The Dark Film

The Dark Film❰PDF / Epub❯ ☆ The Dark Film Author Paul Farley – Paul Farley's great poetic gift is his ability to switch between the local and the universal the present and the historical past bringing to our attention things previously hidden 'The Dark Film' is a Paul Farley's great poetic gift is his ability to switch between the local and the universal the present and the historical past bringing to our attention things previously hidden 'The Dark Film' is a profound meditation on time on the untold stories of our history and on the act of human beholding. This is undoubtedly a well written collection filled with wonderful imagery and crunchy language However it doesn't risk its heart I can't recall any poems getting under the skin; rather it was satisfied with simply seeing it As I'm into emotive work I can't wholeheartedly recommend it but I will probably read bits of it again in order to pilfer some of the ways Farley puts words together There’s some good writing in here but generally it didn’t really resonate with me DNF Just could'nt finish itNot sure if the worst I ever read though The Dark Film is written in very clear simple lucid language It’s an easy read I enjoyed not having to dip into a dictionary or Google names of things and this might be why I felt this book had a lovely flow to it even though it covers a very wide range of topicsPaul Farley often likes to startle the reader by opening a poem with an unusual sometimes bizarre image This is what grabs your attention and draws you into the poem initially The poem ‘Brent Crude’ begins“Each one of us could fit inside a barrelassume foetal positions elbows insuspended in the sweet and viscous black”At other times he creates a sense of immediacy and movement another way of drawing you in as in ‘The Cellar’“Mind your head The ceiling is lowSlowly down the gritty steps”However I rarely reached the end one of these poems feeling fully satisfied or “wowed” Why? Well I got the feeling that Paul Farley too often skimmed across the surface of a topic or theme and then tied the poem up before he risked losing the reader’s attention In a way these poems are too easy to readIn ‘Outside Cow Ark’ for example which is one of the loveliest poems in the collection Farley develops a theme about the life force operating in different creatures “Is mine the only heart out in this weather?” He begins to ponder how human hearts built for the long haul must be perceived by creatures with shorter life spans The poem ends there We end up with a neat and tidy three stanza poem hinged around a interesting but ultimately rather inconseuential thought which could have been developed into something much greaterBy the end of The Dark Film I still had the feeling of dissatisfaction It’s not a book which has left a deep impression on me There aren’t any poems in here that I feel the urge to go back and re read Still each poem is on its own account well made clever and often entertaining Like I said it’s an easy readFive Words that describe this book startling nostalgic playful surface unsatisfyingStand Out Poems ‘The Power’; ‘Outside Cow Ark’; ‘Creep’Killer Line “Now look around your tiny room and tell me that you haven’t got the power” from ‘The Power’ There is a long standing rule in show business that you should never open with the headliner While I enjoyed much of this collection nothing in the book could come close to the jolt delivered by the first poem 'The Power' is a sensational piece of work That said this is a thrilling book of poetry and Farley is finding a consistent and engaging personal voice one that can look back neither in anger nor nostalgia And as a cheeky contribution to this year's Jubilee celebrations I also uite enjoyed 'The ueen' This was my last PBS choice and though it arrived a little while back I'd not had time to really read it So glad I have now though as I very much enjoyed it I'm left with several memorable images and am especially taken with the short poem 'Moles' A small volume but packed with good stuff KOBOBOOKSReviewed by The Guardian 20 Apr 2012 an absolutely stunning work the poems are so incredibly evocative or perhaps that should be invocative that even the ones that don't describe sounds or music seem to conjure it is among the best collections that i've ever read Love his poetry a couple of really humorous pieces in here A Thousand Lines and a real sense of time and place captured Like the bloke like his radio pieces bought the book to take on holiday I like the poems Going back to them again and again to just read one or even a snippet that has stuck in my head

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