Hannibal Of Carthage

Hannibal Of Carthage✻ [BOOKS] ✯ Hannibal Of Carthage By Mary Dolan ❅ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Sosylos was a Greek freedman who lived with Hannibal He wrote a record of the march across the Alps but his account is lost It served however as a main source for Polybius the Greek who wrote about th Sosylos was a Greek freedman who lived with Hannibal He wrote a record of the march across the Alps but his account is lost It served however as a main source for Polybius the Greek who wrote about the Hannibalic war some forty eight years after Cannae And later still almost two hundred years after that battle Titus Livy wrote a history of the same events Hannibal Of MOBI :¼ using Polybius as a source Livy differs from Polybius And Polybius before him disagreed with Sosylos for so he told us The reader is pursuing here than a brilliant general than a gallant soldier he is pursuing a much rarer incarnation a true patriot This book is offered as a tribute to the courage of that patriot it was without the taint so seldom absent of a personal ambition. I read this book in 1974 I was nearly fourteen It is one of the books that influenced my life my thinking and my writing in deep and significant ways The truth is that when I read the book I took it for granted and I never listed it among the great books But it stayed with me and I could not imagine that there was anyone in the world who hadn't read it I took the lessons it taught as a given much as I assumed that everyone had read the Bible I just didn't think it needed listingUp until recently if people asked me what books were influential in my life I would have answered Atlas Shrugged The Scarlet Letter A Tree Grow in Brooklyn Franny and Zooey Podkayne of Mars The Former King Watership Down And when it came to authors besides those of the books listed above I would also have added that I admired Rudyard Kipling and Sir Walter Scott and Henryk Sienkiewicz and Victor HugoBut what about Mary Dolan It's such a common sounding name I didn't even remember it I didn't know or much care who wrote that book that brought me face to face with Hannibal I didn't even remember the name of the book I just knew it was a historical novel told by a Greek slave Sosylos who served under Hannibal But this book was suffused with classical sources and every dramatic scene that it painted came from an ancient report and from the fervid imagination of an author who having read that musty old tome in the ancient language could translate it into reality for the average reader of EnglishI fell in love with Hannibal when I was a child reading this book All the great virtues that one could search for in a man were embodied in him It was Saguntum's fall that forced the issue between Rome and Carthage And it was Rome not Carthage that declared the war This suited Hannibal Had he not sworn to fight against the Romans And there was Rome poised on a shaky structure of unwilling tributaries which had been independent cities not a lifetime since Italy was by no means Roman though it suffered Roman rule Italy was Etruscan Sabine Bruttian; it was Gallic; it was Greek These vanuished underlings would soon desert their masters if he gave them opportunity Rome would come tumbling down and Carthage would be safe He wished to act at once before a new Italian generation could arise to look on freedom as an old man's dream and Roman rule as an established fact The General for this conviction bore the sharp attack of all appeasers in the government at Carthage Among these was old Hanno the abject pacifist who nursed an everlasting hatred toward the house of Barca p47There in a nutshell is the story not only of the struggle between a brutish empire and a loose confederation of merchants but also between the need for war in order to protect freedom on the one hand and the need to be free from the economic strictures of a state engaged in perpetual war Hannibal was not fighting for empire He was fighting against empire He was fighting for the freedom of the Etruscans and Sabines as well as that of Carthage Yet so few people value their freedom So it was this at last that vanuished the great hero and not any Roman forceWho understands this today Mary Dolan understood And she was such a self effacing writer that she delivered the message without drawing attention to herself That's why despite the fact that none of my books could have been written had I not first read hers I never thought to thank her until now