Blood Red Riding Hood (Zombie Fairy Tales #4)

Blood Red Riding Hood (Zombie Fairy Tales #4)[Epub] ➟ Blood Red Riding Hood (Zombie Fairy Tales #4) By Kevin Richey – Save 65% off the cover price by purchasing this story as part of  Zombie Fairy Tales The Complete Series dpB00HAVWJFAfter zombie wolves attack one of her admirers Red Riding Hood fears the woods may Save % off the cover price by purchasing this story as part of  Zombie Fairy Tales The Complete Series dpBHAVWJFAfter zombie wolves attack one of her admirers Red Riding Hood fears the woods may never be safe again But when the man returns from the wolves' clutches with deadly new appetites she must take a dark Blood Red Epub / new path to reach her grandmother's house—a path drenched with blood Print Length pages or wordsAbout Zombie Fairy Tales Blood Red Riding Hood is the fourth in a series of short stories set in a dark fairy tale universe plagued by zombies Surreal and full of black humor installments feature familiar childhood characters as they encounter a world of stark violence and horror—Cinderella is worked to death before the ball Pinocchio is made from children's corpses and Little Red Riding Hood finds than wolves in the forestThe series features overlapping elements characters and places for a immersive experience for the dedicated fan but can also be read as stand alone entries in any order Get infected now. Loved this one just as much as the others I really do NOT want to wait an entire month for the next I also want to find out about the ball at the castle This is obviously about Little Red Riding Hood who is not so little any This tale focuses a little on the Huntsman than on Riding Hood herself However she is the main focal point for everything I enjoyed the fact that this book tied in with a few previous books I wish it would have tied in just a tad bit but that is my preference and I am not the writer He really just does a fantastic job with these and I am so happy to have found these books I have said before how brilliant he is thinking of this concept Side Note I really REALLY hope for a Snow White book at some point I also want to know how the other zombies are doing This is definitely the bloodiest story so far and with elements of the original though loosely than others I did like the ending thoughAs someone who's not really into zombies I wasn't sure I would enjoy these stories but as a free boxset it was on offer when I bought it I thought it was worth a look as I do love fairytales and I wasn't disappointed They are both very different from and yet contain very clear nods to the originals All have zombie plague themes running through them and you need to read through them in the boxset order as there are references to the earlier stories in the later ones These are definitely not for children as they are very violent and often disturbing stories but if you like fairytale retellings andor zombies this is definitely a set of short stories for you Was originally posted on Paranormal Sisters love stories that involve wolves and ones that are disturbing and monstrous are exactly the ones I love to read about I was absolutely excited to read Blood Red Riding Hood I was instantly hooked finding we got to be behind the eyes of the huntsman The huntsman is escorting I believe Red and her Grandmother through the woods until a pack of decaying wolves surround them For them to get away Grandma the badass she is decides to take out the huntsman's knee and leaves him to the wolves When I read this my eyes bugged out and I just had to see what was going to happen next So much happens next I feel like this one was the most action packed one I've read yet This is definitely a path drenched with blood for Red I just couldn't get enough of it And as she's running for her grandmothers home we get a glimpse of characters from the previous stories loveOverall Blood Red Riding Hood was AWESOME The details were amazing the pace was perfect and honestly I didn't want it to end And the ending was brilliant Red finally got her wish I thought that was a uniue twist Kevin Richey brought to the table with this retailing I just can't get enough of this series This book is part of a series retelling popular fairy tales with a zombie flavour in the mould of 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies'As you would expect from the title this is a new take on the story of Red Riding Hood The cast of characters is pretty much the same You have Red Riding Hood Grandma Red's Mother and Father The Woodcutter Some wolvesI think I'm correct in saying that the term zombie isn't actually used in the story There are various characters animated despite being in various states of decomposition but they aren't identified directly either in the narration or by any of the characters as zombies For some reason I find this fact to be uite pleasing The idea of a zombie apocalypse is after all a very modern one and I think it would have jarred with the fairy tale settingThe story isn't a direct translation of Red Riding Hood and so is different enough to make it an interesting read The gore is often uite lightly skipped over so although it is unpleasant and would make a shocking short film it doesn't bog you down in the reading This is an interesting balance well maintainedI have only read one other of these stories Zombie Cinderella Both were enjoyable and I guess I will read in the future In fact I already have Hansel and Gretel are Dead waiting on my kindle I received a free copy of this book for my honest reviewThis is another installment in the Zombie Fairytales series and it definitely fits in well with the theme I would actually give this one 35 stars if possible because it is so bloody and gorey and my personal reading tastes don't run that way But due to originality I rounded up to four stars and not down to three This story is a twist on the Red Riding Hood fairytale with the main casts of zombies actually being wolves Apparently the zombie epidemic isn't isolated to humans but instead has spread to the forest animals The woodsman in this tale isn't the hero that saves Red but becomes some kind of wolf zombie hybrid that terrorizes the family because of his undying love for Red But I loved how grandma handled things in the end This tale is definitely bloody and gorey and full of horrors and if you like that type of read this is definitely for you I've been reading horror stories for a long time and it is really difficult to impress me or create any type of visceral reaction but Blood Red Riding Hood did Damn There is one image in the book I won’t be getting out of my head for a while This story clocks in at 125K so it is a uick read but a powerful one The writing is excellent and Richey’s storytelling created suspense and an overall feeling of horror The story follows some of the Little Red Riding Hood cannon but he has recreated a whole new tale with unexpected twists This isn't just another zombie storyBlood Red Riding Hood is clever and gruesome and I can’t wait to try some of the other tales in this series 45 “don’t screw with grandma” Sheephttpwwwismellsheepcom201309bo Well that was short but seriously twisted From the start of the book the huntsman is a jerk and SUPER CREEPY with his sexist bullshit No wonder Grandmother doesn't want him anywhere near Red An interesting retelling on the tale that probably translates well as the original story wasn't that long to begin with Characters from the previous books make a noted appearance for those who read the rest of the series but have no real bearing on the current tale so you don't need to have read any of the previous books to get what is going on I should add a warning here as there are some pretty horrific things described in this story Sort of on par with stuff that happens in the Hannibal tv series view spoilerLike a certain someones face being peeled off hide spoiler my thoughts These books keep getting better and better This one was far descriptive then the previous ones I had read It kept my attention through to the end and fit in well with the zombie fairytale theme This one is based on the Little Red Riding Hood tale Some of the things that take place in this book had turned my stomach but that's what makes it so incredibly well written I have come to love these twisted fairytale stories and they are well worth the read I know this is a set that I will gladly return to and read again in the futurereason for reading I was given a copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review Oh man This one hit me right in the feels I honestly think I sobbed good and hard about the beginning of this story With the wolves and the grandmother saving Red but not the huntsman honestly that was so unbelievably sad I think this one might be my favorite so far It was so amazing This series has some of THE BEST zombie stories I've ever read And I am loving comparing them to the original fairy talesI cannot wait to continue I just know I'm going to be SUPER SAD when I reach the end and don't have any to read in this amazing series These books just keep getting better and better I really think that this has to be my favorite out of the series so far It was fantastically bloody and at times I found my heart betting faster as I ran through the woods with Red You really feel like your in this book with her and you'll be horrified at what you find in the woods I can't wait for the 13th to come around so I can get my next fix these are my favorite books