Blacker Than Blue Vampire Sorority Sisters #2

Blacker Than Blue Vampire Sorority Sisters #2[PDF / Epub] ☉ Blacker Than Blue Vampire Sorority Sisters #2 ❤ Rebekah Weatherspoon – The beginning of Cleo Jones’s life as a vampire was the end of her relationship with her first love and only submissive college senior Benny Tarver Mutual resentment and heartache have kept them apa The beginning Blue Vampire PDF/EPUB ¿ of Cleo Jones’s life as a vampire was the end of her relationship with her first love and only submissive college senior Benny Tarver Mutual resentment and heartache have kept them apart for the Blacker Than ePUB ✓ past three years but their responsibilities to the sisters of Alpha Beta Omega sorority have held them in each other’s sights With graduation looming Benny knows it is time for her to move on from the sorority Than Blue Vampire ePUB ´ and her lingering feelings for Cleo but when Cleo realizes she may lose Benny forever to a powerful demon she must put her fears aside to discover if Than Blue Vampire Sorority Sisters PDF/EPUB ² they can find the strength to let go of Than Blue Vampire Sorority Sisters PDF/EPUB ² their pain and accept that the love between them is true. Gonna have to read the bloody third One again now I liked the first one better and I honestly don't know how to rate this one so I'll just separate themI'll give it a 3 for the general story I don't know I found it lacking of somethingThen I'll give it a 45 for the relationship between Benny and Cleo and how the book ended I'll always be a sucker for happy endings their relation was well developed even if a little fast for them to get back togetherSo I guess I'll give it a 4 as my final decisionI was happy to learn from the other characters but I'd like to have of Natasha I don't know she seems interesting in a way Well this book was good but the first one was better Okay give me a moment to put myself back togetherRebekah Weatherspoon you nearly killed me with those last dozen pages Sorry Breathing in Breathing outRight So if you're just joining in with Blacker Than Blue I'm going to hold up a hand and tell you to halt do not pass Go and head on back to the first book in the vampire sorority sisters books Better Off Red Vampire Sorority Sisters Book 1 Not because you couldn't read this one as a stand alone but because you owe it to yourself to have read the first book first and uite frankly I think the variance between the two books is a thing of freaking beautyIn the first book Benny and Cleo are secondary characters but here in Blacker Than Blue they come to centre stage Their relationship is to give no spoilers away since this is page one material a complete and utter mess They've broken up they have some nasty feelings for each other and both of them are pig headed fools that make you want to reach through the pages and strangle the both of themIt's a credit to Rebekah Weatherspoon that the situation is so tangled and the characters so stubborn and yet I could not look away You want things to work out for these two and the ride is not a pleasant one for themNow here's that variance I was talking about Ginger in Better Off Red Vampire Sorority Sisters Book 1 had a fun and bratty vibe to her and the vampire who had caught her eye brought a darker and deeper pain to the story but together the overall book was fun and upbeat That's not to say there weren't dark periods there were but that the overall lightness of the tale was definitely presentBlacker Than Blue on the other hand has an overall tone that is much often tangled and worrying The choices that Benny and Cleo make are harsher and the realities of their lives and the fallout of their decisions are much likely to leave you terrified for them The last twenty pages or so alone had me cringing with hope that it would work out but unsure precisely because of the path the story had taken This was incredibly deft writing in that regard you are unsure if there are happy endings to be had in this book and you are so invested in wanting one that you can't look away the entire timeOh and the sex Oh holy heck did I already know Rebekah Weatherspoon could do some scorching prose see also The Fling but add in some demon shapeshifting some domsub personalities and some inventive toy use and stir? That's a recipe for smoke and fire folksI loved this in case that wasn't clear and I loved this because of how the same shared world as the first book remained consistent alongside this second book that had such a different tone That is not easy to pull off I look forward to of these tales and if I may have a selfish moment I'm also crossing fingers for some of the frat brothers to pop up too Maybe a short story? Please Rebekah Weatherspoon? Here's the gist of it I loved Better off Red but I liked Blacker Than Blue While the first book in the Vampire Sorority Sisters duo focused a lot on the sisters and the sister ueens Blacker Than Blue brings much of the demon life to the forefront which it turns out was of less interest to me Of course there was just as much sex and just as much steam but the protagonist Benny and her love interest Cleo just weren't as believable to me as Ginger and Camila I certainly believed that they wanted each other and I believed the jealousy when they weren't together no spoilers promise I even believed in how well suited they were together sexually and I always adore BDSM themes of which there were plenty But I didn't believe they were star crossed lovers absolutely meant to be together which is what the book wants you to believe At least not the same way that Ginger and Camila were meant to be Again the book was totally enjoyable and I read it twice well written BDSM scenes always get me especially when there's so much drab out there 50 Shades of Grey ehem It's always nice when somebody gets it and the emotions behind it right All in all I'd give it 3 very solid thumbs up Which isn't bad at all AlasAfter being pleasantly surprised with the first book in this series “Better Off Red” I looked forward to the second which promised to close some of the pressing loopholes present in the world “Blacker than Blue” did deliver on this promise returning to the world already built in the first book and placing at the centre of the action two of the interesting side characters However although the writing is deft Weatherspoon has created possibly the least sympathetic main character ever in Cleo There was a real and pressing disconnect between the author clearly wanting me to barrack for this character while my own feelings ran rather towards “kill it with fire and stake the ashes out in the sun” Certainly a problem Cleo and Benny are in a strange sort of limbo place defined by fierce hatred bitterness and intense lovelust Things are brought to a head when Benny in an attempt to justifiably get out of this destructive not relationship accepts an offer of kind of marriage to the most powerful demon on Earth The remainder of the book are the conseuences of Cleo deciding that the six previous chapters of her wangst and also her bizarre loathing of Benny actually don't matter because she truly loves Benny and clearly Benny can't do this to her I must admit I found myself utterly unsympathetic uite early onThere is nothing intrinsically wrong with this plot which would actually be very interesting The problem is purely with that single character At the risk of spoilers Cleo manages to put every single person who loves her in danger including personally killing one casually breaks other people's sworn words and generally acts like a sociopath It is very rarely that I have felt such loathing especially when in the first book she was a character with whom it was reasonably easy to relate I cannot recommend this book Loved the first book so I bought this one as well this somehow just doesn't connect with mebut in general I like Rebekah's books Cleopatra Jones and Benita Tarver had been in love and now they are each other’s throats well not literally as one would expect in a vampire novelDespite their estrangement they are still forced to see one another in the company of others at least once a week And not just in a comfortable “hi how are you” passing greeting but in what basically amounts to a giant make out session where each has to watch her ex someone for whom she still carries strong feelings make out with other feeders andor vampiresFor Benny it’s sweet torture She’s totally attuned to Cleo her voice her scent her physical beauty and then Cleo will glare at her with hateYeah ouchThis is both a seuel to Better Off Red and is meant as a stand alone You can’t unring a bell and I can’t unread Better Off Red which I loved so it’s hard for me to evaluate whether this book works as well as a stand aloneI’m not sure if I came to this as a new reader that I would understand all the rules of this particular vampire world It was very well established in the previous book the way the sorority is something of a cover for a group of vampire ueens who establish a symbiotic relationship with their willing feeders what the vampires can do and so onThere’s so much of this I really really liked Despite the vampire complications the sorority sister goings on the petty dramas and jealousies and personality conflicts felt very real My favorite secondary character has to be Benny’s mom Leanne She’s a sweet Southern belle all warmth and hospitality who’s got this big scary demon Benny’s stepdad Dalhem wrapped around her little bitty fingerWhen Benny and Cleo do reconcile she’s cheerleading from the sidelines Coming into Benny’s bedroom in the morning she remarks “My Lord You two had fun last night It smells like blood and booty in here”view spoilerI liked that these characters had to fight their way back to each other But it felt like a missing beat maybe? They were deeply in love then deeply in hate there’s one attempt at a reconciliation that fails and then there was another obstacle but it seemed to be too easily brushed aside Then they’re together they’re really happy and then one final challenge at the far end of the book I felt off balance off rhythm which might just be me hide spoiler This is a seuel to ‘Better Off Red’ I believe it would be very helpful perhaps even essential to read them in seuence This story contains vampires pure demons devastated families a wedding a baby an incredible ending beauty loss and love I am fairly sure my list is incomplete but I hope I am expressing a sense of the depth and richness that permeates this entire book The two primary characters are kind of serious sometimes incorrigible and have several poignant flaws that made their reconciliation complicated and painful on both sides As I have come to expect from Rebekah Weatherspoon’s books there were brilliant yet startlingly imaginative complex storylines sometimes uncomfortable to experience but essential to the total story arc This was one conspicuous but heartrending tale Nevertheless I wouldn’t have missed it for anything Benita Tarver Benny believes her one and only true love has in essence abandoned her forever College students are still prone to adolescent extremes but Benny might be on to something As readers we get to be in both Benny and then Cleo’s mind That was such a bedazzling trip and a half but perfectly suited for the opening chapters of this book I adore Benny she is just so amazing elouent and annoyingly consistent Cleopatra Jones Cleo is Benny’s lover Cleo is now a vampire That dramatic and climactic event presented in ‘Better off Red’ snakes its way through all of Benny and Cleo’s relationship troubles as this seuel unfolds Additionally Cleo has not been able to distance herself from her human family causing many of her adaptation difficulties Cleo has a whole peck of troubles hassles and attitude I positively love Cleo and hurt like Hades when she didThis book took me to my knees with tears laughter and instances of love that made me shake the rafters with joy pain and profound shifts in my very soul I cannot guarantee life changing experiences for every reader but it is plausible to me that most folks might be completely overwhelmed and pleased to the max Do read ‘Better off Red’ and then be wowed by ‘Blacker than Blue’NOTE This book was provided by Bold Strokes Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews How is it possible I really loved book 1 but this one?? It would have been better if it was a novella It should have stopped after Benny and Cleowho I both did not like any in this book got together 2 stars is all I could give this after I pushed myself to finish it and skipping a lot of pages Ah mazing Loved every part of this read It had all the things I need in a good sexy book and the kink Don't even get me started It was perfect I wish it wouldn't have ended 😉

Blacker Than Blue Vampire Sorority Sisters #2 PDF ☆
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