revealed contempt turns into friendship and friendship into love A sweet story overall with likeable characters and enough tension so things never got boring However there was just too much icing making everything too sweet at times Everyone who has been in a happy relationship knows that you're not happy 24 7 You don't love everything the other does In the beginning you might but in the beginning there's also some awkwardness you still have to get to know each other and not everything works out I kind of missed that in Perception A German Love Story Tim and Marcel were just too perfect with each other every disturbance there ever was came from the outside And let me tell you in reality there would be cruel remarks from fellow students teachers everyone As open and tolerant as Europe seems to be Conchiiiitaaaa there are still a lot of people who do not accept others being different and additionally some people who might be tolerant but just plain overburdened with a situation like that because it's new to them Having said that Perception A German Love Story is an easy and enjoyable read even so if you're into that genre It surely is something for optimists though ; Overall well done Mario Lipinski Sie haben Talent This was uite interesting story especially since it was set for once in an European country German and not the US Interesting since you realize that being young is the same whatever you are in a big US city or a small European townI liked the story because it was sweet and simple and very very romantic Marcel and Tim are in school together but they are on the opposite side of it Marcel from an ordinary family living in a complex building he has only his brain as support for a better future; his family is supporting even of him being gay but they are not well off like Nicholas’s parents Nicholas is Marcel’s nemesis another clever boy who wants to be the only star of their high school; to reach his target Nicholas is using Tim another misfit like Marcel but for different reasons Tim is struggling in learning like other students and for that he is considered to be “dumb” When Tim physically attacks Marcel on a twist of events they are put together as tutor and pupil Marcel will have to help Tim pass his middle term tests otherwise he will be expelledThe love story between the two is pure romance sometime even too good to be true support from their families from friends even from totally strangers; but I don’t know I was expecting for this novel to be dramatic and so it was a pleasant surprise to instead not having drama at all Maybe if I have to find a fault in these guys is that sometime they were speaking like in an old fashioned romance novel than instead like two high school boysBut in the end I like my old fashioned romance novels and so I liked these two they were destined to be happy together and the fact we knew that since the beginning it was not a demerit from my point of viewhttpwwwdpB007ZFK3VE? I uite liked this book It actual contained a real story Just didn't run from one sexual encounter to the next The characters were well developed the premise was believable and although not really high on anxiety it had enough tension to hold my interest in where it was going It had a happy ending which is a plus for me All in all a pretty high step above most free reads that I have come across It was a bit awkward to read in the English version I am not sure whether it was translated from German or it was written in English by a non native English speaking person It has some unusual phrasing IE Around nine o'clock my mom came to my room to ask me for breakfast Where most English speakers would have said she came to ask me to breakfast There were several instances of that particular phrasing the jumped out at me Others included Christina and Tim came along just fine because their personalities complement each other Not sure if author meant Christina and Tim got along or what Or another one She'll come down she always does It should have been She'll calm down she always does Those could have been poor editing and proofreading It was a good read for me and I think if you're looking for a pleasant MM read instead of MM erotica you will too I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI loved this book Couldn't stop reading once I started as I couldn't wait to see what happened with Marcel and Tim Would love to read about them and the change in Nicholas hint hint author Mario and I would love to see this made into a series Loved how the hatred between Marcel and Tim changed to understanding and love You can't help but love Marcel who was so big hearted ready to forgive Tim almost immediately even though Tim left him bruised up on a regular basis I started out disliking Tim and considering him weak for following Nicholas when he should have realised much sooner what type of person Nicholas really was But I soon grew to like Tim too and by the end of the story thought that he and Marcel made a great couple I have to admit that I would have liked to have seen a little angst in the story both because thats just the type of book I like to read and also because I think that would have given the book depth Marcel and Tim seemed to have it a little too easy and I just can't imagine that Germany is that different from America in how homosexuals would be treated Nicholas seemed to be the only one who was really nasty to them and even that was not because of homosexuality Overall I liked this story and can't wait to read some from this author