The Boy Who Plaited Manes

The Boy Who Plaited Manes[Read] ➱ The Boy Who Plaited Manes By Nancy Springer – When a young man mysteriously shows up in the stables of Lord Robley and demonstrates an amazing ability to braid horse manes and tails the Lord and Lady are uite taken with his abilities and have him When a young man mysteriously shows up Who Plaited PDF Å in the stables of Lord Robley and demonstrates an amazing ability to braid horse manes and tails the Lord and Lady are uite taken with his abilities and have him stay on Sure he doesn't speak a single word and there's truly something odd about him but his talents at braiding are second to none When the Lady finds herself in need of the man's skills for her own head of hair the situation is looked upon as a bit scandalous but nobody is prepared The Boy Kindle - for the outcome that befalls them as a result A short story. What a delightfully unsettling little story I really loved this Actually this turned me on to the works of Nancy Springer I picked up four books from the library and 3 from because I was impressed by both style and content I have a feeling I will be reading a lot of Nancy Springer in the near futureThe short story is very fairy tale esue the sort of fairy tale rule where the breaking of unspoken rules and the commission of crimes of human indecency and thoughtlessness tends to lead to badness The ageless boy shows up to do what he does without comment or complaint and through their misuse and mistreatment of him the people who benefited from his talents suffer The writing is spectacular and the tone and style match the content rhetorically speaking although the story is short the writing enhances the plot drawing on almost archetypal expectations in the way information is conveyedA personal favorite for me was Springer's willingness to put readers in the story by abusing our expectations of narrative PoV view spoiler At one point readers are told in an omniscient voice that a character has not yet realized the boy unnamed protagonist is mute so later when the boy speaks readers are surprised We feel same as those within the story the shock of revelation that this boy who we already suspected was than he appeared is even For anyone who takes the narration at face value the revelation of his single line of speech resonates readers feel instinctively connected to the story because we experience the same twists as the characters within hide spoiler Originally posted at dark little fairy tale a story with a strange but likeable hero The Boy Who Plaited Manes has a magical style to the way it’s toldThe setting seems to be Medieval taking place in a stable and a manor house The hero is of an indiscriminate age but young He doesn’t talk doesn’t show expression and doesn’t do much except his job So what’s the deal with him? He has an unworldly talent to plait the manes of the horses under his care with a beauty that defies belief The horses rest easy under his talented hands as he works his magic The groom doesn’t like him He doesn’t give him the pay owed him or even decent clothes for the winter but the boy never complains It’s assumed he’s mute The groom’s continued bad feelings toward the boy create a sense of forebodingThe young wife of the manor lord is bored Her main purpose is to look beautiful When her maid gets smallpox the lady is unsatisfied with the way the other maids try to do her hair So she gets an idea She has the talented stable boy work on her hair Of course he does a fantastic job day after day continuing with the task when the lady’s maid died of her diseaseThen the story takes a surprising turn The lady seduces the boy He’s a good lover but then turns to her and says something shocking Who even knew he could talk? But his words alarm the lady coming from such a gentle personThe whole while this is all expressed with a beautiful writing style just like the tales of old that flowed with a sense of underlying magic This story is so well written and otherworldly Fans of a very fast suspenseful read will enjoy this book I did A strange boy shows up at Lord Robley’s estate on the day of the Midsummer Hunt He walks into the stables goes straight to the stall of the lady’s white palfrey opens the door walks in and starts plaiting the long white mane The head groom in a rush to get the lord’s hunter ready stops and stares at the strange boy doing magical things to the palfrey’s mane He has no idea who this boy is or where he came from but he’s got a lot to do in very little time so decides to let him continue the plaiting The Lord and Lady are delighted with the result and the boy stays to do the plaiting of all the horses Who is this strange silent boy? Where did he come from and who are his people?This is an excellent short story Well written smooth flowing with an interesting main character Personally by the end of the tale I thought the boy was fey or had fey blood in him but we’ll never know What we do know is that he had a magic way with his hands I wish he was around to braid my hair I’ve never mastered the knack of it sighsMany thanks to Untreed Reads for providing me with a review copy Please see disclaimer page on my blog Going into The Boy Who Plaited Manes I had thought it was a book but instead it was just a short story Turns out that was fine as it didn't hook me at all It seemed like the retelling of a fairy tale or an original one Set in some older time a boy showed up at a Lord's stables and braided horses' manes He was god like in his ability to make horses look great but who he is or where he came from was completely unknown as he never said a wordThe Lord's wife needed her hair braided so she had him do it and like the horses she fell in love with him That lead to the downfall of every character in the storyI felt like I just didn't get this story Did it have a moral I was supposed to pick up on? Something other than the completely unsubtle 'Don't cheat on your spouse'? Either way it just didn't work for me I couldn't honestly say I liked this story because IMHO it wasn't the sort of story one LIKES but it was certainly an interesting and memorable read A peculiar boyman appears one day out of nowhere and begins to plait the manes and tails of the horses in the stable of the manor lord There is something uncanny about him and his sublime plaiting skills This is not a happy story and there are no characters to relate to It's along the lines of a moral fable It's a story about poverty and rank servility and nobility set in a world without kindness but not without hope A fairy tale of a magic realism type There’s something unnatural about the boy that is clear but what exactly he is never comes out Why he’s mute except for one phrase is even less clear although the comeuppance at the end is appropriate and understandable I would have liked it if some of those mysteries had been revealed for the writing and the details are spectacular

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