DreamCatcher[Read] ➯ DreamCatcher By Alanda Kariza – Oaklandjobs.co.uk “Dreams are necessary to life” – Anais NinMimpi itu kebutuhan Layaknya udara tanpa disadari aku kamu dan kita semua membutuhkan mimpi Mimpilah yang menuntun kita atas apa yang kita kerjakan saat “Dreams are necessary to life” – Anais NinMimpi itu kebutuhan Layaknya udara tanpa disadari aku kamu dan kita semua membutuhkan mimpi Mimpilah yang menuntun kita atas apa yang kita kerjakan saat ini karena hari ini adalah jawaban atas mimpi kita tempo hariDreamCatcher memberikan gambaran tentang bagaimana merancang mimpi Inilah rancangan hidup yang kita coba reka sendiri Alanda Kariza berbagi hal hal yang bisa kita lakukan untuk menciptakan mimpi dan meraihnya sejak dini Memanfaatkan kekurangan meningkatkan produktivitas dan berbagi dengan orang lain adalah beberapa di antaranyaBuku ini dilengkapi lembar aktivitas untuk mencatat hal hal yang ingin kita capai Tak ketinggalan ada pula profil para sosok muda yang sukses mewujudkan impianSo live your dreams Hidup yang dipenuhi mimpi akan banyak bercerita tentang masa depan“DreamCatcher menyimpan jawaban bahwa hidup akan lebih menyenangkan bila kita bisa mewujudkan impian” – Pandji Pragiwaksono a man living his dreams“Saya termasuk orang yang dari dulu banyak bermimpi Ketika menyadarinya saya kaget sekali karena sudah banyak mimpi itu yang kini jadi kenyataan DreamCatcher bercerita tentang mimpi mimpi yang harus diciptakan dan bagiaimana kita mencapainya Semuanya diceritakan dengan berbagai contoh nyata Seandainya dari dulu sudah terbit buku seperti ini” – Yoris Sebastian Creative Thinker at OMG Consulting penulis buku Creative Junkies“Sebuah komposisi pemikiran cerdas dan pengalaman menarik Alanda kembali meyakinkan kita tentang kekuatan mimpi Buku yang wajib dibaca oleh setiap anak muda yang ingin punya segudang mimpi” – Iman Usman Presiden Indonesian Future Leaders. I'm not that kind of person who fall for motivational books or words But this one's okay though There are still some encouraging uotes that I love Though after reading it I didn't feel so much change in my life So I gave this book to my best friend instead who at that time were striving to go to med school And guess what she's in med school now review next I woke up one day realizing how I have been 'wasting' my life I am 21 and I have never done something notable investible and something I am passionate about I go to college I respect rules I do what's nearly all human living do I know I have just turned 21 and it is totally normal if i see others with the same age while doing the same thing as I do But hey I don't want to be normal I don't want the word 'common' describes my self I have stood too long in an awe witnessing people's achievement I have seen the author of this book Alanda Kariza never ceases to impress me even since she was youngerI have never intended to buy this book But then I passed on this particular section of the bookstores and found this book unwrapped I started reading the books jumping from one page to another page and decided to spend my money on this book This book is practically a guide for catching dreams Hence the title The book is generally divided into five chapters with some sub topics under each of them The chapters are Inventing your dream Takedowns Designing the blueprint Making them come true Living it I bet you can imagine what's each chapter is gonna tell usIf you feel the same as I do or even if you don't or you haven't give this book a read and decide what's best for your life This might be not the best self help book you have ever read but this book definitely fuels me to constantly look for my life calling Dreams are invented You should find out what you want to do Your dream could come from something you love a problem you want to solve things you want to change or something you want to share with others“Dream Catcher” has a cool lay out design that make reading it fun Alanda also make it feels like a sharing to a friend Besides her own experience she also put other successful young profile that had accomplish some of their dreams and in a way to achieve other dreams in their life There are also some simple worksheet in the book that related with the topic in that chapterFull review One of the best motivation books for teenagers also early adult Realistic words and exciting to read book I would give stars if I were 10 years younger than today p A good motivation book Read Dream Catcher can change your mindset Where you will bring to near with your dreams So live your dreams and make it come true Self empowerment book I turning the book as my dreams journal hehe When you're dreaming sky is the limit actually i haven't finished this book But superthanks for some useful links D

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  • 232 pages
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  • Alanda Kariza
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  • 10 June 2014
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