The Dandelion Killer: Sometimes Blood Runs Yellow

The Dandelion Killer: Sometimes Blood Runs Yellow❮Reading❯ ➽ The Dandelion Killer: Sometimes Blood Runs Yellow ➶ Author Wanda Luttrell – Though a fifty five year old man Jayboy Calvin has the emotional and intellectual bearing of an eight year old Elayna Evans owner of a successful catalog import business is a lifelong friend and Jaybo Though a fifty five year Killer: Sometimes PDF Í old man Jayboy Calvin has the emotional and intellectual bearing of an eight year old Elayna Evans owner of a successful catalog import business is a lifelong friend and Jayboy's mentor and employer When evil creeps into their small town of Frankfort Kentucky leaving one person dead the victim of a brutal stabbing Jayboy becomes the prime suspect But the The Dandelion MOBI :¼ murderer seems convinced that the victim left incriminating evidence with Elayna evidence the killer wants desperately to recover Running for her life Elayna must answer the uestion she's long avoided What if an assassin's knife thrusts her into eternity unprepared. An exciting readbut rather creepy I enjoyed this book overall I think my favorite thing was the characterization of Jayboy the mentally handicapped man The mystery took some interesting turns though there was a good deal of predictability in it too I liked the added pressure of the rising river that threatened to flood the townThe chapters generally alternated between Elayna’s POV and Jayboy’s POV always 3rd person though Watching Jayboy’s progression through being suspected of murder then escaping and then where he goes from there which I won’t say was one of the engaging things about the book The repetition that I noticed in the author’s style was was prevalent throughout these parts too but seemed a lot naturalElayna herself was all right as a main character but she began to grate on me a little For one thing there was the repetition I mentioned which came out a lot in her thoughts about the murder and about her absentee husband had taken off one day and was gone for 10 years but she refused to move on She also was a bit too wishy washy for my tasteThere’s a character introduced part way through the book who was another favorite of mine His story has a uniue angle to it if not a little awkward and coincidental He’s the main place that the Christianity comes into this book though to be honest I don’t know why he had to be a pastor It seems pretty common in these kinds of books but it’s not like everyone who has a strong faith has to be a pastor I did find it weird that his full name was pretty much always used both in narration and in dialogAs for the mystery itself I don’t want to be too specific about the ways that it was predictable because that would give away a lot of the ending from early on But it was almost like the author tried to make it less predictable by setting up the narration in a way that we get used to and then changing it on us without us realizing it However I don’t know if that was intentional or just something I read into it And there’s a New Age angle that feels so against the tone of the book and I think it’s mostly there as a vehicle for the ChristianityOne of my favorite things about the book was this one scene in a restaurant that was newly opened by the pastor mentioned above where there was a guy singing a song that was described but not named From the description I knew the song was “The Touch of the Master’s Hand” by Wayne Watson which is a favorite of mine So that was pretty cool Overall I’m glad I read it though it wasn’t the first time–I was given this book by a sibling and read it a few times after I got it but that was at least 15 years ago and would recommend it to people who enjoy Christian mystery books uarantine has me reading the bottom of the barrel y’allWas this book written by a 6th grader? Did it have an editor? How many times did we read about the narrator changing clothes? AND WHAT WAS WITH ALL THE CHARACTERS TALKING OUT LOUD TO THEMSELVES??Only and I mean ONLY redeeming character is the girl named Anne Courtneybecause I’m Courtney Ann This story was so odd So many things that just didn't make any sense and the supernatural elements to the story made it unbelievable I actually finished it so I will give it 2 stars At least I am satisfied that I found out who the killer was This is a very good 👍 book 📖 It is clean and comfortable to read yet suspenseful to the very end I thought the book had high points and low points As far as the story was concerned it was a little slow in starting I was about halfway through the book before I really got to the point where I wanted to read it Once it got to that point however I couldn't put it down The tension built very well and though I had predicted the ending at the beginning of the book I began to uestion my original thoughts I was disappointed in the ending though because it happened so suddenly Rapid events are difficult to convey in writing and though I understand the difficulty I feel that the author didn't have an ending that matched the level of her suspense buildingIn regards to the writing style this book was not my favorite I found the writing to be very cliche and dry most of the time Even in the last uarter of the book when I actually began wanting to read it I still found myself struggling with the style of this author Style however is uniue and peoples' preferences are different so don't let that aspect of the book turn you offOne final note the Christian message in this book though good was very in your face I personally am not a fan of books that have such an overt Christian message though I myself am a Christian because it detracts from the story You're reading along and all of a sudden you're in the middle of a sermon I love good Christian fiction and I appreciate that the author is using her talents to glorify God but I wish she had toned it down a littleAll in all this was a pretty good book and I would recommend it to people who are looking for a uick interesting read This is one of the strangest and most bizarre novels of horror and suspense that I've ever read Elayna Evans and a lifelong friend with the mind of an eight year old boy are thrown into terrifying danger amidst a most implausible plot But the detailed atmospheric descriptions keep one reading until the end this is a religious mysterymy first and last i am not religious but i did appreciate the way this author wound her religious beliefs into a mystery and a story of a 55 yr old retarded man as the hero it was an interesting read I bought this book at a thrift store because the synopsis on the back cover hooked me The author is a good storyteller and this murder mystery was well paced and fairly compelling I found one element of the plot pretty far out there and unbelievable but most of the book was enjoyable This is the book to read if you need a good example of telling instead of showing Pretty much the entire book is telling This is the book I use to show people What Not To Do I hope that's not too insulting

The Dandelion Killer: Sometimes Blood Runs Yellow ePUB
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  • The Dandelion Killer: Sometimes Blood Runs Yellow
  • Wanda Luttrell
  • English
  • 21 July 2016
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