The Mystery of Banshee Towers

The Mystery of Banshee Towers[Ebook] ➧ The Mystery of Banshee Towers Author Enid Blyton – Librarian's Note This ISBN was also used to publish a 3 in 1 collection of Find Outer series that can be found hereErn is back visiting Mr Goon which gives him and the Find Outers the perfect chance t Librarian's Note This ISBN of Banshee MOBI ñ was also used to publish a in collection of Find Outer series that can be found hereErn is back visiting Mr Goon which gives The Mystery PDF/EPUB or him and the Find Outers the perfect chance to explore Banshee Towers But there's secrets to the towers than the screaming banshees Fatty Larry Daisy Pip Bets and Buster the Dog Mystery of Banshee Epub à have one last case to solve. Findouters challenge Book 15 The final book of the findouters series this marks the end of my findouters challenge which I began last October This one opens a little differently from the rest as while the children are setting out to receive Fatty as usual this time around he comes by bus rather than train There is no mystery waiting for Fatty to solve at the start and as the childrens’ parents want them out of their hair they suggest the children go on expeditions to different places around Peterswood Meanwhile Ern has also come to the village staying once again with Mr Goon as one of his sisters has the measles and this time around he’s brought with him his very own dog Bingo who not only the children but also Buster takes to instantly Ern gets into a bit of trouble with Mr Goon and moves into Fatty’s shed thereby also getting the time to join them on their expeditions So almost Famous Five like their first ‘trip’ takes them to Banshee Towers an old house that now houses a gallery of sorts for sea pictures Ern and Bets are awfully keen on seeing these and it is their interest and Ern’s keen eye that gives them the first hint of mystery On their very first trip they find some mysterious and rather unfriendly characters in Banshee Towers the owner included and also that a banshee actually wails there at a certain hour Not only that there is a mysterious trap door and also a secret path from the outside which Buster and Bingo have discovered When Fatty and Ern return a second time to investigate Ern notices something wrong with one of the paintings he was admiring the previous day While the other children are not inclined to believe him at the start Bets has noticed the same thing and so begins their ‘investigation’ to discover what’s really going on in Banshee Towers This one lacked uite a few of the ‘trademark’ elements of the findouters stories Fatty not disguising himself even once and the children not pranking Mr Goon the second bit was welcome because as I’ve been noticing this time around they do tend to unnecessarily bother him and do interfere with his work except one little trick at the end Mr Goon too though wanting the findouters out of his hair isn’t at his worst and by the end is even ready to extend a friendly hand to the children and one begins to wonder if this will work but of course In this one also the children are in no direct ‘competition’ with Mr Goon to solve the case which makes things somewhat smoother But this doesn’t mean Fatty doesn’t get to use some of the tricks he’s learnt or that the mystery is any the less dangerous or exciting or the villains any the less menacing Ern as has been the case in the last few titles in which he appears plays a much active role and shows that he too is very bright he’s proved himself enterprising too before―the children unfortunately still have that somewhat arrogant opinion of Ern’s brains not perhaps being as good as their own even if not as much so as Fatty who as usual pieces together the puzzle and works out the answers in what seems like no time at all leading Chief Inspector Jenks to remark that they would both make good policemen In fact he can’t wait for Fatty to grow up and join the force Ern’s is still at his portry as well of course but for a change his pome does begin with ‘The poor old’  The mystery while not overly complex did have some interesting elements to it and it was nice to see how Fatty worked out some parts of the puzzle On the foodmeter this was above average though the children don’t go to the tea shop as often as usual there are teas toffee and biscuits in the shed breakfasts and suppers for Ern and also some treats for Buster and Bingo Buster and Bingo I thought made a fun pair of crazy dogs who also played their part in the mystery besides snapping away at poor Goon’s ankles This was a fun read and a good close to the series though if one reads the last lines it reads like any entry in the series anticipating another mystery though in this case no other comes Which means of course that one simply has to start back at the beginning  The last book of the Five Find Outers series The Mystery of Banshee Towers has a slightly different tone For one thing Ern figures prominently in this book He is the person who discovers the mystery and insists that they find the solution This is also mostly a Fatty show The others are pretty much in the background except Ern The children also seem to be grown up probably because they are Long holidays stretch ahead and the children's fathers are already tired of them So they suggest a few trips around the village One of the suggestions include visiting Banshee Towers known to display lovely sea pictures Bets and Ern both with a nautical bent of mind insist on going there so they all go and fall directly into a mystery Wailing banshees boats mysteriously disappearing from paintings an unruly French artist all come together into a mystery the last one of the FiveThe story was interesting and frankly slightly believable than most of the other adventure stories featuring the Five But it's still one of my least favourites It's not so much the plot or the writing it's just that these children are growing up and there would be no mysteries Also I think Blyton got a bit bored of her characters in this book which is probably why she concentrated so much on ErnNot a bad ending to the Five Find Outers saga I read these in succession for the first time and uite enjoyed it The final installment of Enid Blyton's fifteen book Five Find Outers and Dog series in which a group of British schoolchildren spend their holidays playing detective The Mystery of Banshee Towers sees Fatty Larry Daisy Pip and Bets involved in a case of art forgery and fraud When the children together with their friend Ern Goon go to nearby Banshee Towers to see an exhibit of sea paintings they have no idea that they are stepping into a mystery But when Ern notices a slight change in one of the paintings on their second visit Fatty knows something isn't rightIt seems a shame that the series should close with The Mystery of Banshee Towers as it provides a rather weak finale The shortest book of the lot it seems the least developed and has one of the most obvious resolutions Although the entire series features Fatty as the star the other four Find Outers almost disappear here I did enjoy the scenes involving the two dogs Buster and Bingo but I was otherwise unimpressed and I got the sense that Blyton didn't intend for this to be the conclusion ENID BLYTON NEVER GETS BORINGReading an Enid Blyton's novel is like revisiting the childhood days Every time i delve into Enid Blyton's worldi feel a longing to be one of her charactersEven after having read so many authorsi still feel she is among the most vivid authors i have come across Even this recent novel of hers that i readdidn't disappoint me a bitIt was enthralling from the beginning to the endThis is about five kids apparently headed by Fattywho has recently returned from his cousin's houseSomehow this group of five find outers and a Dog Buster always seem to get themselves into a mystery which they then try to unravelIn this latest case of theirsthey are accompanied by Ern and his dog BingoThe mystery lies in the tower containing sea pictures where a Banshee wails on a particular day of the weekWeirdIsn't it? This story is all about how they work out the caseI especially cherished the character of Fatty for his wit and humorOverall it was a very content read This was a book I bought a few months ago and never read before putting it away I always enjoy stories about Fatty and the others but I guess I assumed I'd already read this one when I in fact hadn't I liked how uickly the mystery was wrapped up and the story behind it all Ern is a delight with his Coos and whatnot Goon is as loveable a bungler as ever The Mystery of Banshee Towers like all Enid Blyton books five stars i like this book i want read once A great story well all the books in the series are One of my absolute favourite Enid Blyton stories Ever The first ever novel that I read This one sparked my interest in reading fiction Nothing like a nice warm Enid Blyton novel when you're in high school The Mystery of Banshee Towers was the best novel in all of the five find outer seriesworth readingcheers last partnooooooi want

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