The Mouse in the Mountain Rue Morgue Vintage Gumshoe Mystery

The Mouse in the Mountain Rue Morgue Vintage Gumshoe Mystery❰Reading❯ ➶ The Mouse in the Mountain Rue Morgue Vintage Gumshoe Mystery Author Norbert Davis – Doan Carstairs SeriesHumor Pulp MysteryDetective Post 1930Doan is a detective and Carstairs his enormous canine companion don't call him a pet and in this first hard boiled adventure they travel to Me Doan Carstairs SeriesHumor Pulp in the MOBI ô MysteryDetective Post Doan is a detective and Carstairs his enormous canine companion don't call him a pet and in this first hard boiled adventure they travel to Mexico along with an heiress The Mouse eBook Æ a revolutionary an artist and than a few mysteriesAll ebook formats. Review To FollowThis book is a slim little 150 page novel if you can call it that; used to call things like this novelettes written by the master of a kind of breezy hardboiled detective tale Norbert Davis the creator of the unforgettable Max LatinThe novels sleuths are a pair of unlikely partners Doan is described as short and a little on the plump side with a chubby pink face and a smile as innocent and appealing as a baby's He looked like a very nice pleasant sort of person and on rare occasions he wasCarstairs –Doan’s partner is described as “a fawn colored Great Dane whom Doan had won in a crap game and who is Doan’s superior in every way imaginable Carstairs was so big he could hardly be called a dog He was new sort of species Carstairs doesn’t like many people but he’ll bend the rules for a pretty girl”It’s all light hearted fun until Doan fatally shoots a couple of characters and Carstairs bares his fangs emits sinister growls or sits down on someone who annoys himThis case involves the duo traveling by tour bus up a perilous mountain road to a tiny village in a remote area of Mexico Doan’s agency Severn International Detectives has sent Doan Carstairs below the border to convince a missing fugitive that it might be healthier for him to stay out of the United States for a while longerMeanwhile bandits abound the Mexican army is in pursuit and since this is set during World War II all possible elements of intrigue skullduggery combine with enough homicides to keep the reader guessing and turning pages as uickly as necessaryThe novel features numerous memorable action seuences colorful characters buffoons brigands beautiful dames at least two harridans a red headed male child to rival the most ill mannered heathen brat in literature several murders and one earthuakeI really enjoyed this uick little read and recommend it highly Norbert Davis was one of the best writers the Pulp era ever produced Raymond Chandler and John D McDonald were fans with Chandler being one of Norbert Davis' greatest supporters and a personal champion I read this following the advice of Ludwig Wittgenstein considered the most influential philosopher of the 20th century who wrote to a friend in 1948 For though as you know I’ve read hundreds of stories that amused me and that I liked reading I think I’ve only read two perhaps that I’d call good stuff and Davis’s The Mouse in the Mountain is one of them It may sound crazy but when I recently re read the story I liked it again so much that I thought I’d really like to write to the author and thank him If this is nuts don’t be surprised for so am I No other novel has received this kind of praise from Wittgenstein he says there's perhaps two; but he never mentioned the other Indeed it is a pity that Wittgenstein didn't write to Davis in the end Davis killed himself the next year in 1949 perhaps doubting his talent Anyway That was a tragic introduction for a short novel that is anything but tragic Set in a picturesue Mexican village during the Second World War The Mouse in the Mountain tells the story of a group of mostly American tourists trying to survive the combined forces of crime love history politics culture shock natural disasters tourist traps the Mexican army art collectors a trigger happy detective and the most incredibly monstrous dog the lovely Carstairs The characters are numerous and charismatic if a little cliché Davis manages to bring these people and the dog to life vividly in spite of the brevity of this fast paced and eventful novel; the reader is never confused as to who is who The descriptions of characters events landscapes are evocative and entertaining But Davis is best at dialogue which makes up about half of the novel for instance “Friend” said Henshaw “ I’m in the plumbing business — ‘Better Bathrooms for a Better America’ What’s your line?”“Crime” Doan told him“You mean you’re a public enemy?” Henshaw asked interested“There have been rumors to that effect” Doan said “But I claim I’m a private detective”This is not one of these books that will change your life But it will transport you in a peculiar and colorful universe in the company of a hilariously deadpan narratorThis is also not a book that will illuminate Wittgenstein's philosophy It is easy to see why Wittgenstein liked it Davis is an expert in creative semanticpragmatic misdirections usually leading to a joke Wittgenstein a philosopher who paid close attention to language must have appreciated that But for the most part he must have simply enjoyed the escapism afforded by the novel Then published under the title Rendezvous with fear I am actually reading a book that contains four of the five Doan Carstairs mysteries The Mouse in the Mountain is the second of the stories therein These are a great combination of hard boiled and humorous which may be typified by the fact that Doan is the toughest private detective around but is short round and mild looking while Carstairs is his Great Dane who is a character in his own right but without talking or any other goofy attributes and he's hard boiled in his own way Got it either free or for super cheap from for my Kindle Highly enjoyableThis book takes Doan Carstairs to a new level with a multi layered plot that is told from the heroine's point of view This had only a couple of predictable points and neither of them mattered much I don't know how Davis managed to combine PG Wodehouse comic plotlines with Raymond Chandler esue noir levels of violence and motive but he does it perfectly How has this author been overlooked? Clearly he is going to have to be reintroduced through Forgotten ClassicsIn this adventure the duo travel to Mexico during World War 2 along with an heiress a revolutionary an artist and than a few mysteries Complex characters and good sometimes surreal humor2ND READING Forgotten Classics podcastThe wonderful thing about this being out of copyright is that I can read it on my podcast As is so often the case I am enjoying it in a whole new way now that I am reading it aloud This series is crazy It reminds me of old 40s movies and I enjoy visualizing the action Carstairs is great When a little boy is being totally obnoxious Carstairs puts him in his place with a few fake chomps The characters in this story were better developed than in the last story I read from this writer I must recommend this book It's light it's fun and it's well written Extremely entertaining More here Another Doan and Carstaris mystery narrated by Julie D at Forgotten Classics A solid mystery that keeps you guessing along with memorable characters The interplay with the private detective and his dog Carstairs is often rather funny but they is a lot going on in this detective mind than is on the surface I enjoyed the story and did not guess the conclusion The only thing that put me off slightly was there was just a little too much use of coincidence to set up part of the story Mix a little Janet Evanovich with Micky Spillane toss in a generous helping of Marmaduke or Scooby Doo if you prefer and you've got a good idea of a Doan and Carstairs mystery Funny sometimes to the point of ridiculous but blunt and fast moving with an unexpected ending generally describe this series by Norbert Davis This is the second of the four of five available mysteries Listening on the Forgotten Classics podcast Norbert Davis is known for mixing humor with hard boiled mysteries In THE MOUSE IN THE MOUNTAIN Davis introduces us to the bibulous detective Doan and his gigantic canine pal Carstairs who disapproves of drinking Some of the humor is similar in spirit to Thorne Smith which has not aged well and to Rex Stout who has aged tremendously But this really is a noir and one with laughs Doan appears to be an amoral violent type a little like The Continental Op; he does not miss many tricks This was if you'll pardon the expression a romp Gunrunners mad artists an heiress an enigmatic film director a pompous federale a gorgeous teacher seeking the romance of old Mexico and enough stereotypes to warm the heart of our 45th president all converge with an earthuake in a small Mexican town With Doan and the imperious Carstairs digging up facts and shenanigans A treat The Mexican tripAnother great tongue in cheek similar in vibe to Sam Spade that covers a trip to Mexico Carstairs is at his best doing as little as possible but to the greatest effect Whilst our hero gets into one scrape after another but his almost MacGyver like skills let him live to see another dayA sightseeing trip to a little town in Mexico has our intrepid hero taking on crooks the Mexican force some American tourists including a small boy that's destined to become a name on the FBI's most wanted list an earthuake and a forger Watch as he and Carstairs do as little as possible whilst ending up with all the baddies caught or dead and with a substantial payoff to boot