Refugees on Urloon

Refugees on Urloon❰Download❯ ➾ Refugees on Urloon Author Melisse Aires – Two weary refugees two moons and a life changing fertility festival Watch out for a whole lot of sensualityUnder normal circumstances Svana non military maintenance crew and Captain Liam Ringel a high Two weary refugees two moons and a life changing fertility festival Watch out for a whole lot of sensualityUnder normal circumstances Svana non military maintenance crew and Captain Liam Ringel a highly respected military instructor would never have crossed paths A sudden anomaly however thrusts them into deep space where they are rescued by the inhabitants of an exotic and isolated waterworld UrloonWith no rescue forthcoming the refugees can choose between adapting to the sea or farming the land Svana is Refugees on Epub / saddened when her budding friendship with Liam changes due to their different choices However when they are invited to an alien fertility festival the Moonfest they are given the opportunity to create a memory that will impact and intertwine both their futuresWARNING Alien fertility festival aurora lights dancing alien beasts body paints and hot pheromones MF Sensual. I read a lot of Melisse Aire books and I feel that there is such potential in her writing but somehow it always stops short of being amazing This is a sci fi romance on an alien world and Aires' imagination takes flight The world is well described and I was pleased that she managed to do it without an info dump We learn about it as the character Svana learns about it However there's something about Aires' writing that always seems a bit stilted It doesn't flow smoothly and it makes her characters also seem very stilted and one dimensional That makes the romance dissatisfying Svana and Liam forge a bond by working together to save the people on their ship when a disaster happens but outside of this bond we don't get to see them getting to know each other better sharing a lot of confidences and memories or anything like that Boom suddenly they're having sex Svana keeps doubting that there's any chance for them to be a couple for real because ordinarily someone as junior as her would never be fraternizing with the captain Liam leaves her to wonder and worry never once telling her how he feels about her or whether she features in his dreams of a new future You can feel there's such potential here because the set up was so good two people thrown together by dire circumstance each admiring the other's skills and competence as they deal with the situation It's ripe for something to grow and develop But that growth and development just doesn't happen It is glossed over in a few brief sentences like In their desperate circumstance military protocol had been relaxed and they spent many hours together discussing solutions to problems large and small searching for ways to make their situation comfortable for the crew She came to know his dedication to the crew his firm resolve that they would survive We just didn't have the chance to see the relationship building It's frustrating to read a book like this when you feel that it could have been so much better For a science fiction romance involving space pirates refugees underwater gill enhanced terrorists and bizarre space alien hormone inducing sex holidays this book was ridiculously short on conflict I liked that the hero and heroine were older but the story itself felt flat 25 stars I particularly enjoyed that the hh were older in this story And neither were hot gorgeous or particularly kickass They were like regular people I could relate to a lot of their feelings and doubts The setting and world were engrossing and interesting The romance was realistic complete with doubts and insecurities and the feeling that it was built on lasting friendship The sex was hot I really liked the hero Liam liked him better than the heroine who was the main character for most of the story The secondary characters were fun The aliens were good The larger universe was hinted at enough to make me want to read about itThe alien fertility ritual was beautiful and sensual What didn't I like? It needed to be longer Much longer That larger universe and most of its conflict including what came to Urloon was skimmed over and told about It would have been very exciting to read as it happened The romance was all acted out but most of the rest was told after the fact And near the end what happened to one person who I won't describe due to spoilers wasn't mentioned that I could tell I reread those few pages four times and couldn't figure out what happened to her One minute she's coughing up water the next? Who knows? I couldn't tell Also my copy had uite a few typos including one sentence that made no sense at all I even got a second opinion on that one Overall I think this story was good but had the potential to be terrific and a keeper As it is I am glad to have read it but I probably won't read it again The GoodThe story doesn't waste any time throwing you into the action and there are several threads running through it to keep up the tension It made a nice change to read a romance story where the couple are an older generation than a lot of those I've read lately and the uncertainty between them throughout the story despite or perhaps because of their experiences in life made their relationship poignant The idea of alien pheremones invoking a fertility festival and of humans adapted for auatic life hooked me from the start The adaptation process is especially intriguing For 37K words there's a lot packed into this storyThe BadI felt the stories of the two main groups of antagonists in this was slightly underplayed overall I feel the Wilders especially should have been a little significant in their threat earlier in the storyIn SumThis is a sweet and sensual romance skillfully woven into a human society adapted to an alien world Easy to read and compelling InterestingThe premise is interesting but sometimes hard to follow some of the concept are abstract or don't fully connect to common analogies there were also ideas that just didn't fit together in the scene or weren't followed through enough to be competed or really worth having This was an ok book The setting on the planet was interesting Overall there was far too much telling rather than showing throughout the story And events that happened were uite predictable