A Winter Wonderland A Lucy Stone Mystery #185

A Winter Wonderland A Lucy Stone Mystery #185[Reading] ➷ A Winter Wonderland A Lucy Stone Mystery #185 By Fern Michaels – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Four special holiday offerings from today’s favorite authors remind us that when love is on your list you never have to stop believing“A Winter Wonderland” by Fern MichaelsAngelica Shepard left Four special holiday Wonderland A PDF/EPUB æ offerings from today’s favorite authors remind us that when love is on your list you never have to stop believing“A Winter Wonderland” by Fern MichaelsAngelica Shepard left New York for Christmas in Colorado to relax and unwind—but an out of control snowboarder almost had her A Winter PDF/EPUB ² laid to rest When she wakes up in the hospital all she remembers is the handsome angel who saved her“The Joy of Christmas” by Holly ChamberlinNot all happiness is good for you—or that’s what Iris Karr thinks when she decides to move away instead of marrying her sweetheart Ben Winter Wonderland A PDF ↠ Even years later living with that decision isn’t easy—until a familiar face comes to call her home for the holidays“The Christmas Thief” by Leslie MeierElizabeth Stone is ready for a white Christmas in Tinker’s Cove Maine—until a fancy Yule ball at the Florida hotel where she works dumps snow Winter Wonderland A Lucy Stone Epub / on her plans The sponsor’s jewels have gone missing and the police are asking about her ties to a cute mystery guest Good thing Elizabeth’s mother Lucy Stone flew down to surprise her ‘Tis the season for a little investigating“The Christmas Collector” by Kristina McMorrisEstate liuidator Jenna Matthews isn’t one for Christmas nostalgia But when one grandmother’s keepsakes suggest a secret life unwrapping the mystery leads Jenna—and her client's handsome grandson—to the true heart of the holiday spirit. A cozy collection of Christmas novellas by some of my favorite authors In the first story a struggling actress and a surgeon having doubts about his career travel separately to Colorado for time off at a ski resort In Leslie Meier’s story Elizabeth Stone Lucy’s adult daughter is working at a resort down in Florida and has been promoted to an important position But when something is stolen and Elizabeth may be implicated can Elizabeth and Lucy find the real thief? I always love Lucy Stone books and novellas and this one featuring Elizabeth was especially fun Please excuse typosname misspellings Entered on screen reader Tis The Season A Thon A book that relates to music This holiday collection was just okay The last story The Christmas Collection by Kristina McMorris was 2 star read It just dragged and nothing happened The only story I really enjoyed in this collection was The Joy of Christmas by Holly Chamberlin This story was about a woman named Iris who in the aftermath of her mother's death breaks up with her boyfriend and moves to another state She's miserable and definitely punishing herself for something She's happy to live a life free of joy until her ex moves to town This story was an unusual Christmas story in that it explored grief and loneliness I really loved it and this story completely saved the whole collection “A Winter Wonderland” by Fern MichaelsWow talk about instalove I know it's a novella but waitthey metthey talked for a few secs the next daythen they were in love?Omg so instaThis one had a case of needed to be longer Needed some meat on the bones It could have made a cheesy hallmark movie for sure“The Joy of Christmas” by Holly ChamberlinSad fact but it was so boring snooze alert“The Christmas Thief” by Leslie MeierShe should change jobs and make new friendsjust sayingA theft at the hotelat the end so before that the book is about man meeting woman“The Christmas Collector” by Kristina McMorrisI finished this one yesterdayand I have forgotten what it was about It must have been really badAll in all a meh anthology I thought that this book was okay by Kristina suee A Winter Wonderland by Fern Michaels Holly Chamberlin Leslie Meier Kristina Mcmorris ISBN 9781420121445Four stories about Christmas holiday season and from such well known authors What a treatA Winter Wonderland by Fern MichaelsAngelica Shepard not only is in off off Broadway shows but has to work at the nightclub tending bar to make ends meet before her big breakHer agent called and she didn't get the job on the show and told her to take a holiday out west skiingDr Parker North had just lost a little girl from a traumatic accident He was seriously thinking of another careerShe's arrived at the cabin before midnight and missed the major blizzard so farHe's left town on his way to his friend's ski resort and should arrive by midnightShe ends up giving him a ride to the penthouse condo and they don't hit it off In her cabin she puts up a tree that is sitting there with ornaments all are angelsAlthough I've never been to Colorado I think I'm in for a treat with the skiing they plan to do very detailed in some tipsThe ski accident brings him to her side and to the nearest hospital the one he is the neurosurgeon for She remembers seeing an angel as she was coming out of the blackoutThe Joy of Christmas by Holly ChamberlinIris is just not into Christmas but went with Bess Wallis to the museum for the traditional carols Her mother had passed away at the holidaysPortland Maine Ben Tresch works at the museumIris Karr has a studio where she designs jewelry among 40 other artists of all kindsHer mother was a scultopist before she had passed away and her wish was for Iris to marry before she diedLove that DiMillo's floating ferryrestaurant is mentioned in this book as a place for Ben and Iris to meet to clear the air after they separated and live in the same section of townThis place is the reason we still travel to Portland Maine at least once a yearBess is able to draw out of Iris what happened with her and her mother and lent his earHer friends try to get her out of her depressing mood as the holiday approachesLove the area and the detailed descriptions of the places in the city and with the love story this is a great book to readThe Christmas Thief by Leslie MeierToni Leone and Elizabeth Stone are everything a fashionista is and they love to shop the bestThey both work at the Cavendish hotel chains the hotel in Florida Elizabeth can't wait to get back to Maine for the Christmas holidays snow cold and roaring fire with relativesProblem is in 2 weeks time a huge multimillion dollar family and guests will descend upon the hotel for holiday events This means no trip to Maine but Elizabeth gets a promotion for several weeks as one is on sick leaveElizabeth meets Chris Kennedy and from what he's told her she thinks he's one of THE kennedy's from MA She had helped him with some information and he bought her dinner in returnSo cool to hear of the riches and how the rich do live Love hearing of comparable charity events in Maine I'd be with them vs the huge party where females get 1k ringToni is rather miffed at not being able to make a delivery to a special guest and warns Elizaebeth she will get even with herThe jewelry heist takes place and Elizabeth is blamed and her friend ChrisTo help her relax she swims at her complex pool When she gets out of the pool she has visitors and they are there to help her Love how they go about trying to solve the mystery of who took the jewelsLove this type of mystery book and will be looking for from the author especially because of the location Tinker Cove in MaineThe Christmas Collector by Kristina Mcmorris I have read other books by this author and they are greatLove hearing of the homemade doily and it's purposeJenna Matthews spends what time she has with her motherReece Porter is just back from London and at his girlfriend's Thanksgiving dinner on the porch taking a break from all the noise and traditionsJenna is inventorying Mrs Porters books and other collections and finds some old WW2 photos and she's told to just toss them out but Jenna thinks they should be keptMrs Porter is back at her house after spending some time at her son's house in the basement til it flooded Her family wants her to sell the big old houseReece is upset when he finds Jenna is doing the inventory dividing his grandmother's things into bags to throw away or keep or donateJenna's mother also has a love interest at her age and that upsets JennaA medical emergency brings them working to help the older womanLove the mystery Jenna is able to uncover and the secrets Reece has hidden away for so longPriceless what the women used their helmets for in a pinch Love hearing these types of tips and stories Romance Revelations and RemembranceIn Fern Michaels’ “Winter Wonderland” we are introduced to off off off Broadway actress Angelica Shepard who is thoroughly discouraged about her career She has been passed over againfor a part she felt she was perfect for—to a younger actress Feeling old and confused she decides to take some time off over the Christmas Holiday and get away from NYC She decides on “Maximum Glide” a posh ski resort in Telluride Colorado where she will ski all day and ponder her career uietly in the evening hours Meanwhile Dr Parker North Head Trauma Surgeon at Denver’s Angel of Mercy Hospital is going through the battle of his life trying to save a little girl’s life—and loses Despondent over the senseless accident which caused the loss of life he takes an in terminate leave of absence from his post at the hospital contacts his college buddy who is not only a champion skier but owner of “Maximum Glide” Max Jorgenson A series of events bring Angelica and Parker together She finds him attractive but abrupt on the verge of nasty while Parker didn’t miss Angelica’s beauty but getting involved was the last thing on his mind Fate has brought them together but after disagreements and an accident will love keep them together? After all there’s uite a distance between Colorado and New YorkIn “The Joy of Christmas” by Holly Chambelin we meet talented jewelry designer Iris Karr who is a bit of a recluse as well as a workaholic She has been running away from a painful part of her past—that is until ex fiancé’ Ben Treach moves to Portland The death of her award winning sculptor Mother Bonnie Karr and the termination of her wedding and future plans with Ben have come back to slap her in the face She is sure that the relationship’s demise is all her fault As uncomfortable as it is meeting with Ben after a three year absence Iris could not deny the old overwhelming attraction to him She had toyed with a relationship with Alec Todd but they both knew it could never be than a friendship How could she ever tell Ben the real reason she broke off their engagement and moved away so suddenly? Wouldn’t he hate her? She finally opens up to her friend Bess and then to Alec for a male opinion Why can’t Iris find courage and a peace of mind? Perhaps she has to come to some revelations about her inner self first?We have all enjoyed Leslie Meier’s Lucy Stone mysteries and have followed young Elizabeth growing up to a fine young lady In “The Christmas Thief” Elizabeth has moved to sunny Florida and is working at the reception desk in the posh Cavendish Palm Beach Hotel Outside of a reprimand from hotel manager Mr Dimitri and homesickness for Tinker’s Cove her new life was going smoothly—that is until it is announced that Wall St Financier Jonah Gruber has chosen this hotel as the site for an extravaganza for 600 of his friends It’s called the “Blingle Bells Ball” Elizabeth has been temporarily assigned to the Concierge position as well as Asst to party planner Layla Fine The Ball is also scheduled to show off “The Imperial Parure”—a stunning set of ruby and emerald jewelry that Gruber bought for his wife porn star Noelle Jones for the tidy sum of 47 mil To complicate her life further Elizabeth meets handsome Chris Kennedy and is immediately attracted but when he hardly acknowledges her after a few dates she thinks she was deluding herself concerning his interest As hurt as she feels she puts Chris on the back burner and concentrates on the mountain of chores that Layla has created for her Finally the evening of the ball arrives and when the case of jewels is taken from the safe it’s found to be empty An accusatory finger is pointed at Elizabeth but did she really steal them? Or could it have been a plot hatched by the hotel manager and Jonah Gruber? Or the very jealous back biting receptionist Toni? Elizabeth gets some unexpected help to try to prove her innocenceIn Kristina McMorris’s “The Christmas Collector” Estate cataloger Jenna Matthews’ life is extremely complicated and stressful It is difficult enough going through people’s possessions their life their memories but dealing with her Mom’s ever increasing collection was than she could bear “Things” would never replace her Father who had left his family for a younger woman no matter how cute the chotchkes were When she rescues a box of photos before they ended up in the trash she discovers two surprises a hunky Porter Grandson and some secrets even the Porter Family didn’t know that end up helping Jenna with her life’s work as well as the relationship with her Mother and give some deserving individuals their long overdue accolades Put this anthology on your TBR list to enjoy before and after Santa’s arrival Nancy Narma Author Fern Michael Leslie Meier Holly Chamberlain Kristana McMorrisPublished By Zebra Age Recommended YA AdultReview By Arlena Dean Blog Page For GMTARating 4ReviewThe Winter Wonderland by these four authors Fern Michael Leslie MeierHolly Chamberlain Kristana McMorris were four novellas with the theme around the US Christmas HolidaysFirst Novella Winter Wonderland by Fern Michael is where two people meetto try to revitalize themselves and their careers at a ski resort in ColoradoSecond Novella 'The Joy of Christmas' by Holly Chamberlain'sWhat willhappen when Ms Chamberlain brings these two lovers back together again?Third Novella 'The Christmas Thief' by Leslie Meier where The sponsor’s jewels have gone missing and the police are asking about Elizabeth Stone's ties to a cute mystery guestFourth Novella 'The Christmas Collector' by Kristina McMorris is when Estate liuidator Jenna Matthews isn’t one for Christmas nostalgia But when one grandmother’s keepsakes suggest a secret life unwrapping the mystery leads Jenna and her client's handsome grandson to the true heart of the holiday spiritHere are four well written short novellas for the holiday Each story had some particular meaning just for the readerwhether it was to cheer you on giving you that good feeling all over but we should remember that this isn't just for the holidays but anytime of the year I love Christmas anthologies but this one is a mixed bagFern Michaels's title story A Winter Wonderland is tied into some of her other stories although it does stand alone It's a cute holiday read Probably 3 starsHolly Chamberlain's The Joy of Christmas was definitely no light hearted Christmas story While I can appreciate Ms Chamberlain's talent at creating layered characters and real feeling situations I found Iris her heroine entirely unsympathetic and had a very hard time rooting for her I think maybe I want my romance a little fantasy and a little less real in this caseLeslie Meier's The Christmas Thief was a relatively fun little read It stood on its own fine although apparently it's loosely tied into her ongoing mystery series The romance part felt a bit rushed but that isn't always entirely a surprise in an anthology I had a similar reaction to Kristina McMorris's The Christmas Collector not a bad story at all with some very real situations and feelings going on with a bit of a uick endingAll in all good for your dose of holiday cheer Because of Kristina McMorris I didn't give this book a 1 if 0 would have been an option without her that would have been my designationShe is the lone reason I even took the time to read this book normally I don't even blink an eye at the romantic mushy winter ski bunny stories However I'm an avid McMorris follower so I gave it a shotThe first two stories were so horribly predictable and boring I was literally falling asleep while reading So bad in fact that I skipped the third story and went straight to my author of choiceWhile lacking the depth that her other two novels possess what did I expect it's a novella she once again delivers a read full of interesting well developed characters and a need to know storyline She never never fails to reel me in and keep me intrigued until the very end An end which in fact came way too soon Loved itWish I could have given it a better rating but alas MOST wintery romances just aren't for this gal

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