Christmastime❰BOOKS❯ ✮ Christmastime Author Alison Jay – A cozy visually rich celebration of Christmas to pore overReaders are off to the North Pole in this brimming holiday treat On each page a deceptively simple item stocking snowman reindeer pulls reader A cozy visually rich celebration of Christmas to pore overReaders are off to the North Pole in this brimming holiday treat On each page a deceptively simple item stocking snowman reindeer pulls readers into a nostalgic exuisitely detailed moment of the yuletide journey a trip in Santa's sleigh supper with Mr and Mrs Claus watching the elves hard at work and finally arriving home in time for Christmas morningSecret clues plus hidden allusions to classic Christmas carols elevate this from a gorgeous book to an interactive holiday treasure hunt a natural fit for the whole family at Christmastime. At first glance this looks like one of those boring toddler books that just labels pictures one word per page blahBut Alison Jay made this book so of course there's to it In each picture you can spot the subject of the previous picture hiding somewhere The last page gives hints of objects from Christmas carols hidden throughout the book And then of course there is Jay's signature crackly artwork which is why I checked out this book from the library in the first place When I first read Christmastime I was uite taken in by the lovely illustrations because they reminded me of all the beautiful Christmas cards we used to get from relatives still living in England and Wales But when I got to the last page I realized there was to this book that just an early readerpicture book about Christmas In fact it is an interactive book designed to familiarize kids with traditional symbols and treats of the Christmas season to generate vocabulary building and to have fun trying to find the subtle clues and allusions to familiar Christmas songsBut there is also a story line Two children creep down the stairs on Christmas Eve and and find themselves flying off to the North Pole in Santa's sleigh At the North Pole they have Christmas dinner with Mr and Mrs Santa Claus visit the workshop see the elves and the lovely toys that they make But don't worry the kids make it home in time for Christmas morning and presentsI really liked this book It is a nice uiet story that encourages the reader to use hisher imagination to plump up the story I also like that each illustration had a traditional feel to them and that they didn't give a commercialmaterialistic feel to Christmas Children get enough of that during the holiday season My only uestion was would kids recognize the songs that the subtle clues and illusions refer to But after thinking about it I realized that this could be just another interactive aspect of the book It could be fun to listen to the songs referred to and then try to recognize them later when they are playing somewhere a sort of Name the Tune kind of game to play while shopping or doing other errands where there is Christmas music being piped in And finally I really liked the techniue Alison Jay used for the illustrations For Christmastime she used a uick drying oil paint and then adds a coat crackle varnish to give it an aged look and her palate was soft colors in simple illustrations giving it a folk art feel ideal for Christmas I thought Christmastime is sure to become a holiday favorite with young children for years to comeThis book is recommended for readers age 2This book was received from the publisher Very simple Lovely pictures with lots to look at 1 2 words per page good for vocabulary development for a secular Christmas does show Angel but nothing else vaguely religious Very big on Santa Beautifully illustrated I think this would be a wonderful book to share with the whole family I love the simplicity of the book The added scavenger hunt is a bonus for the older ones I love this book 📚 Never been a fan of the crackle illustrations Sparse wording but lovely pictures This one is for the tiny tots as it simply identifies Christmasy things Fun illustrationsAges 1 3Cleanliness Has Santa and elves#christmasLike my reviews? I also have hundreds of detailed reports that I offer too These reports give a complete break down of everything in the book so you'll know just how clean it is or isn't I also have Clean Guides downloadable PDFs which enable you to clean up your book before reading it Visit my website The Book Radar Oh there is a surprise at the end Just when you think that you have reached the end there is a surprise that brings you right back to the first page and a treasure hunt of sorts has you looking at the illustrations in a completely different wayAlison Jay brings the vocabulary of Christmas to your young child Each word mistletoe stocking toys angel etc are accompanied by folk art drawings that bring the season to life There is no storyline just words and drawing and as I said when you reach the end there is a listing of Christmas songs that enhancements each drawing

Christmastime Kindle ¼ Hardcover
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Christmastime
  • Alison Jay
  • English
  • 19 July 2016
  • 9780803738041