His At Night

His At Night❰Epub❯ ➝ His At Night Author Sherry Thomas – Oaklandjobs.co.uk SINOPSE Elissande Edgerton é uma mulher desesperada uma prisioneira na casa do tio tirano Apenas através do casamento pode ela reivindicar a liberdade por ue anseia Mas como encontrar o homem perfei SINOPSE Elissande Edgerton é uma mulher desesperada uma prisioneira na casa do tio tirano Apenas através do casamento pode ela reivindicar a liberdade por ue anseia Mas como encontrar o homem perfeito Lorde Vere está habituado a armadilhas irresistíveis Como agente secreto do governo His At PDF or localizou alguns dos criminosos mais tortuosos em Londres enuanto mantém a sua fachada de solteirão idiota e inofensivo Mas nada pode prepará lo para o escândalo de ser apanhado por Elissande Forçados a um casamento de conveniência Elissande e Vere estão prestes a descobrir ue não são os únicos com planos secretos Com a sedução como única arma e um segredo obscuro do passado a pôr em risco as vidas de ambos poderão eles aprender a confiar um no outro mesmo enuanto se entregam a uma paixão ue não pode ser negada. Let it be known that I don't normally read historical romance I'm not an expert on the genre and I don't claim to know everything but this story was BAD The hero was as stupid as the premise and I wish I had never bought this bookThe entirety of this novel revolves around the concept that Lord Vere the male protagonist is a complete idiot He was given the opportunity to work for the Crown undercover and he chose to use a riding accident as his reason for his current less intelligent state He has fooled his friends and family for 13 years now 13 years I find it hard to believe that he could somehow manage to convince everyone of his idiocy for 13 years without any slip ups I also don't understand the need to make him an idiot in the first place other than to somehow set this romance apart from the pack Why couldn't he lead a double life as a normal guy and still solve crime on the side? Some say that the reason he continues with his stupidity is so that when he shows up in the wrong place at the wrong time or is present at so many crime scenes he won't be suspected of any foul play I think that's a poor excuse though and one that ultimately ruined the whole book for meLord Vere's idiocy is supposed to be funny but the humor fell flat for me There was one part where I cracked a smile at some dirty Latin but aside from that I didn't find another humorous part within Most of the time when he was acting like an idiot I imagined him talking like Goofy; Gawrsh what are you guys doing out here gyuk gyuk and obviously this didn't make him seem sexy like a romance hero should be I suppose that's my own imagination playing a part though Humor is subjective so it's possible if someone finds him to be hilarious then they won't hate this book nearly as much as I did Elissande is the heroine of the story and even though I didn't hate her as much as Vere I also didn't respect her Elissande lives with her Aunt and Uncle; she takes care of her invalid Aunt while in a state of continuous fear of her Uncle Now her Uncle doesn't beat her he doesn't even raise his voice in her presence He chooses to subjugate her by being horrible to her Aunt; he's forced her Aunt into an addiction and by doing so keeps them both under his thumb I found Elissande's fear of her Uncle to be unjustified and contrived I can understand anger and disgust but not fear She doesn't even witness him physically abusing her Aunt she just assumes something else must be going on that she just hasn't seen for herself Throughout the novel she's literally petrified of a man that has never done anything terrible in her presence only done unspeakable things offstage allegedly I just never understood her level of fear although I could understand wanting to get away from himElissande's reasons for going after a husband make sense; she wants to leave behind her oppressive Uncle and save her Aunt After she has said husband though she acts like he's her savior which really sickened me At one point she all but begs Vere to take her virginity so her Uncle can't claim the marriage wasn't consummated He gets drunk and is horribly rude to her thrusts once to break her hymen and goes to sleep Oh yeah baby now that's sexy What does Elissande say afterward? Thank you sir Ugh the whole thing just made me sick Now Elissande tricks Vere into marrying her that's apparent if you read the back of the book When Vere first met Elissande he was captivated by her He was also upset that he was going to have to be a clumsy idiot because he thought he'd finally found the girl of his dreams But Vere uickly comes to the realization that Elissande smiles at him simply because she sees him as a viable option as a husband Vere is playing this idiot character and so it's easy for him to spot Elissande's acting; she smiles and acts happy because that's how she has to be around her Uncle so he doesn't attack her or her Aunt This pisses Vere off apparently he's the only one that's allowed to have dual personalities He's also pissed because she's ruined his image of the dream girl that he had in his head and so he decides he's going to be the biggest asshole to her that he can be bringing up embarrassing facts about her family and dragging her back to her Uncle after they're married And even when Vere realizes that Elissande acts the way she does to not enrage her crazy Uncle he doesn't think any differently of her She apologizes for deceiving him and he doesn't care He acts like a petulant child and for the life of me I can't understand why he did this He kept comparing Elissande to this dream girl in his head and when she didn't measure up he decided she wasn't good enough for him he even shut the door in her face when she asked to sleep with him Who acts like that?Vere is a petty bastard almost to the end and I found him completely void of any redeeming characteristics Elissande and Vere's romance is stale they barely know each other but somehow by the end they're soulmates There is no passion and what few romantic scenes we get happen for the most part off stage although we are treated to one unexpected boner oh ho ho naughty There's a secondary romance as well that I sort of enjoyed but it almost felt like it had been thrown in as an afterthought Also this secondary romance spoils the ending of another one of her novels Private Arrangements so if you plan on reading that I'd suggest reading this one after if you still want toThere was no climax for this novel what happens with the villain and the twist at the end was stupid and pointless Obviously I can't explain without spoiling things but I lost count of how many times I rolled my eyes reading the last 50 pages or so What's really sad about everything is I actually think the author writes very well She has a fluid style that's easy and uick to read I really just wish she had written an entirely different book because now I'm not sure I could ever read anything else by her again His at Night was a very clever multi layered story It is about two people who live their lives while playing out a role 24 hours out of the day Both Vere and Elissande have very good reasons for why they pretend to be someone that they are not Vere does it to right wrongs to exact vengeance when he could not save his mother so many years ago Elissande does it for her survivalI was uite impressed with how Ms Thomas wrote this book that made me laugh myself giddy in some scenes and feel a deep sense of sadness frustration and anger in other scenes You see Vere plays the fool and he does it very well He pretends to be what many called an idiot I wonder how I would feel if I knew him Probably I would find myself loving him and wanting to protect him since the world is cruel to people who are different and who don't live up to their standards That's what his younger brother Freddie did Others simply treated him with contempt I imagine that was really difficult for Vere To be such an intelligent person with so much to offer the world and to be perceived by the world in such a negative light Thus he is a very lonely man He has created a female companion his perfect woman who shares his life and sees him as he truly is That is his only solace outside of his ability to see justice done and taking care of his brotherWhen Vere first sees Elissande it's love at first sight although he rejects this feeling And when he sees that she is scheming to catch herself a husband he becomes hardened against her When she engineers being caught in a very compromising position with his brother he arranges to be there instead and his opinion plummets to an all time low but he must marry her Such begins their marriageElissande turned out to be an eually complicated heroine She's led a life of fear living with her frail aunt and her cruel wicked uncle by marriage She learned to always smile and act as if everything is okay Her sunny smile is a mask to hide her deepest fears and pain from the world When she meets Vere and realizes that he's an idiot smiling gets really hard Physically he's a dream come true But does she want to spend her life married to a fool even if he represents freedom for her aunt and herself? Desperation leads to her trying to entrap Freddie his younger brother but she gets Vere in her clutches instead She'll make do with him make a marriage that helps her to gain her freedomElissande doesn't expect to feel such passion with him like she is coming home in his arms He seems to be two different people the idiot and the demanding vital husband who will take all of her or nothing She comes to realize that being free from her uncle is not the only possibility from her marriage Neither come to realize how much they will come to love each other Watching their relationship unfold kept me rivetedI must give Ms Thomas my respect for capturing the late Victorian period so beautifully Her prose is elegant and vivid I felt like I was in the 19th century as I read this story When I had to put the book down it was with a sense of annoyance I think this would make a wonderful movie The characters in this story are realistic sometimes to a painful degree The confrontational encounters between the characters made me wince because it felt so real to me I don't think Ms Thomas is afraid of showing her characters at their ugliest and I'm not sure that this would work well for every reader At times it was jarring to me to see the cutting way Vere used words with Elissande to push her away How Elissande was not afraid to stab back with her own words Conflict of this sort isn't comfortable for me But it felt authentic which is something that I appreciate I like a story that has elements of darkness with characters that are flawed and struggling His at Night does have this element in spades But it's also a fun enjoyable book I liked Vere's cleverness his ability to stay in character and get the job done even when it was so hard for him I liked seeing his covert capers He stands out as a crusading hero who fights the good fight and that endeared him to me He is a strong vital man my favorite kind of hero in that regard His willingness to make personal sacrifices for the good of others only made me love him If only he realized how well Elissande complemented him She really wasn't so different I wish he hadn't tried so hard to push Elissande away afraid to let himself love her because it wasn't comfortable for him I was glad that he came to his senses and realized that an honest relationship isn't always comfortable that true love hurts But some hurts heal us deep insideIt was hard to say what I thought of this book but to put it simply I valued my reading experience with His at Night This was my first book by Ms Thomas and I look forward to reading books by this talented author His at Night will surprise readers of Sherry Thomas' Private Arrangements and Not uite a Husband used to her regretful subtly intense narratives and realistic characters and dialogue Both novels follow the conflicts facing two fully realized people in a relationship In contrast His at Night hinges on a implausible premise unrelated to the central romance where hero Lord Vere adopts the pose of an idiot for years as an agent of the Crown Perhaps the rockiest leg of this foundation is that Vere adopts this pose even before his younger brother who idolized his intelligence and competence before Vere's life changing accident and afterward becomes his devoted keeper On the one hand Thomas spins us a terribly heartrending situation where a brother must every day hurt and disappoint the man who was once his best friend On the other hand Vere's disguise is an idiot This undermines the gravity of Vere's dilemma It's hard to take his pain seriously when he's so upset that he has to play a puffed up fool At one point Vere muses that he could have taken the disguise of an indulgent self destructive rake eually well if not for his scruples about harming his body He has a my body is my temple attitude I think it likely Thomas simply didn't want to add to the body of rakes in historical romance Of course this attitude towards his body certainly pays off He's tall and strong and for once an aristocratic hero's fitness is believable and three dimensional excuse me as I ogle Vere's idiocy was hilarious He's not satisfied with simple blunders or social faux pas he's a clever man and he amuses himself as he fools people so we end up with brilliant dinner conversation like this “Have I told you the Edgertons’ motto?” he asked after a beat of silence“I do not believe so”“ Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo”On her other side Lord Frederick coughed a hacking fit of it as if he’d choked on his foodWithout a care in the world Lord Vere rose strolled to his brother and struck him a few times between his shoulder blades Lord Frederick red faced muttered a word of thanks Lord Vere ambled back to his own seat“‘We too have scattered arrows’ Isn’t that what the Edgertons’ motto means Freddie?”Vere's internal dialogue and his orneriness as a drunk smacked of Romancelandia when he denies his love for Elissande Lamentably I've read plenty of heroes fighting love I humor the authors Thomas' interpretation is the first that's actually convinced me and let me say the man in denial non romanticized is another animal Elissande is also flawed and the hero knows it thank you There are genuine unscripted conversations So Thomas' realism is still present to some degree Likewise Thomas' singular because I have yet to see another like her smooth concise style that sees whole chapters passing in a blink but every word potent ixnay on the metaphors superfluous rhapsodies on scenery and lengthy internal monologues A prose and wordcraft lover like myself can glut herself on Thomas' writing always Her narrative's sensual as usual through the placement of a few careful unabashed details so that we're riveted by the raw earthy power of the stuff Her fast pace was slowed somewhat by the unnecessary scuffle near the end and the powerful revelations which unravel Vere's character and affect our opinion of him ought better to have been seeded earlier in the narrative but otherwise fans of Thomas will enjoy her interpretation of the historical romantic comedy and newbies to Thomas will enjoy this lighthearted romance provided they also enjoy a flawed hero ; PS There's a bit of a spoiler for Private Arrangements in Night My first Sherry Thomas book and while some say this book has a lighter feel to it it still packs a big emotional wallop that had me going through a major range of emotions from anger to tears and cheers Sometimes it can be hard to feel for the characters and for me it took sometime for me to really feel and understand where Vere was coming from At first glance he comes across as a loveable idiot But as an agent of the crown he can move freely when everyone just thinks you don’t have any brains in your head This works so well for Vere that he even convinces his own brother whom he sees the hope die each time they meet that he would one day be the amazing man he once was Vere at times was a hard pill to shallow You felt for him but it was hard to understand where he was coming from but slowly the layers are taken away and Vere the selfish man behind the idiot it shown to be a man broken by his past and not being able to let go of the past and forgive not what happen but to forgive himself Vere hung on to his anger and grief after the death of his parents Letting go of anger and even grief is hard for many of us and I finally understood where Vere was coming from as I cried for the young man Vere was and what he finally saw what he was missing in his life and seeing his bright future in front of him Elissande I understood very uickly she was the mirror image of Vere in the way she acted to hide her fear from her evil uncle While Ver played the fool Elissande hid behind her cheerful smile Instead of breaking under her uncle cruel watch she was a fighter she may have been beaten but she was unbroken and willing to keep on fighting to I cheered when she kicked her uncle’s butt Elissanda saw herself as weak and lair but I saw a woman whom was willing to move mountains and hold on to that hope while she crawled herself out of the darkness and into the light Thomas plays with the darkness and the light within her story with you guessing what may be in the light may not be what’s really the truth hiding in the darkness Both Elissande and Vere fight their own darkness but with each other they see a mirror of the other and while Vere fights this at first he sees how much he’s fighting his love for Elissande and Elissande fighting her love to be with Vere The sensual level was high between them but not the sex scenes between them wasn’t graphic but sensual While there was many dark moments in the book and the continuing mysterycrime going around Elissande’s uncle there was also some very light and humorous moments with Vere acting the idiot and some of the things he would do make me laugh out loud many times and the blooming romance Freddie Vere’s bother and his best friend as the woman she is and the love she’s held for him for so longOverall Sherry Thomas writes a great dance of light and dark with His At Night with strong leads with understandable troubles they face This maybe my first Sherry Thomas book but it won’t be my last Admittedly I'm hard to impress when it comes to standard romance novels But I can't stand it when these books are peddled as something they're not His At Night is another in that oh so risue clump of romances the ones that want to be Hardcore Fiction in ways not dictated by Tab ASlot B sex But it didn't workNovels like this are terrified of offending their audience They're desperate to reassure the reader that there's a familiar path regardless of changing this trope or that angle of seduction And that desperation leads to the same boring subplots of secondary charactersthe same spoonfed emotion laden monologuesthe same fakey relationship rollercoasters shorthand character development regardless of whatever bizarre backstory or villainy is wedged between scenes of psychological lint picking However since Vere feels free to gnaw on overwrought bits of wangst re his undercover persona I thought it only fitting to compare his efforts with a favorite escapist drama of yours truly Miami Vice Remember they're all perfectly capable of kicking your ass And look at the awesome juxtaposition of dates 1890s 1980s Break out the Twilight Zone theme Truly His At Night demands an absurd utterly incomprehensible suspension of logic an unbridgable gap that left me reeling in a perpetual fog of disbelief I didn't buy for one second that Vere was a legit government agent Why? Because his cover is absolutely ridiculous everything about his toddling spymaster gig has the feel of a terrible one act play Her Majesty might as well have sent Bingo Little to solve the Great Train Robbery Undercover work is dangerous Undercover work reuires balls Undercover work reuires a believable persona Posing as drug dealing pond scum is one thing but keeping that cover week after week is something else entirely even for a pair of badasses like these guysUnleashing uber fashionable justice on dealers ped0s the world overSo how does Vere's techniue compare? snort Let's put it this wayLieutenant Castillo retired special forces military assassin professional asskicker thinks you're an unrealistic moronAs if Idiot Vere his spywork wasn't insulting enough we have a small army of characters who are completely fooled by this pathetic undercover gig which means the reader has no choice but to put up with it Somehow this stupid disguise has managed to fool not only Vere's acuaintainces social network but also his family closest friendsFOR THIRTEEN YEARS Yup Apparently Vere's convinced everyone that he's a harmless idiot completely brainless devoid of common sense because he walks into the wrong bedrooms spills food knocks over vases thinks people melt in the bathtub discusses cow udders in mixed company but he's not so stupid as to be Special Victims material He keeps several houses has servants enjoys an occasional roll in the hay with merry widows His idiocy is charming His idiocy is cute His idiocy is sexy Relax Larry It's just Vere blowing up an office filled with vitally important documents How charming In the long run I suppose it's important to establish Vere's idiocy as the half assed slapstick dumbassery that it isotherwise Elissande's obsession over his manly physiue would label her a sexual predator Even with the reader understanding Vere's undercover guise Elissande's initial battling against lust for his body omg his luscious shoulders giant dong make my ladybits tingle disgust at his mental failings holy shit I've married a fucking moron is somewhat on the creepy side But no worries it's only a moral uandry until midway through the book The guise that fooled his closest friends family for THIRTEEN YEARS doesn't fool Elissande She's known him for less than two weeks is suddenly noticing patterns to his idiot remarks the way he deliberately knocks things over Are you fucking kidding me? Crockett Tubbs are horrified at such piss poor undercovering The icing on this cake of WTFery wasted suspense is the romance itself Boring sex thin plotting talking head dialogues wooden characters eual a MASSIVE ROMANCE FAIL Let's break it down shall we? 1 I didn't buy into these people hating each other2 I didn't buy into these people loving each other3 I didn't buy into these people healing via lukewarm sexual encounters4 I didn't buy into the Big Bad Villain's villainy5 I didn't buy into the Big Bad Villain's downfall6 I didn't buy into the schmoopy secondary friends to lovers subplotAnd that's not to mention the gag worthy cheeseball closing chapters of repetitive navel gazing Even after the Big Bad Villain plot is concluded we spend anther 40 fuckin' pages on sifting through emotional belly button lintAwesome times yoOverall it's a fantastically dull storythough in the hands of someone else it could have made for decent romantic suspense I know some readers consider Sherry Thomas to be hardcore edgy for massmarket Regency Clone audiences but I'll say it again You can't be afraid to offend the overly tender sensibilities of some readers still offer real drama tragedy fear especially with the sort of story this wanted to be Larry is amused by your failure but only because there's nothing better on television2 stars BarelyNB This was the fourth installment of an epic Buddy Read Suare with these three ladies I think it's pretty safe to say none of us will be reading ST again I absolutely loved this book I'm not sure anything can surpass my love for Private Arrangements but after reading this one back to back with Not uite a Husband which I also adored I think this one's my second favorite after all HaN starts lightly enough Lord Vale is a Crown's agent pretending to be an idiot working on a case about the heroine's uncle Ellisande on the other hand wants to escape her uncle's home anyway she can And the opportunity presents itself when Vale and a group of other yound men and women ask for refuge in her house while her uncle is away If only she can get someone to marry her before her uncle comes back she'll finally be freeBut light and humorous as it seems there is darkness hidden beneath and it slowly but steadily reveals itself Vale is a man who's extremely lonely because of his charade hiding his true self from everyone He dreams of someone gentle and kind whom he can trust and who can see the real man behind the mask But his wife beautiful as she may be is no gentle lady; she's an actress herself and a unfeeling manipulator right? Ellisande on the other hand has suffered incredible psychological abuse in the hands of her uncle She has always been alone fending for herself and her aunt and wants someone on whom she can rely at last But can her husband forgive her for using him? And even if he can can an idiot be the man she needs? This was a story that had me smiling sighing worrying and actually crying while reading it It had me enthralled the whole time and kept me up until very late to finish it The characters were flowed in classical Thomas' style but that didn't keep me for caring deeply for them perhaps because I could see the reason behind their actions There is also a secondary romance about Vale's brother Freddie who also appeared in Private Arrangements I'm sorry to say that as much as I liked him in PA I could have done without his story here but maybe it's just because I didn't like the spotlight moving away from the main couple A highly recommended book for those who like their stories with a lot of depth and many layers Every romance novel needs an obstacle The idea is that the characters are perfectly suited for each other but there is something that is stopping them from being together some misunderstanding or some dark secret for exampleThe first thing to do if you want to write a romance novel is to come up with that obstacle Sherry Thomas came up with this let's make the male lead really smart and handsome but let's make him pretend he is dumbshit because he is a secret agent and 'dumbshit' is his cover Now the female lead is a clever girl so she is appalled by the fact that Lord Vere is as dumb as a box of rocks but also weirdly attracted to him because he has a six pack and a very big you know what which she discovered when she accidentally sat on his lap This is the situation I uite often found myself in so I could emphatise I usually gave those guys the benefit of doubt because you know it might just be that they were undercover secret agents Sadly each time it turned out that they were bona fide idiotsI can't give this book five stars because that's just embarrassingHere is what happened Karen started a Readers Advisory group on goodreads and I wanted to be nice and posted a thread there asking for a romance novel that would fill all my reuirements Mariel kindly provided recommendations Anyway long story short I woke up on Saturday morning and started reading it Before I knew it was 4pm I still hadn't taken a shower or eaten anything other than chocolateThis is precisely the reason I don't read romance novels too often because I can't be trusted with them I mean thank God it was Saturday Otherwise I would've probably called in sick or something 45 stars but it feels closer to 5 than 4 so I’ve been on a bit of a Sherry Thomas binge lately – I’ve devoured her two YA novels and listened to My Beautiful Enemy and now pounced on this new recording of one of her backlist titles His at Night This is one of the small number of her books I haven’t yet read but Kate Reading’s expert narration brings the story to life so vividly that I didn’t feel I’d missed anything by not having read the book firstThe story centres around two emotionally bruised characters who have spent most of their lives living a lie – or at the very least presenting a façade to the world which is very very different from the real person beneath the maskThe Maruess of Vere is known throughout society as a complete and utter idiot He’s happy go lucky gregarious and rather sweet a harmless accident prone man whose stupidity is accepted by all who know him After all the poor chap can’t help that a riding accident some thirteen years previously damaged his brain can he? Except that there has been no such damage Vere is a man of great intelligence wit and insight who has opted to hide behind an idiotish persona in order to conceal his work as an investigative operative for the crown For thirteen years he has hidden himself from everyone – even the younger brother who is his only family – because he has been obsessed with bringing wrongdoers to justice in order to make up for what he sees as his failure to protect his own mother years previouslyHaving to hide his true nature from everyone has taken a terrible toll on Vere He is a very lonely man unable to reveal his true self to any but a few trusted colleagues one of whom Lady Kingsley will be working with him on his latest investigation into the affairs of the wealthy diamond mine owner Edmund Douglas Elissande Edgerton has lived her life in fear of her uncle a cruel and vindictive man whose twisted idea of love has kept his wife and niece or less housebound for years She dreams of freedom but her aunt has faded under Edmund Douglas’ harsh treatment and has become an invalid dependent on laudanum Elissande has learned to put on a brave face and a charming smile for her uncle – any show of weakness from her and he would ruthlessly exploit it so she fights for herself and her aunt the only way she can by hiding her fear and loathing and pretending they are a happy familyOne day out of the blue she receives a visit from Lady Kingsley who is hosting a house party at Woodley Manor which is nearby Her house has been overrun by rats and she is in desperate need of somewhere to house her guests and she asks Elissande if she could trespass on her hospitality for the three days it will take for the manor to be rid of rats and made habitable again She makes it clear that her guests include a number of eligible men including a maruess – and Elissande hears freedom beckon If she can – somehow – manage to catch herself a rich powerful husband during their stay he will be able to protect her and her aunt from her uncle’s wrathBoth Vere and Elissande are immediately captivated by each other – until he realises her intention to manipulate him into marriage and she realises her golden Adonis has nothing between his earsBut when caught in a compromising situation there is no alternative but for Vere to offer marriage at which point he realises he’s been blind to the truth of the situation and that Elissande is not a fortune hunter but a desperate woman Even so Vere is furious at her deceptions and machinations and determines to seek an annulment at the earliest opportunity while Elissande finally believes she has secured freedom and safety for her and her auntHis at Night is a compelling story that had me hooked from start to finish Elissande is immediately drawn into sharp focus a young woman driven by fear into deception but Vere’s motives remain shrouded for most of the book When his story finally emerges it’s brilliantly and subtly shaded his motivations far from the black and white reasonings one might imagine could have driven such a fiercely intelligent and honourable man to live the life he has led for the past thirteen years He’s a superbly complex character – his alter ego as Vere the idiot supremely loveable the man beneath a mass of vulnerability resentment and overwhelming lonelinessMy heart broke for him repeatedly – when he has to act the moron around the woman he is coming to love and even so when he has to maintain the act around the brother he adores The scene where he finally fesses up to Freddie is possibly the best in the entire book; Freddie’s heartfelt outpouring of anger and grief for the brilliant older brother he’d “lost” so many years earlier is beautiful poignant and utterly gut wrenching and I had tears in my eyesHis at Night is a multi layered story full of complex emotions many of which aren’t always pleasant Vere’s resentment at being trapped into marriage leads him to say some very cutting things to Elissande and to behave poorly toward her; while she finds herself becoming increasingly confused by the man she has married a harmless idiot one moment capable of biting sarcasm the next But there’s no uestion that these two people need each other Vere rescues Elissande from the clutches of her evil uncle but she rescues him right back by showing him that it’s safe to let her see the real him and giving him reason and courage to reclaim his life I literally suealed with delight when I saw Kate Reading listed as the narrator for this audiobook I’ve not yet met a performance of hers I’ve disliked and she’s someone whose name on the cover of an audiobook is guaranteed to make me take a second and third look Her performance in this is as accomplished as one would expect; all the characters are clearly delineated and the subtle differences she employs in pitch and tone to portray Vere the idiot and RealVere work very well to show which persona he’s inhabiting each time he speaks She also has a terrific way with the humour and irony in the story delivering pronouncements such as this She had been married four hoursShe'd describe her marriage thus far as hushedShe'd also describe it as longIn a wonderfully dead pan fashion that is absolutely perfectIn short His at Night is as close to audio perfection as it’s possible to get and I recommend it most highly 35 STARS 35 starsI'm conflicted over this one My feelings kept changing as I kept reading this My first Sherry Thomas read and this book in particular kept coming my way so I caved and gave it a shot The overall idea and story set up was intriguing and not typical But the execution of it could have been better in some parts I started out enchanted with the hero and heroine's first meeting Cliche in many ways yes But still these two people who are so lonely and have to 'playact' most of their life to hide something I found it sweet and poetic that they would find solace and happiness in each other But then things went all helter skelter when the heroine Elissande who is in desperate straits view spoiler sets up the hero Lord Vere into getting caught with her so they would have to get married hide spoiler

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