Heartwishes✿ [EPUB] ✷ Heartwishes By Jude Deveraux ❥ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Gemma Ranford uer tanto obter o emprego oferecido para catalogar os documentos de uma das famílias mais antigas de Edilian a família Frazier ue está disposta a lutar por ele Fascinada por História Gemma Ranford uer tanto obter o emprego oferecido para catalogar os documentos de uma das famílias mais antigas de Edilian a família Frazier ue está disposta a lutar por ele Fascinada por História e desesperada por terminar a sua tese de dissertação Gemma acredita ue aueles papéis lhe fornecerão novas informações essenciais para imprimirem novo fôlego à sua investigação O ue ela não espera encontrar são as repetidas referências à Pedra dos Desejos do Coração um talismã mágico ue reza a lenda concederá desejos a uem detenha o apelido Frazier Se algo tão poderoso caísse nas mãos erradas toda a família poderia ficar em perigo mas à semelhança da maioria das pessoas Gemma considera ue não passará de um mito No entanto à medida ue vai passando mais tempo com a família apercebe se de ue os desejos mais secretos de todos os Frazier estão lentamente a tornar se realidade e ue ela entretanto está a apaixonar se perdidamente pelo filho mais velho da sua empregadora Colin O problema é ue Gemma não é a única a ter reparado ue os poderes mágicos da pedra despertaram e há um ladrão internacional à espreita Trabalhando em conjunto Gemma e Colin terão de encontrar a pedra antes ue esta possa ser usada contra a família mas não o farão sem ue cada um dos seus desejos mais profundos tenha sido descoberto. This has to be one the blandest most boring books I have ever read in my life Conflict? The little it has makes absolutely no senseFirst let me start by saying that everything in this book fell into place a little too easily Everyone loved Gemma and she was just so perfect in every way Everyone immediately got along with including the few people who don't get along with others The only people Gemma didn't get along with were the people who were the bad guys It was actually sickening to read how peachy keen everything seemedAnd pardon me but isn't this story called Heartwishes? We really get to read anything about Gemma's research or the stone unless it's in uick spurts or the letter she reads at the very end Kind of a cop out if you ask me I was curious about the stone than Gemma and Colin's relationshipThis brings me to another point The only romance novels I hate reading than the ones where the couple fights every second they are not having sex is the ones where there is absolutely no conflict between the two The only fight the two had I thought Gemma had lost her mind It seriously made no sense to me Gemma doesn't like Colin's jealousy and says she can't handle it when Colin gets upset about her spending time with Tris alone but Colin never acted on his jealousy In fact he had to tell her he was even jealous at all But it's okay for Gemma to get hysterically agree and storm off when Colin says his ex girlfriend is connected to a case he is working on Gemma who is carrying Colin's child comes up with all these plans of living her life and raising the child without Colin after he tells her this Completely ridiculous if you ask me especially since Gemma goes around kissing everyone the entire novel Not even kidding It seemed like every other page Gemma was kissing people for absolutely no reason The first time she ever meets Colin's sister Ariel and Ariel tells Gemma she is getting married Gemma turns and kisses Ariel's fiancé in congratulations Not only had she just met the guy I don't think they even talked to each other A simple congratulation could have workedOverall this novel bored me to death when it wasn't annoying me with its nonsensical behaviors Had I known how it was going to be I would have never wasted a penny on it And I am a huge Deveraux fan Cute book in the continuing Edilean series with a touch of magic Onto Moonlight in the Morning Wow times have changed especially for romance novels Apparently one night stands are super sexy and so are unplanned pregnancies What I liked best about Deveraux's heroes is that they are masculine and the women are talented This felt trashy to me This is my last book of her Edilean series I'll patiently wait for a new series The Edilean series redeemed its pace with Heartwishes after the disappoinment of Scarlet Nights Hooked me right from the first page Even when the excitement slowly winding down as the story progressed it still managed to captured my attention to the very endAnd I never thought that the phrase 'brawn and brain' applies to women too Oh man you know those times in which you look at the clock and it is 12AM and the next time you look at it it's 4AM and it didn't even feel as if that much time passed because of how much you were drawn into whatever it was you were doing? Yeah Heartwishes does this for you The things that go on do in fact fall into place uite well but that is the entire point of the Heartwishes stone Wishes come true And everyone's wishes are coming true hence the falling into place together Everything that goes on in this story is all pretty much fate and meant to happen and I personally found that working perfectly well for me If you are into SPOILER ALERT1 Happy endings2 Fate3 Fairy Tales because this kind of reminded me of one the nice little town the awesome protagonist and her being loved by the people in town the handsome rich man who would pretty much be Prince Charming and the villain with the minion sort of4 A pinch of mystery to figure out if the stone was real and if it was where was it? Along with trying to catch a thief and what he's after with all the robberies he's madeThen I highly recommend this bookThe protagonists feel perfectly in sync with each other and as does Edilean To be honest this was my first book of the series; I had no knowledge that this was actually the fifth book in it The author is able to keep the reader on track if they haven't read the past ones She makes a hell of good job at that because I was not confused at any point Overall it is a beautiful very detailed book with an amazing creative story that contain the three things listed above and a lot Well deserved 55 stars 3 I loved it I am really not a fan of the Edilean series and this is yet another one that I did not enjoy from Jude Deveraux I loved her historical romances and some of her contemporary romances were sweet as well but this latest batch of magical realism romances are gag inducing I don't want to read a story about a perfect woman sweeping in and making everybody in a perfect little town fall in love with her How nice that she gets the attention of two of the most eligible bachelors in town How nice that the rival for his heart will turn out to be the way she is How nice that this woman fits oh so perfectly into this family's household being just the right person for everybody How nice she has a perfect little body toned and curvy from all of her amazing workouts with boxing and she's just the right mix of femininity and as well as being one of the boys If I read this in physical book form I probably would have thrown it across the room in disgust It's great that this book is about a stone that grants wishes because it really is wish fulfillment I'm not usually a fan of small town romances but I really really loved this one Edilean has become my favorite small town and if I could find one just like it in real life I'd probably move there tomorrow lolGemma Ranford was a real person to me She came alive through the pages and made me feel like her best friend sharing all her secrets I loved seeing how she saw things and enjoyed her romance with Colin and her friendship with Tristan And what can I say about Colin Frazier? Other than what a hottie Can I have one for myself? Guess I'll have to move to Edilean after all and grab up one of the Frazier's haha This was a cute happy easy to read story Not a lot of excitement or mystery Pretty much a straight forward contemporary romance with the reuisite happy ending It was perfect for these dreary snowy winter days If you're looking for a story with some meat to it this is not for you If you just want some smile inducing escapism this is perfect This book was a mix between mystery and romance and had I realized that it was #5 in the a series I would have started from the beginning Gemma the main character in the story is a PhD student that gets a job working for the Frazier family in a small town known as Edilean Gemma's job is to sort through and compile notes on boxes and boxes of history that the Frazier family has which in turn will also help her write her dissertation It's at this new job that she meets Colin the oldest son in the family She is immediately attracted to him but he's involved and has been for some time with Jean Jean's mystery uncle by the way is an international thief What I enjoyed about this book I'll readily admit that my dream job would surround me with books most likely a library I loved that Gemma had this job that she found so much joy and passion in and was surrounded by books letters articles etc I love the idea of small town life of everyone knowing one another low crime rates and for the appeal of older homes where the home don't match each other on the street have some sort of history to them and are in general much older This is the first book that I've read by Jude Deveraux so I wasn't exactly sure what to expect Honestly it was the cover that intrigued me and is the reason I borrowed it from the library Knowing that this is one of a series hopefully all based in the same small town as Heartwishes I will be on the look out for the others within the series When Gemma is hired to research and catalog the thousands of pages of family history that Alea Frazier has purchased at auction from their family's estate in Scotland she meets the eldest son Colin Sheriff of Edilean Their romance is not so much rocky as realistic in that he is dating someone else and she needs to preserve her job One of the prospective hirees has already been thrown out for sleeping with one of Alea's sons Gemma discovers information on the Heartwishes Stone Not knowing that it still exists the Fraziers start making heart wishes Alea wants grandchildren when none of her children are even married yet that's one I really identify with Gemma wants a place to belong Colin wants love Sara wants twins she is already pregnant and the sonograms show only one child and so it goes The trick is that the wishes only work for members of the Frazier family and their women It is up to the reader to decide if the Heartwishes Stone actually works or if there are just a bunch of coincidences but as it was in history they find that it is still true today that the granted wishes may not always be what you are expecting A thoroughly enjoyable read overall