The Followers

The Followers➳ [Reading] ➶ The Followers By Evan Bollinger ➩ – For many of us the days of youth are remembered with warmth and nostalgia Memories of old hang in the light crisp and spared never to be lost But for some of us there is darkness And we find ourselves For many of us the days of youth are remembered with warmth and nostalgia Memories of old hang in the light crisp and spared never to be lost But for some of us there is darkness And we find ourselves trapped haunted followed by the demons of pastLiterally the demons of pastDownload from. The Followers by Evan Bollinger is a 2012 e book release This is a Dark Niche publication This book is about 67 pages long making it a short storynovellaA young student aware of much than most notices things others take for granted Often he immerses himself in fantasy What is real what is not? What do we miss out on by keeping our gaze at eye levelAbout mid stream we are introduced to a new character A young woman on a high anticipating the end of the school year and her new freedom as an adult But her celebration is cut short How she and the young man's life are related will soon be revealedI was contacted by the author about reviewing this book It is available in the kindle lending library so I thought I would check it outWhen I initially looked the book up it was described as being Gothic After reading the book I went back to the page and I see it is now being touted as a dark paranormal fantasy I'm not really sure if any of that applies here I know most folks that read dark paranormal fantasy probably would disagree with this description and since I study Gothic literature I can promise you this book is definitely does not belong in that genre So where does it belong? Not sure Perhaps horrorfantasy psychological literature if there is such a thing I think this short story would be something people that read horror fantasy or maybe science fiction would like and if you are interested in the human psyche this might interest youIt is an interesting story The author has a wide vocabulary and can paint a visual picture that has you drawn into the fantasy seeing it through someone else's eyes and experiencesIt is than likely that I maybe missed some important point the author was attempting to make but reading other reviews here I don't know if anyone else was any clued in than I was I think this novella has a follow up novel and I am interested enough to see where this may go The three star rating has to with the misleading description of the book and not with the author's writing skillsOverall this is a B Despite being significantly underwhelmed by Bollinger's Marin Dale decided to check this one out thinking that two books by the same author ought to be enough to form an opinion on him Well now that's I've read them both I'm pretty certain Bollinger is just not for me This book features the same disjointed dreamlike odd and trippy narrative as Marin's Dale adults that only appear in cameos general weirdness This novella does have a coherent plot underneath all the over stylization and it's pretty short and a uick read with a nice twist at the end which served as a saving grace but it just didn't sing for me as a whole really This is a strange little book a novella length story about a boy who climbs a tree sees a large black flying creature with claws soft ears and fur and then follows it along the street to the boy's school then home again via the public swimming pool Interspersed with that thread is the story of Carly a teenager on her way to visit her friends for a night of drinking Throughout both threads is another voice this one disembodied that speaks of the multiverse and how it shows itself in confusing circumstances That gives us an idea about what is going on here because the story is somewhat disjointed sometimes jumping uickly from character to character and even from one version of a character to another version of the same character Despite this we are always clear whose point of view we are viewing the action from and all the threads come together nicely in the endIt's the kind of book that niggles at your consciousness leaving you with a sense of possibility a feeling that the universe is somewhat stranger and intricately linked than you might have previously imagined In some respects it's amazing that the story hangs together at all yet it does a fact that indicates a certain amount of skill on the author's part No section is ever too long or too short and the changes happen uickly as the book nears its conclusion a good pacing techniue This is metaphysical fiction in that it presents a thought provoking vision of the universe one that affects the way we experience our world We are never sure if the flying creature is real or an extended metaphor perhaps it is both or neither All possibilities seem not only possible but also perfectly reasonable Though the writing could do with a bit of minor tweaking in places it is essentially a well crafted and well finished book which I recommend to anyone who likes something different A trippy gothicfantasy story that reads like a drug fuelled trip through your wildest childhood memories and fantasies The Followers tracks the imaginations of its narrator as he tracks and chases a winged creature through the scenes of his home and school life His story is later intertwined with the story of a girl on her way to a party to get as drunk as she possibly can encountering an unforeseen and traumatic situation on the wayA uniue interesting and crazy story painted with a very talented and descriptive hand culminating in a number of twists that link both of the story paths and characters together A really enjoyable read Cross posted from Papyrus Independent Author Reviews For each of us there will come a time A time at which we stop and with the most confidence that we can have we know And we can draw a breath and say that it was that day or that event or that string of thoughts and emotions that started it all The Followers is a small novella which I’m classifying as a mystery To elaborate it could be described as a psychological study – part multi verse exploration part unreliable narrator If I were to draw a parallel to a movie I would probably choose Donnie DarkoThe main narrator is a young boy who climbs up a tree near his house which he refers to as his Spirit Tree From there he sees a sinister creature prior to falling Most of our journey is with the boy and the narrative itself is in the first person However there is also a secondary narrative in the third person from the perspective of a adolescent girl named Carly who is driving to a friend’s place for drinksTo concentrate firstly on the young boy once he falls from his Spirit Tree his narrative splinters into two parallel but uite different stories one inhabits a surreal dreamscape where he pursues the strange creature he saw just before his fall; the other seems to be a somewhat regular school day upon which a supernatural apparition has intruded I’m not a big fan of dreamscape narrative To me it usually follows a seuence of fairly disjointed scenes and images which ends up feeling like a shopping list Unfortunately this novella was not an exception The fact that this journey was intertwined with a slightly regularly composed narrative actually made matters worse the scenes cutting back and forth in a disorienting fashionAfter a while Carly’s secondary narrative is introduced which served to make a fairly messy and tiring experience even chaotic Who is Carly? How does she fit in with the protagonist’s story? Why should we care who she is and where she is going?However in the last uarter of the story the author starts reaping what he has sown in the earlier stages of the novella As I was reading I was starting to feel that some images that had seemed so random earlier were actually uite deliberate and that the author was actually starting to work the different threads together Indeed the novella heads towards a rather clever intersection that left me with appreciation of the story construction and not a few contemplative silencesOverall I felt that although The Followers was a rather intelligent construction when viewed in hindsight it was a case of the end not justifying the means or at least not significantly enough for me to praise the work enthusiastically Fortunately although he might not have hit a sweet spot for me on this occasion the effort has opened my eyes to this author and I’ll be looking to sample of his work to see if I can find something that uses a similar intelligence packaged in a format I can fully appreciate Examining Existentialism“The Followers” begs one to ask two uestions Is it so bad to want to immerse oneself in fantasy? What if anything is real? Evan Bollinger carries the reader along on a journey with an attuned child and into his mind's farthest reaches He transports the reader into a world that only he the child sees It's a monotonous and mundane world that the child can't escape but not from a lack of trying Bollinger relates every nuance of this world so effortlessly and almost flawlessly It's a somewhat warped world indeed It's a world that so many of us might know It's a real world only the observant child sees some very unreal things in it Bollinger's use of simile is in my opinion superb as he describes to the reader every nuance of the perceptive child's experiences throughout a day in his life I hesitate to explain what happens in the story any further I fear ruining its ending Inside all fiction lies at least one grain of truth It's true to me that “The Followers” is well worth reading I thoroughly enjoyed it Perhaps others will too Kudos to Evan Bollinger for creating a vivid and enthralling story where you can wrap yourself into the mind of a child as he chases a creature that keeps you teetering between the realms of reality and fantasy I never thought there was such a thing as being “too detailed” but at times I did find myself skipping through indepthly descriptive portions of the story to get to the meat of the scene Clearly a talented writer Evan’s verbiage sometimes reminds me of Stephen King but can become rather long winded without using run on sentences if such a thing is possible Despite that minor flaw the story line kept my interest throughout and the creepy discoveries that are reality than not including an unfortunate happenstance to a young girl is frightening If you’re tired of predictability and guessing the ending 3 chapters earlyyou won’t be disappointed this time He leaves you with your jaw dropped My initial reaction to this book was total confusion So then I went back and read the book again only to gain a bit understanding The Followers for me was like being in a drug induced fog It honestly gave me a headache try to make sense of it and that is when it hit me I was trying to make the story logical There is no logic to The Followers it just is Once I was able to take the logic out and just sit back and read I found that I did enjoy the story It is definitely one heck of a ride that is for sure It almost made me feel as though I was in a Twilight Zone episode Evan Bollinger did a nice job of taking you on a trip through an alternate dimension of sorts I am glad I did give the book a second chance If your interested in a trip in to a fantasy dimension I recommend picking up Evan's book There is a lot in this novella Good simple characters a subtle story with a neat twist all told from a young person's eye I say eye because the mind of the central character is far from childish as indeed is the theme I enjoyed teh fantasy elements as much as I enjoyed its urban setting The whole book had a very smart surreal feeling to it a bit like listening to thoughts rather than justreading words I like this kind of writing especially when it is well done and this isA simple concept taken no further than it needed to be Many people would have dragged this out into a full length novel and lost its identity and purpose along the way A brief but very enjoyable readI shall be looking for from Mr Bollinger I really didn't understand what it was all about until around the last 20 pages If this one paragraph wasIn the beginning instead of at the end you might have been able to tell what was going on from the start