Jesus liebt mich

Jesus liebt mich[Download] ➶ Jesus liebt mich By David Safier – SinopseMarie uma trintona ue vive numa peuena aldeia alemã tem um especial talento para se apaixonar pelos homens errados Pouco depois de deixar o noivo plantado no altar conhece Joshua um carpinteir SinopseMarie uma trintona ue vive numa peuena aldeia alemã tem um especial talento para se apaixonar pelos homens errados Pouco depois de deixar o noivo plantado no altar conhece Joshua um carpinteiro estranho fora do comum Joshua é um homem diferente de todos os ue conheceu antes sensível atencioso desinteressado Mas infelizmente também não é o homem perfeito no primeiro Jesus liebt MOBI :¼ encontro confessa ue é JesusA princípio Marie pensa ue ele está completamente louco mas aos poucos vai se dando conta de ue a sua história bate certo Apaixonou se pelo Messias ue veio à Terra antes do Juízo Final Marie deverá enfrentar não apenas o fim do mundo previsto para a terça feira seguinte mas também o romance mais destrambelhado de todos os ue já viveuEstas páginas proporcionam ao leitor as mesmas gargalhadas e divertimento ue Maldito Karma o primeiro romance de David Safier um fenómeno editorial em todo o mundo Jesus Ama me é uma história original e descarada sobre o amor a família e a tolerância uma enorme diversão e uma comovedora fábula sobre o valor dos sentimentos. Apocalypse Next Tuesday by David Safier is a light and fun novel with a nice balance between• faith• the eternal fight between Good and Evil• the significance of free will• difficult situations and decisions• lighthearted humor• and a delicate romanceMarie is about to marry her fiancé Sven but she realizes that although she loves him it is not enough for a lifetime Marie leaves him at the altar and moves back to her parents’ house where she meets Jeshua who works there as a carpenterJeshua is actually Jesus and he is here on Earth to save humanity again Marie slowly falls for him and while she helps him to enjoy the modern world’s investments like pizza karaoke and salsa dance she has to face not only her pissed off and rude ex fiancé but her sister’s cancer her father’s young new girlfriend her mother’s psychoanalyses and new love interest who is actually the Archangel Gabriel and finally the Last JudgementThe story is partly told from Marie’s point of view in first person partly from the viewpoints of the Archangel Gabriel and Satan in third person I really enjoyed the comic strips by Marie’s sister Kate Apocalypse Next Tuesday is a very entertaining read with thought provoking ideas and lots of situation comedy Awesome bookIt was funny and touchingHow about Doom's Day is close and Jesus is back on earth and you fall in love with himYeah that's the story and it really really touched me and made me laugh and cryI really enjoyed this book definitly one of the best books I ever read Review first published on BookLikes just sometimes I need a book that offers pure escapism without pretending to be anything other than a diversion Not very deep or challenging or novel just plain cozy and preferably funny David Safier's books are just that simple fun So even though I have little patience for romance novels or religious fiction it was hard not to like the story of thirty five year old Marie who is jilting her fiance at the altar only to fall for the carpenter repairing her dad's roof No the plot is not what is seems If I had to summarise the book I would say it is Good Omens but featuring Bridget Jones and told with the social criticism of DogmaThis is why I liked it so much NB I read the German edition of the book It was published in English as Apocalypse Next Tuesday but as with Safier's first book Bad Karma I am not sure that the humor would work well in translation I just LOVE this Author He has found a perfect voice so full oh humour that it heals the Soul and yet tender and soothing Hoping to find of his booksMaria CarmoLisbon 4 March 2015 It started out strong but I did t enjoy the last third of the book The protagonist became trope of herself and the humor got tired It was funny and a uick read really funny addictive and maybe a bit weak at the very end but meanwhile was priceless In spite of the title and the cover of the book this is not a book about religion Or maybe it is in some way In fact this is a romantic comedy novel A romantic book about a woman that falls in love for the wrong man And the wrong man seems crazy enough to believe he is Jesus At first Marie thinks he is as crazy as a cow but what if he is really the Saviour coming back to earth for The Final Judgement yes the biblical Final JudgmentSpect crazy situations expect anything but a boring story I laugh a lot almost in all pages and as always nothing is what you are waiting for If you enjoy a book that comes out of the ordinary like I really do then this book is for you What a witty and hilarious story Definitely David Safier's got a talent for comedy Bringing Jesus as one of the main characters into what would look like a conventional romantic story is pretty original I couldn't help laughing at so many passages Marie the protagonist could be a new Bridget Jones but she's proactive and doesn't wait for others to solve her problems A bunch of funny characters revolves around her starting by her fiancé Sven and her sister Kata and my favorite pastor Gabriel If you're looking for something funny and witty pick this book You won't regret it Fundamentally flawed and theologically knotty but charming all the same Bridget Jones meets The Shack I’m still an unrepentant atheist though 35A light summer read for the holidays Was actually expecting a bit from this book after it being highly recommended by a friend