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Paul the Jewish Theologian➟ [Epub] ❤ Paul the Jewish Theologian By Brad H. Young ➩ – Paul the Jewish Theologian reveals Saul of Tarsus as a man who though rejected in the synagogue never truly left Judaism Author Young disagrees with long held notions that Hellenism was the context wh Paul the Jewish Theologian reveals Saul of Tarsus as a man who though rejected in the synagogue never truly left Judaism Author Young disagrees with long held notions that Hellenism was the context which most influenced Paul's Paul the PDF/EPUB ² communication of the Gospel This skewed notion has led to widely divergent interpretations of Paul's writings Only in rightly aligning Paul as rooted in his Jewishness and training as a Pharisee can he be correctly interpreted Young asserts that Paul's view of the Torah was always positive and he separates Jesus' mission among the Jews from Paul's call to the Gentiles. Title Paul The Jewish Theologian A Pharisee among Christians Jews and GentilesAuthor Brad H YoungPages 184Year Reprint 1995Publisher Baker AcademicMy rating 5 out of 5 starsRecently I have been led to expand my understanding of God Israel the Jewish people and When I did a search for books I might want to read this was one of the top ones listed on a retailer’s site So when it came in the mail I dove in with a hunger unmatched in my heart for ages The book helped me understand Paul the man how he was raised taught and so much The author helped me understand the Jewish people and teachers like Paul and how that directly impacts my reading studying and understanding of God’s Word Paul wrote many letters to encourage exhort train euip and to other believers of both Jewish and Gentile backgrounds Paul’s writings at times seem hard to understand or maybe even simple but looks can be deceiving Paul writes with such a depth of knowledge of the Hebrew Scriptures which we refer to as the Old TestamentIf we take time to read Brad’s presentation of the man and his teaching we will come away a far richer person with a deeper understanding of the God who loves us and saved us I came away with a deeper appreciation and awe of Paul’s knowledge and I am challenged Paul not only defended the gospel to other Jewish people but he took it to the Gentiles as he was directed to do by GodIt seems than right that we should seek to understand the Jewish writers their times so we can then rightly understand and share our faith The book is helpful in expounding how Paul wrote including his style and how Rabbis of his time wrote This helped open my heart to a true and richer depth of understanding It has changed me My heart has always been for the Jewish people but how that should affect me or my understanding of God and His Word has now been made clearerI appeal to all Christians to read not just this book but any book that will expand your understanding of the Jewish people the Bible and the land where it all began This was tremendous Paul is often thought of as someone who distanced Christianity from Judaism but Young demonstrates that we should really be thinking the opposite It is a tragedy that starting with Marcion in the early church we have tried to turn Judaism into a salvation by works legalistic religion when nothing could be further from the truth We've also tried to say and I thought this for many years that Jesus nullifiedcancelled the law Torah and no one is bound by it any Or worse because of Jesus we are all forgiven and can basically do whatever we want Young examines some of Paul's letters and argues that the points he is trying to make to his various audiences can only be properly understood by looking it through the Pharisaic lens that Paul had his entire life It's not a long read and definitely worth picking up Phenomenal book written by a well studied and intelligent author This book deals with such myths as God is different in the Old Testament from how He is in the New the Apostle Paul converted from one religion to another and the church has replaced the Jews as the new Israel Paul put his faith in Jesus and operated in the power of the Holy Spirit without denouncing his faith as a Jew Rather the New Testament life is the fulfillment of God's promises to the Jews This book warns gentiles not to fall into either ditch being arrogant towards Jews or pretending to be a Jew It also tells of the awesome privilege and responsibility of being a gentile Christian grafted in by the grace of Jesus to the family of God Well I found this book fun anyway Maybe you will too This New Perspective on Paul based book makes bold statements without any scriptural backing whatsoever ignoring many passages that run directly counter to the point he is trying to make For instance he states that Paul never stopped preaching circumcision to the Jews But in Jewish theology the teachings of Torah have a different application for Jews who are from the circumcision and thus part of the covenant relationship than they have for non Jews who have not entered fully into God’s covenant with the people of IsraelThere are plenty of passages that blatantly state the opposite of that Like 1 Corinthians 717 18 This is what I command in all the churches 18 Was anyone already circumcised when he was called? He should not undo his circumcision Was anyone called while uncircumcised? He should not get circumcised HCSBThere is neither Jew nor Greek free or slave etcunder Christ We are eual and treated the same Excellent WorkThis book is an excellent look at Paul's theology and how it was molded and shaped by his upbringing as a Pharisee who studied under the great Jewish rabbi Gamaliel It will show you that he was molded by his Jewish education and upbringing and thiscoupled with his encounter with Christ on the Damascus road was the predominant influence on his theology not Greek culture and philosophy as many scholars believe today Though his previous book Jesus the Jewish Theologian was very good this one is even better Young is maturing as an author which is exciting because of all he has to contribute Two things really stood out for me in this book though numerous others could easily have made an impressionOne that I believe could revolutionize the view of the Old Testament is his demonstration that Paul never became a former Pharisee The husband from which we have been set free the law of sin and death is not the old covenant Rather it is our sinful nature to which we have been married bound from birthAnother remarkable insight is the parallel between the letter from the Jerusalem Council to the Gentile converts and the reuirements placed on God Fearers Essentially the Council is saying that Gentile converts do not have to convert to Judaism They can simply become God Fearers while Jewish converts still remain fully JewishHis discussion of the Shema is also outstanding but I wanted to limit myself to two pointsHighly recommend This book will challenge and make you think I am not saying that I agree with everything Brad Young states but I will say that he challenges a good portion of what we have thought concerning Paul and what he writes This is not a radical departure from what conservatives have thought concerning Paul and the Epistles however the challenges are thought provoking and this book is a profitable addition to the pastors library and will serve as a good resource uote from the book Often we misunderstand Paul first because we do not know the problems he was trying to solve and second perhaps even significantly because we do not know very much about his Jewish faith and culture Did Paul start Christianity? Young presents a case that Paul continued to practice Judaism a strong case Jewish roots of Paul insightful

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