Charlie and the Christmas Kitty

Charlie and the Christmas Kitty[Reading] ➶ Charlie and the Christmas Kitty By Ree Drummond – Ree Drummond the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Pioneer Woman Cooks series of books and her lovable hound Charlie are back just in time for the holidays in Charlie and the Christmas Kitt Ree Drummond the New York Times bestselling the Christmas PDF ´ author of the Pioneer Woman Cooks series of books and her lovable hound Charlie are back just in time for the holidays in Charlie and the Christmas KittyWith expressive illustrations by Diane deGroat a delicious recipe from Ree Drummond and the hilarious antics of Charlie this hardcover picture book makes an excellent giftIn this follow up to the New York Times bestselling picture book Charlie the Ranch Dog Ree Drummond—the Pioneer Woman herself—delivers a story about getting into the holiday spirit and finding the good in Charlie and eBook â all Even though Charlie may not have put a kitty on his Christmas list he learns that if you keep an open heart new friends can come in unexpected packagesWhy is there a great big tree in the houseAnd why are all these boxes underneath itHey—what is that Where did it come fromUh oh This isn't good This isn't good at all. A Christmas gift for a little fella in the family He is going to love it because I did and I am a kid at heart So sweet and cute Ree Drummond reads the audio version There are purr ing sound effects that really make the experience Ree howls on Charlie's behalf and it's fantastic Only thing that would have made the experience better would be to have a hard copy in front of me to read along and see the illustrations Very cute little children's book Oh come on don't make me be the first person to not love this book Ugh I have been really looking forward to this one and the illustrations are adorable and the theme is fun but it felt a bit disconnected to me for a picture book story I guess I am looking for too much when this is a story narrated by a ranch hound hmm I assume I am some where between three and four stars I guess It is cute and could provide for some smiles and Christmas cheer Thanks to HC for providing a copy for review This was such a cute book It is also a good one to read to students because it shows how to get along with others even if they are new and seem to bother you It shows that everyone has good inside of them Reading Level 19Book Summary This is a cute book about Charlie the ranch dog Charlie tells you all about how tough life is as a ranch dog and how they are prepping for Christmas around the ranch Christmas time comes and Charlie's not happy about the Kitty who shows up He does his best to ignore the Kitty hoping it will just disappear but the Kitty has other ideas for Charlie What a sweet Christmas story to read with your kids or students and there is also a Christmas cookie recipe in the backBookshelf Genre Picture BookCharacteristics to support the genre sweet illustrationsBookshelf mentor traitsVoice This book is written in Charlie's voice and that is what makes it so cute You hear his expression in his words and it is also pretty funny Word Choice Good word choice it demonstrates the way the Charlie feels about life on the ranch and the Kitty as they go through the storyPresentation The presentation is adorable The illustrations of Charlie are great it paints a great picture of the story and life on the farmClassroom Integration I would read this book to my students for a cute Christmas story and point out that you might not like something new or someone to begin with but if you give it a chance you may change your mind You could add a writing assignment or just ask for examples The girls and I have discovered a new favorite dog in Children's Literature along with Biscuit Spot and Clifford His name is Charlie and he lives on a working cattle ranch in AustraliaCharlie's heart is as big as the dog bowl containing his favorite treat baconIn this story Charlie receives an unexpected Christmas present A very lovable orange kitty begins to invade Charlie's spaceCharlie is not thrilled to say the very least A What's a kitty doing on my ranch? I have to say I really wasn't expecting this developmentB This is by far the weirdest thing that's happened since the girls dressed me in that pinaforeC Maybe if I just ignore the kitty it'll go awaySeriously if your heart doesn't melt while reading this book check your PULSEWe are going to read as many Charlie books as we can findIt would be wonderful if there was a TV series or movie featuring Charlie It would be amazing for the girls to see him in real life Charlie is just the cutest basset hound EVER Wonderful illustrations and a very likable hero makes this story a winner We love all of Ree Drummond’s “Charlie” books My 9 year old son has grown up with Charlie listening to “his books” over and over again My 4 year old now also dearly loves him We don’t have a dog of our own so I guess that makes Charlie even special We got this one from the library today and as soon as we got home my 4 year old wanted to read it My 9 year old listened happily too We plan on making the Christmas cookie recipe in the back for Christmas as an extra special memory as well One of the books had an oatmeal bar recipe that we made several times and that is a fond memory for my 9 year old This book is charming and funny like all of the other Charlie books Charlie’s viewpoint is so clever and entertaining A fun light hearted book I am going to buy this book for my new baby niece for Christmas so she can grow up with Charlie too Charlie is top dog on the ranch or so he thinks until Christmas brings some surprises Charlie supervises the bringing in of the tree then settles in for a nap He thinks he is dreaming when a kitten shows up Unfortunately the kitty is there bouncing around the ranch when he wakes up The pair become friends and all is well until another gift arrives for Charlieteaching application What a fun book to read before the students write letters to Santa Who doesn't love Christmas? I wanna be King of the Ranch Hehe the dad in this book looks like Ree's husband Ladd The cat in this story is adorable Again love these cowgirl cowboy boots And did they get another dog at the end of the story Did I mention I love Ree Drummond and Bacon? I rated this a ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Because I'm 18 And this is a children's book Great for kids

Charlie and the Christmas Kitty ePUB ✓ Charlie and
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Charlie and the Christmas Kitty
  • Ree Drummond
  • English
  • 08 February 2016
  • 9780061996573