Change of Heart Kansas Connections #3

Change of Heart Kansas Connections #3[PDF / Epub] ✅ Change of Heart Kansas Connections #3 ⚣ Roseanne Evans Wilkins – by small and simple things are great things brought to pass Alma 376 Christina Andrews a beautiful college student from a small town in Kansas is only one insignificant person out of billions of peopl by small and Heart Kansas eBook ↠ simple things are great things brought to pass Alma Christina Andrews a beautiful college student from a small town in Kansas is only one insignificant person out of billions of people inhabiting the planet Not long after settling into her college dorm she's dating three attractive men Christina's never spent much Change of PDF/EPUB ² time dwelling on her past but when it comes time to make eternal decisions the fact that her father was a rapist takes center stage How can she listen to the whisperings of the Spirit when her father was a criminal Will she be able to step aside from her past to make the decisions that of Heart Kansas PDF/EPUB Ã will ultimately save many lives and will she be able to find the kind of love that lasts forever. Change of Heart was a fast and easy read Finished within a day It's the last of a the Kansas Connection Series I haven't read the first 2 yet but the story holds its own I know enough of the middle book from the reminders in this 3rd book I was never lost Christine moves from Kansas to Utah to attend BYU She starts dating there in the first week than she did her entire life back home Whirlwind romances begin she gets engaged and then breaks it off at the last moment when she realizes he's not going to be a good husband for her She then takes a trip to Israel with an Aunt and Uncle and finds herself accidentally involved in a plot that has the potential to harm the entire world Christine the main character was an interesting girl She had a few conflicting personality traits Sometimes she felt very sure of herself and knew her mind but then she allowed some self doubt to interfere But I guess that's typical of any young woman at times Thank goodness she finally followed her heartI enjoyed the story and liked how it all worked out in the end The only issue I had with is was when the point of view changed to a different character completely Took me a minute to wrap my mind around it since there had never been a different point of view until that time I liked how there were realistic problems that were easily fixed through the actions of the characters but that also relied upon the mercies of a higher power God Roseanne Wilkins has woven a fresh exciting LDS romance with totally believable characters you will root for Christina Andrews is smart pretty but a bit unsure of herself When she meets a dashing fellow student from BYU who sweeps her off her feet she tells herself it must be meant to be Her budding romance is propelled fast forward as she soon gets a marriage proposition from him What girl wouldn’t want to marry Mark? His family is wealthy and is uick to offer a lot cash if they marry uickly without a fuss However things don’t always seem as they should be and someone else from the past soon nags at her heartstrings Is she making the right choice? “A Change of Heart” is a tug of war between coming of age faith and heartbreakThe last half of the book has twist and turns that will surprise you The man who comes to her rescue in the end is my kind of hero and makes this an old fashioned love story It will keep you reading chapter after chapter I found this story compelling and delightful and gave it five stars Christina Andrews heads off to a LDS college BYU She has a great roommate and finds an interesting friend in her roommate’s brother Christina meets Mark a young man from a wealthy family Mark has finished his mission and is now completing his degree Mark proposes to Christina and his family is pushing for a uick marriage but something seems off for ChristinaChristina travels with family members and is caught in an extremely dangerous situation Her unexpected hero makes this into a perfect love storyThis book starts pretty slow with the getting accustomed to college and her budding relationship with Mark Then it uickly switches the plot thickens and twists and turns abound This is a coming of age story filled with heart aches strong religious faith LDS and ultimately finding one self Change of Heart was a very pleasurable readThis copy of Change of Heart was given to me by Goodreads First Reads and Roseanne Evans Wilkins in exchange for an honest reviewYoung Adult CHANGE OF HEART is imbued with strong kind personalities that carry this story to a rewarding although predictable end Along the way author Roseanne Wilkins treats us to a couple of plot twists that temporarily make the reader worry that the expected ending might not materializeWe follow Christina Andrews as she leaves her beloved family and embarks on her college career We witness her foibles as she makes mistakes along the way and we experience her pain as she corrects her path toward true loveThe novel provides a refreshing breeze of goodness and generosity ualities often ignored in modern fictionCHANGE OF HEART is an LDS Latter Day Saints Mormon romance so the story includes LDS references none of which confused this non LDS reader Also since the novel is after all a ROMANCE you can settle into a comfortable reading experience knowing that all will work out in the end I connected with the sweet and a bit shy Christina uickly I've read both novels and I liked this one even than Hidden in the Heart Christina is groping for her own independence from her parents in the novel even as she's starting college life Attention from two guys Henry and Todd throw her off balance Then Mark comes into the picture and things really get crazy Mark has money and he wants to marry uickly though his impatience and some other traits confuse Christina The story build suspense from there as she tries to find the direction her life is meant to take Read it to find out what happens to Christina and how she finds the man meant for her This is the first of Roseanne Wilkins’ novels that I’ve read and I loved it It captured well the stress and ups and downs of college dating and provided an exciting suspense story that kept the book moving well from beginning to endLike any good romance I found myself silently shouting at the characters “Don’t do it Red flag” and “Can’t you see he’s awesome Go get him” as well as a few “Don’t go around that corner”sOnce I started I couldn’t put it down and finished it within two days Way to go Roseanne You nailed it Wonderful story for all LDS girls to read Can't always look at the outside factors but also need to look for eternal ualities in a worthy young man to be married tooLoved it I liked Roseanne Wilkins novel Hidden in the Heart a preuel to this book so I expected to like this book as well The main character's lack of belief in herself was believable but her complete inability to be rational was not Then her parents' lack of concern or involvement is also hard to believe after having read the preuel Then there are plot issues The ending is so unbelievable Some of the plot twists were ridiculous It felt like Roseanne Wilkins got bored with the tory halfway thru and just ended it as uickly as possible SPOILER ALERT Give me a break She gets kidnapped and then her Israeli boyfriend just happens to come in and save the day in a matter of a few pages? Then she gets engaged to him repeating her earlier mistake after not seeing him in months? AND her parents aren't the least bit concerned?? DON'T waste your hard earned money I see that my rating is in the minority here but I really struggled with this one 2 stars is actually rounding up but I thought I'd give it a bump since I had a desire to see how things were going to tie together because most of the story didn't really seem to be leading to what was presented in the prologue I liked the idea of the story but didn't care for the presentation For such a short book there is a surprising amount of unnecessary detail The book was suspenseful from the middle off the book to the end Her relationship with Mark was infuriating I keep reading hoping she would get a clue but continued to move forward with the relationship I am glad she broke it off finally but wow I thought it was good because I didn't know what was going to happen next

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  • Paperback
  • 215 pages
  • Change of Heart Kansas Connections #3
  • Roseanne Evans Wilkins
  • English
  • 09 February 2016
  • 9781460960257