Deadlocked➤ Deadlocked Ebook ➪ Author Charlaine Harris – Felipe de Castro the vampire King of Louisiana and Arkansas and Nevada is in town It’s the worst possible time for a human body to show up in Eric Northman’s front yard—especially the body of a Felipe de Castro the vampire King of Louisiana and Arkansas and Nevada is in town It’s the worst possible time for a human body to show up in Eric Northman’s front yard—especially the body of a woman whose blood he just drank Now it’s up to Sookie and Bill the official Area Five investigator to solve the murder Sookie thinks that at least this time the dead girl’s fate has nothing to do with her But she is wrong She has an enemy one far devious than she would ever suspect who’s set out to make Sookie’s world come crashing down. A fair warning this review contains mild spoilers because writing my rant without them was next to impossible Proceed at your own riskThe Sookie Stackhouse series is dying a slow and painful death Everybody knows it Charlaine Harris knows it She knew it even before she signed the deal for the last three books What’s everyone who’s been following the series closely can pretty much tell when she stopped caring What started off as entertaining and steaming hot albeit poorly written is now similar to a diseased and dehydrated animal just waiting to be crushed by an oncoming car So now that we’re here mourning let’s make a list of Charlaine Harris’s sins shall we?• She wrote no less than ten books going in one direction only to change course rapidly and unexpectedly in book eleven thus disappointing countless fans all over the world • She created one of the hottest most intriguing male characters in urban fantasy and in general ahem and then she turned him into a monster I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole Oh my No cookies for you Charlaine • Every alpha male that ever showed up in the series was and is attracted to Sookie While I may believe that she’s pretty and likable I fail to see what makes her uite so special The list is pretty long Bill uinn Alcide Sam Eric and many others including her cousin and her great uncle – barf Also once they fall in love with her they never stop pining after her Never She ruins them for all other women • Harris’s overly simplistic writing didn’t bother me back when her books were actually entertaining but now that her plots are getting weaker with each book her writing weaknesses are also showing a lot than before • She is prone to describing ridiculously meaningless details of her heroine’s everyday life Case in point Sookie spends exactly 10% of Deadlocked filling out IRS forms and another 5% making sweet potato pie I kid you not At least now I have the recipe• Sam It’s pretty clear by now that Sookie is going to end up with him He is the guy who’d failed to notice that he was dating a homicidal maniac she wasn’t as secretive as all that until a completely random stranger warned him about it In my opinion Sam needs to grow a spine before he becomes a serious love interest and I don’t see that happening • In one of her many interviews Harris said that the bond between Sookie and Eric is her biggest regret The way she chose to get rid of that bond was ridiculous at best • Faeries I don’t think I need to elaborate Everything went downhill when Sookie’s heritage was discovered Her great great grandfather freaks her out she describes him as both creepy and scary she saw him no than five times total and yet she insists that she loves him Because he’s beautiful And a prince Duh• Monkey sex and ice packs Enough said This was my very first urban fantasy series It’s what got me hooked to what later became my favorite genre in the world That’s why watching it bleed to death right in front of me hurts like hell It really should have ended with book 8 After that it just went from bad to worse You are than welcome to contribute to the list in comments I’ll add some of your comments to the actual list together with your name if you want Dead Ever After? No thank you Oh who am I kidding? Of course I’ll read it C 62% | Unsatisfactory Notes The very blah internal monologue of a small town blonde and the story of her very negligible murder investigation This series is dying a slow painful death Please put it out of its misery while it's still the humane thing to do There are some spoilers listed below So word to the wise Well ladies my predictions about this book were dead ass wrongI just finished the latest Sookie Stackhouse and it's another steaming pile of poo Halfway through book 10 this series should've ended But no this is going to be like those cartoons where the character slams on the breaks of its vehicle and the car is ground into the road so severely that car parts fly off until all that's left is the steering wheel still in the character's hand Scratch that that's way too exciting a description for this series Think dementia Everything I liked about this series is gone Romance gone Sex gone A somewhat polite considerate female lead gone Ugh Sookie has bitchy comments in this novel than a sixteen year old on the rag I can go listen to my kids for that Eric not gone but largely absent A coherent mystery gone There is no reason of any logical merit why the villains perpetrate their crimes None NONEHowever Mundane chapter swallowing menusha thick on the groundI read on the CH blog that she was shocked to see that Dead Reckoning was listed as one of the worst books last year Seriously? What did she think was good about it? Zero story? Random strings of events that kind of came together but didn't resolve themselves? Lots of talk about child rape? Oh wait I know it must have been the dissolving of the single relationship that has had the vast majority of her readers coming back for And on that score Deadlock is the last nail in that coffin Unless you could vamperize a relationship Eric and Sookie are over Like Over Over But you know what they say When the sex endsso its not like I didn't see it coming Literally in one scene Eric was like Can I stay over and fuck the shit out of you? I'm paraphrasing And Sookie was like hell to the no HELLO? WTF Does CH think I slog through these for the descriptions of her grandmother's sweet potato casserole recipe? Hotdish for those of you in the upper MidwestHonestly I think CH is crushing these books because she's mad at the bloggers who've ripped her a new one over the past two years one And two I think she felt forced to get Sookie and Eric together by public demand; so she destroyed the relationship in a big flipping bird to those pressures Nobody tells Charlaine what to do Nobody Ugh I'm not wasting any time on this until next year when I will feel compelled to read the last one Wow I didn't realize how down everyone was on this series til I came here I am eagerly awaiting this book and I don't see why everyone has a huge problem with the series I think its great I re read them all within the last month or 2 because it had been so long I had forgotten a lot of the details and it just made me want to read Maybe I'm just in the apparently small minority of people who enjoy long series I hate to say goodbye to characters I've come to know and love and I for one am hoping this is not the last book in the series So there PEdit Read it in one night evencouldn't put it down and was uite happy with it save for the end i wanna know Obviously this book is building to Sookie and Sam ending up together Thru the 1st half of the series I hated that idea but now I think that would probably be the best conclusion to the series Or that could all be a giant misdirection who knows? I definitely do not like the enormous wait between books Am I the only one that thinks that Sookie ends up marrying Sam and running the bar with him? I think that vampire politics are too much for her as are were politics which excludes most of her lovers like Bill Eric and Alcide She loves working for Sam and all the men in her life seem to think there is going on there than Sookie is aware of I think harris will end the series with her and Sam getting married and running the bar while Eric marries his ueen and Bill moons around the way he has for the last couple of booksOKay so Now i've read it and It was pretty freaking good I was disappointed at the lack of a hot sexy scene a la shower in book 4 but it was still action packed It also reinforced my belief that Sookie ends up with Sam Short on Story Harris' Newest Book Fails AgainOr How Harris Let Alisha Down who loved Sookie forever and everRating details I gave this three stars out of pity then I got mad the I thought about the crap I'd just read so I changed it to one star I'm about to lay down the harsh on the newest installment in a series I adore and it isn't going to be pretty because uite frankly I'm pissed If you want to disagree with me please do so I have a lot to complain about and I didn't put it all down so please tell me HOW AWESOME this book is Just try First there wasn't much story My head was NOT spinning with new info to absorb as some readers have expressed Harris does not succeed in pulling her series out of a nose dive It wasn't better than the last book Those that maintain the opposite seem to have come by an advanced copy of the book Perhaps you gave the book a few pity stars because you love Sook? Or maybe you are like I was HOPEFUL Hopeful that the story would advance? Hopeful it would improve? I get you I'm sad that Harris is letting this series die as Sookie has been much loved I'm sick of her though I'm sick of Harris too for all she complains about Sookie; in her 20 years of writing she's never had a character that's been so popular Warning side rant about the TRUE BLOOD EXCUSEToo many times I've read the excuse that because It Was Made Into True Blood the Work Suffered That line of BS does not follow folks Harris is the author of her books Alan Ball is the creator of True Blood Harris' book have lost their way True Blood is HBO's biggest money maker since the Sopranos If Harris was unable to continue uality story lines for the series she didn't need to accept the contract Instead she accepted the contract and punished her fans That's right Charlaine I'm feeling punished for having loved the previous books It's uite cruelBack to the bookThe plot did contain a mildly interesting mystery but there wasn't much push to solve it As a reader I wasn't concerned the way I ought to be For example mysteries like Who is Plotting to Bomb The Pyramid of Giza Hotel? Who Killed Maria Starr? or Where the Hell is Bill? made me read on Too many glossed over days left me skimming for actual story Harris falls back on her standby Sook went to the store picked up her mail cooked dinner and washed her hair because there were no great revelations today BS Listen you can't do that It's cheating There's no story I'll let you do it once maybe twice but by the fifth time if it weren't on my Kindle I would have chucked the book across the room Where's the beef? There was relatively zero Eric and what was there became horribly flat Bill has moments which are nice but again there's not much there either What we are left with is head time with a character that needs a script for Zoloft Being in Sookie's head isn't a pleasant placeRelationship GripesIf we are to buy that Sookie is in love with Eric I'd expect passion Yell fight screw but do somethingIf she were in love with Sam I'd expect than vanilla I don't buy any of it Rather than tell Eric where he could stick it Sookie hung up on Eric or told him to go so many times I lost count and what's worse is that in most cases he'd only been present in the scene for a page give or take Even if you don't like Eric Sookie runs from nearly all confrontation which makes me dislike her and made me ask why? I have a few theories but the most plausible is that Harris simply didn't want to write it Gosh that would take effortAs an author one doesn't need to destroy characters just to end a romance between them Leave us with something please even if we end up hating Eric at least we'll feel something for him other than tiredAbsent from book 12SexNew and fresh descriptorsPhysical attraction to anyone that is excitingFun humor anything interestingEngrossing mysteryPresent in excessAngstAvoidanceCooking picking up mailWaitressingSecond tier characters doing boring town stuffWARNING Bon Temps is a snooze move to MonroeHarris spends too much time in Bon Temps with D characters I don't care about Tara and JB I don't care about Jason and Michelle or Holly and Hoyt oryou get the picture Harris fails badly They don't advance the plot WAIT Alisha Isn't there a point to all the babies and weddings? Yes but there are better ways to let us know that Sookie wants a family without Tara and JB who are the poster couple for surrender to any nice man so you can have kids message that is becoming all too familiar in this series Gag What a pessimistic point of view on love and marriage Should Sookie settle for less like Tara who married JB because she wanted kids and he loved her? Dear God NO In many ways this is the most demoralizing aspect of book 12Harris created a world of fantasy and romance but is bull dozing it with a level of reality I find concerning I miss Eric wearing leather Sookie running from potential kidnappers and hiding in Bill's hidey hole naked I miss Sam turning into a lion I miss Claudine showing up to a fight in pajamas I miss the silliness and funListen just get it over with Send Sookie to Sam send Eric away leave Bill pining as he always has I don't care any what happens to her and neither does Harris If you are dying to read a step by step description of Sookie's mundane daily activities such as checking email washing dishes sorting the mail showering or changing clothes then you will absolutely love this book If you enjoy reading about the dullest one dimensional Dollar Store generic versions of characters you used to love all while trying to slit your wrists with you favorite bookmark then pick up a copy of DeadlockedHowever if you expect than 5 sentences out of Eric's mouth or long for some semblance of passionexcitementintrigue from the early books you will be disappointed I didn't become interested in the book until the 70% mark Up until then I skipped paragraph after paragraph of poke your own eyeballs out dull narrative I seriously do not give two shits about Sookie taking off her work uniform and changing into shorts and a tank top she got from her brother and I doubt other readers will either The resolution to this novel's conflict was predictable and didn't move the series forward but it did increase the novel to a notch above unbearableOh and Ms Harrisif you want me to believe that Sookie has glorious brown legs perhaps you should stop stuffing her with Sonic chicken sandwiches Taco bell uesadillas Dairy ueen Oreo Blasts and chocolate cake You are turning Sookie into Snookie The product placement for State Farm was a little obvious too Maybe one should focus on the series instead of churning out screenplays as books and expecting your loyal readers to play along? Edited to add I spent some time today completely wasted and lost time I should add skimming the bulk of Deadlocked and reading the last few chapters This does not change my rating or my opinion of the book I am relieved however that Harris is closing down the series and pointing Sookie toward a mate But the method by which she is doing this stinks I stopped at 26% Nothing was happening and it is incredibly boring These is a lot of recap recap and recap By now we have all read the other books We know about the war with fairy we know about Jason's past marraige we know we know we know In Deadlocked there are characters who have never been important to the books and the storyline that are suddenly front and center Harris seems to have forgotten what made these books special She wrote interesting characters initially that acted according to their characters' personalities and were involved in interesting intrigue and mysteries Oh and there was scary monsters too Well that is not in this book Does Harris just wake up and decide that plot lines she wrote in to her past several books were a bad idea? I really get frustrated with how Harris has something big and game changing happen in one book and then suddenly she changes it back to how it was before the game changer in a later book Why the heck the struggle then and the war in the previous books if with one knock on the door in a subseuent book it is all erased? This is not the first plot line she has changed with the flick of her pen ie the blood bond and she has done this to characters If she wants to end the possibility of a relationship then Harris has that power She can write in circumstances and still keep the characters in tact But Harris never does that She has spent the past few books destroying both Alcide's and Eric's characters Alcide's actions in the last book along with Amelia's were so ridiculously out of character In the past few books Eric was not even a caricature of the vampire she had previously written Well it continues with Deadlocked I never thought Eric would be boring I never thought outside of the book about the witchs' spell that he could be so dumb I never imagined a strip club scene could be so boring Sorry I just can't do it And I am sad about it sad that I invested so much money and time in to this series and author often buying both the ebook and then the audio book Sometimes the story arc is done and it has to be ended This can be done without disappointing readers and gutting the soul out of the books Really it can So I may return to this book in a day or two to skim I am just too disappointed right now to continue If you would like to read a thought out and in detail review that isn't just a rant please check out BadAssBookReviews This was already the 12th bookANDThe love carrousel is still spinning WTH?? OoWho shall it be Miss Stackhouse?EricBillAlcideCalvinuinnSamDid I miss anyone? Let’s pick up the last book Maybe that will finally bring me some clarity lol