How to Raise Chickens

How to Raise Chickens❰KINDLE❯ ✽ How to Raise Chickens Author Christine Heinrichs – Whether you want to raise 5 chickens or 50 whether you have a 40 foot city lot or a 40 acre farm the expert advice in How to Raise Chickens makes it easy for young readers and beginners to get starte Whether you want to raise chickens or whether you have a foot city lot or a acre farm the expert advice in How to Raise Chickens makes it easy for young readers and beginners to get started raising a healthy flock Whichever comes first for you the chicken or the egg this FFA How to PDF \ licensed guide shows what to do next with the help of longtime chicken breeder Christine Heinrichs who explains all the helpful dos and important don'ts Easy to follow advice helps readersChoose breeds and obtain stockHouse and feed chickensManage your flock and keep it healthySelect and cull for breeding programsIncubate eggs and care for chicksRaise chickens in the country suburbs or city How to Raise Chickens provides information on breed types obtaining stock housing feeding flock management breeding programs incubation and care of chicks selection and culling showing health care and the legal aspects of raising chickens Reviewed and approved by Dr Clint Rusk Purdue University Associate Professor in the Youth Development and Agriculture Education Department this book will give you the tools you need to succeed in a challenging but rewarding business Beautifully designed and authoritatively written How to Raise Chickens is a trusted source of information to new chickenkeepers of all ages sure to inspire further investigation of the hobby. This is the updated second edition of my first book It's entirely about chickens focusing on raising traditional standard breeds in small flocks So much changed since it was first published in 2007 About a third of the material is updated and some great new photos I especially love the White Wyandotte photo Don Monke president of the Wyandoote Breeders of America contributed to illustrate Robert Frost's poem about his favorite chicken A Blue Ribbon at Amesbury She was a White Wyandotte as can be gleaned from details in the poem I am an experienced chicken breeder and contributed some pictures of my black javas for the publication I really liked this book Most of the books about chickens that I have come across at the local farm or book store are written by Europeans and describe raising chickens in Europe I appreciated that this book talked about chicken raising here in the United States In particular I appreciated that it talked about some of the rare breeds uniue to the United States like the black java Most chicken books don't even mention the java even though almost every American breed of chicken can trace its ancestry back to the it I ran the poultry education station at the Ohio State Fair I recommended this book to anyone who asked me about getting into chickens not because I contributed to it but because I thought it was a great and thorough introductory book to all of the issues surrounding chicken keeping I recommended it as a place to start on the journey into chickens and later as a general reference book for keeping handy once the future farmers actually had their flocks There is a lot of information in this book It isn't a cookie cutter how to book I try to explain to people that there are as many ways to raise chickens as their are chicken keepers My cousin's set up in downtown Cincinnati Ohio for ten chickens focused on providing eggs for the table doesn't look anything like my set up here on the farm where I raise a couple hundred chickens every year and am focused on exhibition The important thing is to find what works for oneself to ask lots of uestions and to not be afraid to make mistakes One way to ask good uestions at the local feed mill at the fair or of an experienced chicken keeper is to have a general knowledge of poultry issues This book I feel is the ticket to acuiring that knowledge This book contains information not found in a lot of places such as an illustration of how to vaccinate a chick for Marek's It explains the difference between a foundation and composite breed The book even has advice on using tobacco and pennyroyal for pests and parasites advice on the deep litter method for controlling odors and as a coop management system No this book nor any book has all the information about chickens but it has a lot you will not just find anywhere else Also it is well put together Of course it is wonderfully illustrated I highly recommend it for the novice as well as the experienced chicken keeper I purchased this book along with four baby chicks because I wanted to know how to raise chickens The book talks around the topic of raising chickens but never delivers any practical useful how to advice for someone who actually wants to raise a few chicks You get the history of chickens flock management and breading showing chickens and health care There is nothing about necessary supplies feed and caring cleaning and coop management egg safety and sanitation or butcheringOn the bright side the pictures of chickens were very pretty The book was visually very appealing just light on useful content I bought this book at the urging of a friend and was not disappointed Not only is it chock full of essential information on how to raise a chicken not only is it full of really beautiful pictures the text is written in a great easy to read manner that just sucked me in and kept me reading I love this author's style Wish she would put out a book on raising rabbits ❤ I love Christine's books I have been raising poultry uite a while and can always find something useful here The layout is particularly good for my way of finding things and I love how there are tidbits of information I don't seem to find in other books like it Types of breeding programs using your own resources selection and culling all good chapters This book has so much information that it was overwhelming I believe it could be helpful but not for me at this point in time

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  • How to Raise Chickens
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  • 10 May 2015
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