Shadow of the Hawk

Shadow of the Hawk[PDF / Epub] ☃ Shadow of the Hawk ✑ Curtis Jobling – In a kingdom at war the line between good and evil becomes blurred In this third book in the Wereworld saga werewolf and rightful king of Lyssia Drew Ferran must battle his way off a bleak volcanic is In a kingdom at war the line between good and evil becomes blurred In this third book in the Wereworld saga werewolf and rightful king of Lyssia Drew Ferran must battle his way off a bleak volcanic island where he's being held prisoner With the help of a motley crew of enslaved Werelords Shadow of Kindle - he escapes and embarks on an urgent uest to find the long lost tribe of Hawklords in the distant reaches of the kingdom Meanwhile Drew's old friends find themselves on a dangerous high seas mission plagued by misfortune and the influence of dark magick that threatens to tempt even the purest heart. The third installment of the Wereworld SeriesWhat can I say? Just read the other reviews of this book they said it all 😊😄😂 Its just that here in this book the characters you learn to like just easily die I can't blame the author there are so many 😊😀😄😂 Final rating 455 starsI was captivated by the first two books in the series Rise of the Wolf Rage of Lions especially after reading the second book which proved to be uite cool This can be sad for Shadow of the Hawk as well I have to congratulate Jobling for having interesting plot twist ideas because some of them certainly shocked me I didn't expect half things to happen and it is just regretful that so many things have gone wrong And by that i mean that you expect something to finally go right and boooooom you have a huge plot twist which make you gaspJust the way the second book ended With lot of people dead or missing While we are at missing people two women were MIA in this book Gretchen and Whitley They were completely cut out from the book but i didn't mind that since the next book seem to be just about them So the story is Drew is sold to slavery to be a gladiator Imagine a shapeshifting gladiators That's certainly new; while Lucas is back on the throne; Trent is miserable and he wants revenge against Drew so he joined the Werecats; Hector is getting even insane; and the Wolf council is on the sea making allies and such Many things are happening and just like the other books from Wereworld this book is pretty dark as well Characters So here we are stuck with Drew Hector Kesslar Trent Djogo Vega Wolf council and many many people I must say that some characters have turned for worse while some had become better Some characters who were evil become good while some good characters WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY go evil and by evil i mean like70% evil Once again some of them get killed when you are least expecting it and it was just heartbreaking Jobling made characters so well even the side ones so you can't help but feelat least something when they dieThere were new characters introduced especially from the Arena called Furnace and many of them are already well characterized D And i can't help but laugh over what happened to me when i said Hey i like this guy He died in the next chapter And damn and he had cool name too and was an awesome wereiwontsaywhat Overall Dear reader you should read this series it's awesome Can't wait to read the seuel#I REGRET NOTHING● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● REVIEWS RELATED TO THIS BOOK◈ Rise of the Wolf Wereworld #1 ◈ Rage of Lions Wereworld #2 ◈ Shadow of the Hawk Wereworld #3 ◈ Nest of Serpents Wereworld #4 Be warned reader I will try my hardest not to include any spoilers about Shadow of the Hawk in this review but I cannot promise the same about the previous two books in the series If you have not yet read them then you may want to look away nowI loved the first two Wereworld books The first was brilliant and the second Rage of Lions even better So much so that it made it into my list of top picks of 2012 I know that many others share my admiration for these books so no pressure then Mr Jobling Did I say pressure? The man must thrive on it as Shadow of the Hawk is yet another outstanding addition to the series the only downside being that having finished I am now thoroughly annoyed that I won't be able to find out what happens next until the fourth book Nest of Serpents is published in JuneThere is very little time in the story between the close of the last book and where this one kicks off Drew is held captive by the evil Kessler a Weregoat who has made a name for himself as a slaver He has only one plan for Drew to deliver him to the Isle of Scoria and sell him as a slave Meanwhile his close friend Hector has managed to escape the armies of the Catlords and is safely on board the Maelstrom in the company of Manfred Vega and ueen Amelie I say safely but that isn't strictly true his dabbling in the dark arts is beginning to have uite an effect on the young Wereboar but about that laterIn this new book we are granted the opportunity to 'meet' a whole host of new Werecreatures in this book and Curtis Jobling maximises this treat for his readers by taking his characters off to different places just as Tolkien did in The Lord of the Rings In The Fellowship of the Ring we are introduced to the lead characters and then in The Two Towers Frodo and Sam head off for Mordor whilst Pip and Merry are taken in a dfifferent direction by the Orcs These diverging story strands enabled Tolkien to show us of the incredible world he created and Curtis uses a smiliar device in this book Therefore we get to meet a plethora of new characters on Scoria where the enslaved Drew is forced to become a gladiator; and we also get to see other parts of Lyssia and its seven realms and its inhabitants as Drew and his party head out across the ocean Mr Jobling seems to manage all of these new additions to his story with consummate easeNow that he is away from the friends he made in the first two books we really get a chance to see how Drew grows as both a character and as the rightful heir to the kingdom of Lyssia His life has changed in a way that few young people can identify with from farm boy to prospective king to slavegladiator all in a matter of months Most young people would find this impossible to cope with but the honest and loving upbringing that Drew experienced seems to have given him the foundations he needs to take all of this in his stride In the first two books there were many moments where he suffered extreme and totally understandable self doubt but there were a few key scenes where his natural gift for good and kind leadership shone through In this third book these moments begin to occur a little often and we are now really beginning to see the potential king that lies within the boy Drew also seems to be becoming confident at leading even to the point where he will lecture one of the realm's other kings about the evils of slavery A king it must be said who could uite easily have Drew slapped in silver chains and executed for his disrespectful wordsWhilst all this is going on there is of course the other plot strand running that of Hector and his companions I am sorry to say that the future is looking fairly bleak for Hector he is now firmly attached to the vile of his dead brother Vincent a spectre that is invisible to all except Hector and who never misses a chance to goad his brother gradually eating away at his self esteem It was a horribly fascinating experience to read as Hector slowly seems to descend into a kind of madness the flames of his growing paranoia constantly fanned by Vincent's cruel taunts Who knows where Curtis Jobling will take Hector next? Perhaps even betrayal of the people he called close friends? We will just have to wait and seeThere are two popular characters from the first two books in the series that are conspicuous by their absence in Shadow of the Hawk Gretchen and Whitley also managed to escape the grasping claws of the Catlords at the end of the last book but for the story of their adventures since we will have to wait until June If you have seen the cover of Nest of Serpents you will probably have already guessed that they will feature uite heavily in that story I guess Mr Jobling could uite easily have used their story as a third plot strand in Shadow of the Hawk but instead he chose to focus on Trent Ferran the son of the couple who brought up Drew as their son and as good as being Drew's brother As we discovered at the end of Rage of Lions Trent is hungry for revenge on the creature he believes murdered his mother and so we see him now riding with the armies of the Catlords hunting and killing enemies of the new state Will he find out the truth before it is too late or will it all end in tears for the angry young man?If there was a book award going for best series then Curtis Jobling would surely be on the shortlist and if he won I for one would applaud the decision of the judges If he manages to sustain the uality of storytelling across the remaining books in the series then the Wereworld books may one day become recognised as one of the best fantasy series for young people of all time This is the third installment of the engrossing and exciting Wereworld series by British author Curtis Jobling He can't write these books fast enough for me No sooner have I finished one then I'm eager for the next to find out what's going to happen next to all the characters Something major nearly always happens at the end of each book as well which leaves me biting my nails and unable to sleep until I know the next publication date The story picks up with Drew enslaved by the Goatlord Kessler and on his way to Scoria where he's forced to fight as a gladiator for the Lizardlords He is determined however to gain his freedom and return to Lyssia to claim his kingdom back once and for all and knowing Drew I have no doubt that he'll do so in the end He has an inextinguishable spirit and true grit and no matter what stands in his way he never gives up and he always overcomes the obstacles put in his path He's endured a lot since discovering his true heritage and he's suffered both pain and despair but I love his loyalty and his single minded pursuit of what's rightIn a separate plot strand the story follows the Boarlord Hector who is onboard the ship the Maelstrom Hector has been my absolute favourite character in the series from the word go He's also probably been the one character who has changed the most throughout the story and for this reason and without giving anything away I'm starting to worry that redemption may now be out of his reach His regular communing with the dead has affected him greatly and he may never return to the Hector I knew and loved I would love to see him meet up with Drew again because if anyone can reach out to him and put him back on the right path then it's his best friend There are some great new characters introduced in 'Shadow of the Hawk' including the Hawklords and one of my favourite things about these books is getting to discover all the new Werelords and their unusual talents as well as all the unusual places they end up I also enjoyed seeing Drew's brother Trent again who wants to track him down but eventually begins to discover the real truth about him Curtis Jobling definitely delivers after the success of the first two books There's action adventure and excitement in abundance and I was glued to the pages throughout This book as is the whole series is stonkingly good If you haven't come across the Wereworld series yet then I implore you to rush out and grab the first book now Once you've started you won't be able to stop reading this epic fantasy adventure which will sweep you away into a whole new world I would give this book 45 starsIt was fast paced as the other two books were and filled with action I couldn't keep this book down in fact I started and finished it in a dayAmazing book though the cliffhanger wasn't as huge as the second book I still can't wait to read the next book 4¾ Out of 5 A brave hero a band of gladiators an imposter king a vengeful knight a world full of Werelords and Wereladies Wereworld is a place like no other a world fantastical and magical than any I’ve read about for a long timeDrew Ferran rightful heir to the Westland throne is a prisoner The Goatlord Kesslar has the young Werewolf in his possession taking him to the land of the Lizardlords There Drew will be forced to fight as a gladiator and make unlikely alliances in order to escape alive from a place no one has broken away from beforeHector the Wereboar Vega the Sharklord and Werestag Manfred are fleeing from the Catlords aboard the notorious pirate ship Maelstrom But as the spirits haunting Hector grow stronger he is left wondering whether the true enemy is closer than they thought I honestly don’t know what I was expecting when I started this – especially as I haven’t read any of the other books in the series A cross between Narnia and Teen Wolf perhaps? I don’t know Most definitely not the fantastical action packed magical pure awesome book that was Shadow of the Hawk From the word go I was sucked in I fell totally and completely in love with the world I just could not put it down in a constant adrenaline rush from start to finish I know I have to get my hands on the previous two books in this series I want back into Lyssia ASAPDrew Ferran the last Grey Wolf of Lyssia was smart fast and strong willing to do anything to survive I found him proud kind good loyal and giving with a good heart Drew was just really noble a real king His thinking was inspiration and he always spoke his mind And while he wasn’t afraid to use violence he preferred to talk things out Drew was a king of old honourable brave defiant and passionate And I fell in love with him from the word goBaron Hector Boarlord of Redmire was haunted by “Vincent vile” the spirit of his dead twin He really missed Drew and he had a good heart But the black spot on his hand that grew every time he “dabbles in communing” with spirits showed that something was wrong And the Vincent vile was just horrible always saying cruel things All he wanted to do was help Drew but he was truly out of his depthCount Vega a Sharklord the Pirate Prince To start with I felt Vega was heartless that he killed too easily But soon after I started swaying changed by his snarky humour and the care he showed towards his crew and the Weres on it And before long I had decided that I loved him Ok so he’s a pirate – a Were pirate at that But he has a good heart He was really rather sweet in a piratey way He soon turned into an unlikely favourite of mine one I was always happy to seeTrent Ferran Drew’s brother who was in the Lionguard hunting Drew He wanted his brother dead than anyone Of course as I loved Drew I instantly hated Trent for hunting Drew down But as I saw his reasoning and what he was like I grudgingly admitted he wasn’t too bad He was uite honourable and very determined I think he will come into himself in Book Four and I’m looking forward to that All the other characters were eually well padded and thought out One of the ones I hated most was Count Kesslar a Goatlord and slaver He was a selfish greedy coward who I loathed from the moment I met him On the other hand I loved Duke Manfred the Werestag of Stormdale he was really level headed proper and kind always seeing the good instead of the bad The character who creeped me out the most was without a doubt Slotha the Walrus of Tuskun She was to uote from the book a “notoriously ill tempered violent woman” And her city? Eek it came me the creeps and so did she She really was horribly vicious and the fact she was a Werewalrus made her even scarier If you want to find out about Slotha check out Curtis’ guest post on when it comes up tomorrowMay I just say I am in love with this world The various Werelords all the different ‘species’ The change the characters everything was so vivid I love the twist Jobling has put on the lycanthropy mythology silver shifting It was all just so cool I loved learning all about the Therianthropes and meeting the various other characters I was over the moon to see Sirens as well – again I adore the twist But it got better Weremammoths So cool right? I loved this book the action the fantasy the characters And by the end I was left going crazy for The action had a huge part in that it started from the word go sucking me straight in And even though I hadn’t read any of the previous books I felt invested And I understood everything all the backstories And blimey the action was non stop There were the most amazing battle scenes that really got the old adrenaline flowing I loved the action – and I’m not normally one who likes violence All reluctant readers could really get into Shadow of the Hawk in my opinion – it’s like a film I could see everything in my head as I read And that was thanks to the writing it was just amazing It had me totally hooked It was lyrical powerful descriptive I could see everything – every character every setting every battle And I loved that we got to see into all of the characters’ heads got to see all the action There was never a dull moment Throughout the whole book I wasn’t bored from a millisecond This series this book this world is so utterly addictive it’s untrue I loved every moment and I can’t wait to get my hands on the other booksI loved this book the action the fantasy the characters By the end I wanted In other words I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW WereworldShadow of the HawkBy Curtis JoblingImagine finding yourself as a prisoner You are desperate to get out because your rightful heir tothe throne Wereworld; Shadow of the Hawk is great at making things intense with action andadventure This book has many shapeshifting humans that turns into many amazing creaturesOne of the shapeshifting humans is a guy named Drew He can shape shift into a gray wolf Theway Curtis can explain the way the human body shape shifts into their creature is uite intense Ilike that Curtis limits the gore I like that Curtis can explain a character as if you were standingright next to himher Curtis goes in depth it the action then most author do The thing thathe does that I don’t really like is the jumping between characters I like that in this book you’llsee some big words that you might not know or understand which means you’ll learn words I’m not one to like reading but when I started this series of books I couldn’t get enough Ireally liked this book because of the intensity of the action and adventure This book is a total469 pages which might seem like a lot but if you’re into the story as I was then it’ll just take youonly a few weeks to read Before you read this book you should read books 1 and 2 becausethis book wouldn’t make as much sense in some parts Well this was uite good and expertly interesting I enjoyed it not a small amount Although I had was somewhat perturbed with some parts But they are mostly spoilers so I shan't voice er write convert to text my perturbation While I prefer to read series in order I did skip the second book in the Wereworld series I caught on to what was happening pretty fast although I did miss one or two important instances of character development I do think it's best to at least read the first book RISE OF THE WOLF before jumping into SHADOW OF THE HAWK because it lays out the groundwork for how the world works and introduces many of the characters This is a series with a gigantic cast Forgive me if I get any names wrongDrew our protagonist is the last of the Gray Wolves and has a claim to the throne of Lyssia His half brother Prince Lucas wants to keep the throne in Werelion hands They each have their supporters although Drew begins SHADOW OF THE HAWK cut off from his and stuck in slavery serving as a gladiator I'll give you three guesses as to whether he incites a rebellion first two don't count Meanwhile his staunchest allies are sailing to a prospective safe haven and the two coolest female characters from the first book are MIA Gretchen and Whitley you are missedThe rightful king who will bring peace to the land is not a new plot in children's fantasy But Curtis Jobling's take is appealing There's lots of different societies to be navigated all sorts of monsters and you'll probably like at least one of the main characters At times SHADOW OF THE HAWK does feel a bit too sprawling Drew's fortunes change several times and his brother Trent makes a meaningful journey but most of the other plotlines have less direction And I can't even talk about Hector oh myI've enjoyed the two Wereworld books I've read and they're surprisingly uick reads Each book is rather thick But the uickness might be because they're often shallow SHADOW OF THE HAWK has a high body count but I wasn't all that affected by the deaths Some of them were certainly horrible but there was none of that horrible wrenching feeling that occurs when a character you empathize with diesBut as you can probably guess from the covers this is a series for young boys I suspect that they eat it up even if their parents might be unhappy about some of the violence But SHADOW OF THE HAWK is well suited to its intended audience and a pleasant enough diversion to older fantasy fans Wereworld Shadow of the Hawk was a really great book I really liked the story line and how all of the characters were so defined The author Curtis Jobling does a really great job at getting a reader interested in a book when I was reading it it made me not want to put the book down That is how good of an author he is The plot of the story is to show that as long as you have a common goal anyone can be the most likely of partners In the story Drew Taboo Drake and Behemoth along with Krieg all teamed up to kill the leader of a gladiator ring that they were apart of They then decided to team up together to go against the cat lords to regain all the land that was taken away while they were gone The main characters of the story are Drew Taboo Krieg Griffyn and Behemoth At the beginning of the book they all seemed like the most unusual group of friends that I have ever read about Taboo is a were tiger Krieg is a were rhino Drew is a were wolf and Behemoth is a were mammoth Griffyn was a were hawk but his wings were cut off when the cat lords started to take over The book does not really say what the time or place that it takes place in If I had to guess what time period it was taking place in I would have to say that it would be in the Golden Age of Piracy I say this because the story talks about being on pirate ships The place is in a totally different world I say this because it is talking about continents that do not and never did exist If I had to recommend this book to anyone it would probably be to kids over the age of ten I say this because it is appropriate for little kids but still has some violent scenes and some swearing If anyone likes to read about mythological creatures this would be that book

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